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Turkish-Backed Militants Attack Syrian Troops & Russian Reporters With Armed Drones (Photos)

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On March 6, Turkish-backed militants launched several attacks with armed drones from Greater Idlib violating the new ceasefire agreement.

One of the drone attacks targeted reporters of the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) near the city of Saraqib in southeast Idlib. Reporter Oleg Blokhin shared images showing the aftermath of the attack and the remains of a small-diameter projectile dropped by the drones. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Pro-government sources confirmed that other attacks targeted Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops, also in the outskirt of Saraqib. No losses were reported, however.

The new ceasefire in Greater Idlib was agreed upon by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish Counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan a day earlier.

The militants’ drone attacks are the first major violation of the ceasefire. The SAA and its allies, including the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), may response to this violation in the upcoming few hours.

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Aimo Huikka

surprise, surprise!

Legis Legis Juscius

soon they will get another lesson:)

good american

Can anyone explain what the militants gain by these actions? It hasn’t worked yet, unless it is Turkey’s, or whomevers, way of getting rid of their proxy forces by having others do the dirty work. Attack the Russians or break the deal and someone is going to die.

Al Balog

That could be possible, but it could also be these possibilities:

(A) Similar to what you said, Turkey is just choosing to have its terrorist proxies get slaughtered by the SAA and Russia, as a means of “disposing” them to make the deal go easier.

(B) Turkey is continuing its “proxy warfare” through the terrorists to attack the SAA and Russia, since the terrorists were not a part of the ceasefire deal. The terrorists didn’t agree either. Because of this, the Turkish Armed Forces itself that was part of the deal won’t violate it “on paper”.

(C) Turkey has lost control of its proxies. The remaining terrorists sincerely believe their Wahhabi ideology, and aren’t afraid to attack anyone.

Anything’s possible, but these are just my ideas. If anyone has any other ideas, I’d like to know ?


(D) terrorist are simply pissed off because they consider themselves only loosers in this agreement and they want to ruin the agreement

Al Balog

Agreed. I just thought of another one also. I like to make predictions of different outcomes so I know what to expect in the future.

(E) The once Turkish-backed terrorists are now being massively supported and receiving orders from the USA and Israel. Of course, they always have, but the terrorists will receive more support today than before, mainly as a means to disrupt Turkey’s agreement with Russia and to retain what is left of Idlib. I don’t think this will work for the terrorists in the long-term, though.


(F) Erdogan is trying hard to find the way how to start the war with Russia :D


Icarus Tanović

Well said.

Concrete Mike

E like our collegue Al Balog stated, the CIA never signed a ceasefire.

Icarus Tanović

B and C.

Porc Halal

Point B is what I think is the reality … do not forget who paid and armed the Islamic terrorists in Idlib and Afrin …That is turkey of course…

Porc Halal

And another important thing is, turkey is bringing more troops and military equipment in Idlib which means only one thing…WAR


“Gain”? What gain? they are insane, nobody can argue with the jihadists, they have no reason.

Mustafa Mehmet

Just typical saa propaganda

Porc Halal

It is very inappropiate for you to talk about propaganda…


There 47 commercial flight connections between Israel and Turkey every week. …Just to get a rough idea about the Israeli-Turkish relations…

Lone Ranger

Also Israel is the only country whom are using passenger jets as human shields for their fighter jets…


Turkey is the Israelis original country of origin.


Incorrect. Thousands of years ago someone spat in a latrine and that bacteria developed into the abomination called israel. True or false?

Saif Imam

Ceasefire won’t last long, I was saying it quiet a few times…

Rafik Chauhan

Russia and SAA will wait for atleast 10 ceasrfire violation. then they will tell turkey to get rid of this terriost to stop violation. and if in a month Turkey doesn’t do that job then. Then Russia will tell turks to get out of Syria and we will finish the job.

Mustafa Mehmet

Raffiiik got plenty barrel bomb ready for civilian? OK turk should step side

Josiah Isaboke

As long as these ceasefires are discussed without the main protagonists(SYRIA AND THE MAIN SYRIAN REBELS…NOT FOREIGN JIHADIS) It’s all for nothing! The peace that was discussed was between Russia and Turkey. Period!!! What we in layman’s terms call: A WASTE OF TIME ,BREATH AND MONEY


Erdogan is a mad man. The Russian-Turkey rapprochement is puzzling. The earlier Putin stops this nonsense the better.


Turkovi sa veriť nedalo ani nedá, naši predkovia o tom niečo vedeli.

Xoli Xoli

Turkish politicians are I’ll informed and believe invade Syria and attack Syrian forces is a protection of terrorists HTS and Alqaida population.


So much for a ceasefire,the Russian need to put they foot down and hold Turkey at bay so the Syrian government could reclaim iblib.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis are the pest of the World.

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