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Turkish-Backed Militants Destroy Several Syrian Army Vehicles With ATGMs (Videos)

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The Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) carried out a series of anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) strikes on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) vehicles in the period from March 14 to March 15.

The attacks targeted a truck armed with a 23mm gun, a battle tank, an ammo truck and a pick-up truck of the army around the town of al-Huwayz in the northwestern Hama countryside. Turkish-backed militants were likely trying to prevent the army from capturing the town. However, they failed.

The attacks’ videos show that NFL fighters used TOW, Kornet and Fagot ATGMs. U.S. supplied TOW and Fagot ATGMs to many groups in northern Syrian between 2014 and 2017, while the Kornet were likely captured from the SAA stocks, or even supplied by Turkey which bought the advanced anti-tank system from Russia in 2008.

The SAA suffered from measurable loses as a result of these ATGMs strikes. However, these attacks didn’t slow down the army’s ongoing advance in northwestern Hama.

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I think Putin miscalculated tat he doesn’t need the Iranian militias on the ground, anymore.

klove and light

u seriously believe of “miscalculations” ?

what miscalculations?

the dozens of Agreements when jihadi motherfuckeres were cornerd in by SAA and Hezbollah like in aleppo, douma,quinetra? and then Russia Comes and makes Agreements to let them go freely with light arms and their fucking families to Idlib?

or the miscalculation of givving the GREEN light for turkish Forces invading Afrin?

or the miscalculation of the mega bs Agreement of astana with this universally recognized mega BULLSHIT of “demilitarized” Zone with jihadi motherfuckers?

a lot of miscalculations dont u think?

Gabriel Hollows

Russians are profiteers and vultures just like the Americans. Putin was literally recommended for presidency by a Jew, this whole “Cold War 2” shitfest has been jew vs jew just like the first one.

Promitheas Apollonious

you talking bullshits, as far as Putin goes. What are you a parrot for zionists?


Dude, people are poor in the resource richest country in the world. Still a lot of Jewish billionaires in Moscow. Bibi deals with Putin as he deals with Trump, he has the upper hand…

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not going dignify your stupid comment with an answer.


Okay, drink vodka and be poor with the suicide rate 1st in the world. Putin has nukes, that’s all that matters.


Perhaps you should drink vodka and stop eating shit. In ‘rich’ America 22 veterans are dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes (one suicide – every hour). Such a great and amazing country, the richest country in the world, the biggest military budget in the world by far, yet their soldiers kill themselves en masse… at least they don’t shot random people (another great american tradition).


That’s literary cherry picking, I’ll give you an example of what are you trying to do: where are the most krokodil drug users? Russia of course.

here’s the map for you to think about http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/suicide-rate-by-country/
It grew from 26 to 31 in 3 years. Yeah, Lithuania is your next argument.


No it’s not, your example is just anther logical fallacy (unless you think there are no pills in other countries but America). But never mind that, my next, and final, argument is this (from your source): “Perhaps surprisingly, many of the most troubled nations in the world have comparatively low suicide rates. Afghanistan has 4.7 suicides per 100k, Iraq has three and Syria has just 1.9.

The lowest suicide rates in the world are concentrated in the Caribbean Islands of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua and Barbuda. Suicide is almost unheard of in each of these countries, with Barbados and Antigua And Barbuda reporting 0.8 and 0.5 suicides per 100k, respectively.”

So basically you proved that your entire ‘argument’ (=people kill themselves because they are poor) is complete and utter garbage. Congratulations! Now go kill yourself ?


Poor people do not commit suicide, the depressed people does that. And Russia is the most depressive country in the world.


Pathetic excuses, you said poor (twice), read you own comments. I doubt that Russia is more depressive than Tajikistan or Syria for example, or Britain – ugly weather, ugly people, ugly food, but America is the most retarded country in the world by far. Don’t be depressed…


I don’t need any excuses, I’m talking about a Suicidal nation which is extremely poor for a country that has the most resources in the world, that means they feel they could do better but something is wrong there… however for the very few Jewish billionaires in Moscow, Putin does great. But Ok, Americans are gay and retarded and take pills if that makes your depression less bitter, for a while..


Historically speaking, during the last century, you can’t find an instance where the Russians didn’t back down when the gloves came off. 56, 67, 73, etc…not to mention their backstabing Iran ww1.


Not to say the same is happening now. Time will tell. I think Russia may be playing the long game, unless they’re made an offer they can’t refuse. And I’m not sure such an offer exists…?


56? Hungary? Oh you mean Suez. How’s that soviet ‘backing down’? Nasser was close to CIA, then switched sides. Soviets basically saved him. 67, 73, they again saved incompetent Arab leaders from total defeat. “backstabbing Iran ww1” You mean WW2? beter than to allow Iran to join Hitler, or to be completely occupied by Britain. Soviets did return persian territory after the war.


Anglo-Russian treaty of 1907. British and Russians divided Iran between them, look it up. 1956 was a set up, depending on who’s history you read, Soviets sold trash weapons to Nasser,etc…look it up. 67 and 73, lmao, you’re kidding right?! Air defense systems sold to Nasser were a joke, as well as the tech put into their migs…73, Soviets back down after Kissinger made sure Nixon would use nukes. Pulled of a ceasefire through UN and reared small while soviets sat back…same happened in Libya.
But then again, maybe this time the Ruskie won’t be drunk on potato juice. So far so good, I must admit.


