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Turkish-Backed Militants Destroy Several Syrian Battle Tanks With Guided Missiles (Videos)


On March 2 and 3, the National Front for Liberation (NFL) destroyed several battle tanks and other vehicles of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Greater Idlib with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

The Turkish-backed group released videos showing the destruction of at least six battle tanks of the army. The tanks were destroyed near the towns of Fatterah, Kafr Nabl and Hizareen in the southern Idlib countryside.

NFL militants’ also destroyed a rocket launcher, a heavy machine gun and a vehicle of the SAA in Jurin in northwest Hama, Hizareen in southern Idlib and al-Sheikh ‘Aqil in northern Aleppo.

According to several reports, Turkey supplied its proxies in Greater Idlib with new shipments of ATGMs, including U.S.-made TOWs, during the last few months.

Militant ATGM strikes inflicted notable losses on the SAA in Greater Idlib. However, these losses didn’t affect the army’s defensive and offensive capabilities in a significant manner.

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