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Turkish-Backed Militants Attempt to Break Kurdish YPG’s Defenses North of Aleppo City

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An alliance of Turkish-backed militant groups, that operates under the Free Syrian Army (FSA) brand, continued Sunday attempts to break the defense lines of Kurdish YPG in the northern part of Syrian Aleppo province.

The FSA’s advance on the YPG-controlled villages of Sheikh Isa, Harbul, Hasiyah is supported by the Turkish Armed Forces’ battle tanks and artillery.

Turkish-Backed Militants Attempt to Break Kurdish YPG's Defenses North of Aleppo City

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Wondering how this ends? When the FSA close with the SAA? whne the Kurds are no longer a buffer between the two? With the speed of this advance I guess we will see?

There is no speed of advance. It’s just a deal of surrendering area from Isis to FSA .

Igor Ochocinszk

Not happenning. Afrin Canton may be small but they were circles by hostile groups for ages (until SAA broke the brutal siege on Nubl and Al-Zahraa. I’m sure SDF can stand their ground cause if Tel Rifaat falls, then either turkey fucks up relations with Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq again and lets salafists attack Army positions or they’ll distance themselves from the terrorists and let Army + SDF wipe terrorists not from just outskirts of Tel Rifaat but Mare too.


I am not as familiar with the terrain, I looked at a map to get scale, I would guess they are already within artillery range now ? Depending on gun positions? If the Kurds give ground Turkish FSA/Turks should meet with SAA in a matter of days/hours in some places. I do not see Turkey abandon the FSA, I see it growing. It will roll in whats left of ISIS and Nusra, and with Turkish support be a serious threat.
I do not see any other way for Syria to face this incursion? At some point Turkish intervention will half to be declared hostile. Perhaps I am wrong for Syria’s sake I hope so, but I see them going from frying pan to the fire. How far will Russia go to protect Syria?

Ryan Law

turkey is keeping most of its artillery on its side of border like all the various powers involved in syria they dont want a high publicity death count they are usign mostly proxys with some “advisers” hence why a few weeks ago when some american special forces tried to link up with them some of the proxy forces/FSA started threatening to slaughter the spec ops guys and they had to leave quickly

Ryan Law

also american advisers convinced YPG to start shooting syrian army so i doubt the syrian army cares if its YPG or FSA and long term tactically its better for SAA to be taking territory from FSA then YPG for sentiment in area so despite the fact that more advanced arms and reloads of munitions are creeping closer to aleppo i don’t think SAA commanders would be upset at all. i suspect they calculate on neutralizing aleppo cauldron before supply lines ever fully link ;) that’s just my take on it though

Ryan Law

turkey has already fucked up relations with iraq, iraq said they didnt want them involved in mosul and turkey came anyways after iraqi prime minister specifically said it was only going to be iraqi ground forces,
turkey is beyond caring what iraq thinks they have made a judgement call that they cant/wont stop them/interfere time will tell if their calculations are correct

Brad Isherwood

The Kurds have a history with Russia going back 200 years.
CIA and MI6 having history of using Muslim Brotherhood against Russia
via the creation of AL qeada…ISIS …know how to divide the various ME people’s groups.
Russia has been negotiating with the Kurds…it’s kinda like….
Make your choice…but here’s your future you go this way : )

Muslim Brotherhood is a death cult that is clueless on how to govern and lead
Erdogan is high % going to lead Turks to ruin….especially he betrays Russia
And jeopardizes the Silk Road.(China)


I am kind of thinking that’s his prize? The Silk road. If China intends to one belt this area Turkey could be the gate keeper to Europe and ME markets. If Turkey were able to lead say some sort of unified front of Sunni united against Shea, They could lead KSA and other gulf states?
If they pulled it off it would be one hell of a strategic position. Control of Dardenells the gates to Europe for China, positions in the Persian gulf, the Red Sea, Control of this area would make Turkey a very powerful player on the world stage?

Brad Isherwood

Thanks for the link very informative, lots of good stuff.

Piet Saman

If Tall Rifat and Kafr Naya would fall to SFA the SDF could use SAA territory to supply their forces further east. Turkey will not attack SAA positions with their artillery and tanks otherwise they will be targets for SAA and rusian airforce.

Random guy

Change group names to patrons:
Turkey is kicking out US, helping Russia to take Aleppo.


Well, I guess that’s one way to look at it!

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