Turkish-backed Militants Executed Syrian Soldier Captured Near Ras Al-Ayn (Video 18+)

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Turkish-backed Militants Executed Syrian Soldier Captured Near Ras Al-Ayn (Video 18+) 3.2857142857143 out of 5 based on 14 ratings. 14 user reviews.

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Turkish-backed militants executed a Syrian soldier that they had captured near the village of Sari Kani in northeastern Syria. The village is located around the Turkish-controlled town of Ras al-Ayn.

On October 29, a series of clashes between the Syrian Army and Turkish-backed forces erupted near Ras al-Ayn. The Turkish Army even used a Leopard battle tank to shell positions of the Syrian Army.


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That’s going to work well for them when they’re captured themselves.


Allegedly moderated oposition, supported by the West, US and Turkey….


War criminals like the US, Turkey, Nato, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Israel all support terrorists like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and others and call them ‘moderate’ opposition…. U$A is a mafia state:


klove and light

so where are the wise asses and Zionist Putin Lovers???? start explaining morons………..fucking morons…..

Concrete Mike

Turkish jihadi scum are easier to deal with than US army. Simple as that.


Don’t bother klove and light is disinfo Israeli troll, next time he post his broken record drivel, reply with Syria war map 2014 and one now of 2019.


Your a one note pony, how about this Israeli troll, next time you post your broken record crap, I’m going to post a comparison map of Syria 2014 and Syria 2019, and how much territory the Syrian government won back since Russia started helping. You have been notified stupid Israeli.

Xoli Xoli

Please dont buy face reality is reality Putin pleases Erdogan.He obviously by face.Erdorgan Leopard Tanks bomb SAA forces and capture Syrian soldier were killed by Gurkey and its terrorists.Information war is USANATO, Israel,Saudi,Jordan,UAE, Egypt and All puppets tactic.Klove is right. All western Supporters camouflaged behind keyports to discredit true valuable debate and Opinion controbuters.

Odysseas Angelides

The International Court of Justice must wake up. Turkey perpetrates war crimes and nobody seems to care. The jihadists are again in action. STOP them.


I see no reason for anyone that did not object to the illegal execution of a civiluan female kurdish politician by those fascists, to object to the execution of a soldier of SAA. Both are atrocious. In fact the murder of a civilian is legally and morally worse.

Karen Bartlett

Both are illegal.


Please understand that the so-called “International Court of Justice” is run by the very Western governments that are backing jihadists in Syria!

Odysseas Angelides

If this is so, then the same governments are supporting Turkey, which is the creator and supporter of the Jihadist movement in Syria. And this is very sad, because Turkey will not stop supporting Jihad, irrespective of what she maintains, that she is fighting jihad in Syria. What Turkey is trying to do in Syria is to extend its occupation of Syrian land and colonize it with turcomen.


I agree and the West, whether is the US-led Nato or the its EU satellite are on the side of the Turks, like they have been for centuries!


Dont worry.. Let them laugh as long they can… because when Syrian army will attack them they will run like rats.. Simply because they are rats


Yes, but the “ehrn” depends on Russia green light.


Revenge is best served cold.

King Cliff

These people area animals, they have no morals or standard in them..I wonder what the Russian or the Syrian government will do about it..if i was the Russian or Syrian I will enhance the Syrian air defense around the areas to denied Turkey aircraft movements in stysin airspace. Then I created 3 squadron of front line bombers for each fronts for close air support . Then I would allowed the Syrian government to start bombing the helk out of them once Iblib is secure and I’ll make sure to monitor them traffic going in and out of Turkey and destroy any suspicious trucks.

Derek Johnson

Dream on, Turkish air force would bomb those missile defenses before they are even set up. What about that game changer S300? will make Syria a no fly zone remember? silent and it will remain silent as it was just a P.R exercise for Russia.

Syrian government and SAA are weak, they need Russian support from both Wagner+ air force and you all know it. Maybe Assad should send in the mighty Tiger Forces but alas no, he needs them to pose with for photographs – they are his SS, they look pretty with their pressed uniforms but cannot fight for sh*t like the Germans.


The Syrian Army fought tooth and nail to keep the Syrian state from being overrun by hundreds of thousands of well-armed international jihadist mercenaries fully supported, armed and trained by the US, Nato, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE and Israel. I have nothing but respect for the Syrian Army and its commander in chief, president Assad the Great, I wish them total victory in the days ahead!

Karen Bartlett



Amen to that all the way!

Kell McBanned

Lol the Germans took on the world and almost won idiot. These guys are reserves, the Tigers are around Idlib – dont worry you and your fellow israelis will meet them soon and we will see who has their nappies full.

Blair Smith

Syria was weak in the past because the west sent in the largest accumulation of terrorists the world has ever seen in one place to fight a proxy invasion. And most of them walked into Syria through Turkeys border, numb nuts.


Exactly right! I agree!


Are you forgoting that Russia is supporting Turkey actions ? Even if Turkey makes an air attack to SAA, Russia wil only say “stop Turkey please, behave well”


Turkey has not been a friend. It is remembered.

Blair Smith

Russia are not ‘supporting’ Turkey in their actions, especially not one like this. What Russia are in fact doing is attempting to prevent all out war breaking out between Syria and Turkey, where hundreds of thousands of people would get killed and displaced. Is that what you want to see happen?

Tudor Miron

Rats will reap what the sow. Soon enough.

World Wisdom

Turkey shall me swarmed by attacks. Turkey is the biggest terrorists in the region. FUCK OFF TURKEY, FUCK OFF THE PIG ERDOGAN. FUCK OFF THE JIHADISTS!!!!!


Obama’s boys, hard at work.


And you know the whorish pro-jihadi American media would scream bloody murder, were any of these vermin executed by the Syrian state.

And God only knows what their reaction would be if the ISIS camps were handed over to the Syrians. Every “Human Rights Council” in the world would be demanding the best legal support and accommodations for Obama’s boys.


God bless the Martyr. Death to the ISIS traitors. No coaches to safety. .

Karen Bartlett


David Wadström

jihadi scum

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