Re-armed israel*


Hi is right. Putins mentor from St. Peterburg is jewish oligarch.

Promitheas Apollonious

keep parroting Putin has been groomed and put in the position he was in order to rise where he did by the church of russia and I know very well what I am talking about. I may not agree with the policies he been applying the last years due to so called national interest, but what you say is beyond stupid and misinformation so …………. spare me.

Promitheas Apollonious

believe what you like I know different and also in few occasions I meet the man when he was training in Cyprus under the direction of Andrei Chernouhin that was the head of KGB at the time responsible for ME and balkan area and when none of you knew his name or that he existed, so spare me what you think is true or false.

But feel free to believe what you like.


Putin is surrounded by Jewish billionaires


I don’t know, you kinda got me here. Putin wanted just to keep Latakia first but things went better than expected. However Iran couldn’t help much when Russia started the campaign, they and Syrians were almost exhausted.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The cost of the ATGM’s expended was likely higher than the value of the targets.


Let’s at least hope no more supply from the US is given since the US are above the money system and simply print what they need. Money will never get in the way of war.


Tell that to the mothers of those boys defending their homeland. I’m sure you didn’t think before you wrote.
My people’s blood has been spilled for centuries, from Euro trash, Russian yahood trash to Turkish Ottoman trash. We from the Levant know how to hold ground. We do it with our humanity and with dignity. Our history means something to us. So do our ancestors blood.


Yeah really? Is that why half of your population is siding with the opposition and terrorists? You Arabs are your worst own enemy!


Ignorant statement. Let’s discuss history of the where you are from…most likely of Europe, yes?
The fact is your personal attack is a revelation of your intelligence. I don’t partake in such discussions. Either pull your head out of your @ss and speak like a person with some knowledge or walk away with your tail between your legs, keyboard hero.


Nothing personal at all; merely facts. You should also follow your own advice; pull your head in.

Icarus Tanović

Nothkng personal, but you’re hasbara troll…

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

arabs are really their own enemy and the enemy of progress until you people calm your hotheads and get rid of bigotry, ignorance and religion in your society you will always be behind other nations


Human lives are the highest price.

Chris Saunders


Xoli Xoli

Putin bring Erdogan in illegally in Syrian soil.That bullshit Astana back door agreements are today delaying liberation of Syria.Instead of chasing Pompeo he received him to call good President.

klove and light


the sentence alone “Turkish backed” makes me furious…….. so These jihadi motherfuckers are using weapons that Russia sold Turkey in 2008 and Turkey gave to These motherfuckers…….

fucking awesome….with Partners like that who Needs enemies-sarcasm out

klove and light

something is defintly WRONG……

in the last attack Video(0,42), the jihadi motherfucker is Standing on the ROOF of a Building in clear daylight.. and is able to build up the ATGM System, wait for target….aim on target… and shoot on target…

ps. last i heard Russia has an airforce and satellites etc…. and one also has to blame SAA Leadership….thats just unreal…..whats Happening….

“God is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam” .


Turkey providing a lot of ATGM’s to its terrorists, hummmm, I would like to hear Russia opinion about this and its support to Erdogan at Idlib.


Hurmf, Russia, this is the effect of trying to asslik everybody, and you end up as been the idiot, and creates an bloody mess, or is it somehing else, we all know what the Turks have been doing for years, the Erdogan clans, various skeems, and so on, rotten to their core, the epifhany of “having doble moral is better having no morale” philosophy.
Yeah, what could possibly go wrong.

This, Ibdil theater is starting to look ugly, not for Assad and the Syrians, nor for the Lebanes, etc, not even for the Rats, the phony show of “guess their name” terror orgs, shifting faster than I change trousers, but we know whom is benefitting from this, Turkien, Kurds, UssA, ISISrael, and somehow, Russia is unable to do anything, other than periferial bombing, tsk, tsk, tsk, RUF, and what the f…. is this idiot from Siberia, doing, huh, because this shows us something nasty, Russia, treason, and an spinelessness I didnt expect, and conspriacys I my self doubted, but now, it comes into the light, Putin.
It reaks of back stabbing because of what, and dont drool about weapons, the Russians can take the head off clean if they just had the bloody balls they brag about and did just that, its now, we need them, but nothing happens other than an servile creeping/crawling infront of their masters (the bankers) and King Bibi.

Sorry, my faith in Russia is evoporating fast this days.
And now comes the Iran into the war theater, Russia, where are you, where do you stand, and dont insult our intellegence with drivel and whining whimps, the Russians are excelent when it comes to intel, and yet they do nothing, that alone tells me everything I need to know, its like action speaks louder than words, sort of rule of thumbs.
This war is been dragged on, for far to long, time have come to hit where it hurts, wipe out the leaders, and if an Turkis tank is in Syria, its an leigimate target, and take them out until even the Truks starts to realise it is more beneficiary to go home, let thw wet dream die, and give the Kurds just one offer, be Syrian or die, period, and simply ignore the wankees.


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i want all of these “turkish backed militants” DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

opet ja

-in the period from March 14 to March 15-
March or May?? It seems Russians will let pro Turk militias do what they want just to have Erdogan pleased.

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