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JUNE 2023

Turkish-Backed Militants Advance On Ain Issa In Syrian Raqqa Countryside

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Turkish-Backed Militants Advance On Ain Issa In Syrian Raqqa Countryside

Source: Twitter @Suriyak Click to see the full-size image

In the evening of December 24, Turkish-backed militants resumed shelling of the Syrian defense forces (SDF) in the Northern outskirts of the town of Ain Issa, the ANHA news agency reported.

Turkish-backed militants bombarded the villages of al-Mushairfeh and Jehbel with heavy weapons. The shelling was reportedly accompanied by a ground attack on the village of Jehbel.

According to the reports by Vedeng agency, the SDF managed to repel the attack of Turkish-backed forces, causing losses to militant groups. No casualties in the ranks of the SDF have been reported yet. The village of al-Mushairfeh was allegedly taken by the Syrian National army.

Both villages are located in the northeastern countryside of Ain Issa, along the M4 international highway.

The town of Ain Issa remains under the SDF control.

Earlier in the day, on December 24, the Russian Military Police  established new position  in the southern outskirts of the town. Russian forces also have a coordination and operations center in Ain Issa. A large military convoy has been sent to the town and its outskirts amid the resumption of heavy clashes between the SDF and Turkish-backed militant groups.

A Turkish-led ground attack was launched a week ago and ended in a failure. Since then, Turkish-backed forces continue shelling the town with heavy weapons, high-explosive anti-tank shells.

Russia allegedly pressured the SDF to hand over the town of Ain Issa and other regions in northern Raqqa to Syrian government forces. Three joint observation posts were established in the outskirts of the town. However, the region was not handed over and remains under the SDF control.

Turkey was allegedly preparing to launch a new large ground attack on the town. Russia is supporting the SDF in preventing Turkish forces from capturing the town of Ain Issa which is of strategic importance. It lays on the M4 highway that links al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo.


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Keep shelling them YPG will die or hand over occupied territories to Russia Win-Win


To Russian forces Like they did in Tal Rifaat, Tabqa…

Ice Icegold

You are a turkogyftos

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Tal Rif At, that’s where they divided the area between Russia and Turkey and 300,000 Kurds were displaced from their homes, Russia got Tall Rif At and Turkey got Azaz and Afrin, mmmm.

Rhodium 10

Kurds are US puppets…both are nothing but oil thieves and dont want that SAA takes control of cities in that part of Syria because it would mean the end of Kurdish militia which are supported by USA and Israel..


You’re right, YPG used the advantage of power vacuum and they stole Syrian lands for years ISIS and YPG are both created and controlled by the US to achieve their goal which is splitting Syria

Ice Icegold


Alejandro Bonifacio

the worst enemy of the kurds are the kurds, they have the illusion of a national state, not to be part of a nation, this is their curse

Ice Icegold

Change your nick name to turkogyftos

Lone Ranger

TOS-1 ready for action…


If the Kurdhinos lose any territory to the turkoid terrorists then the SAA should attack the turd forces and recapture the territory and of course not give it back to the Kurdish imbeciles.

John Wallace

Why should the SAA attack Turkish forces if Russia forces the SDF to hand over attacked areas to the SAA. The SAA should be encouraging the Turkish forces too attack SDF so they get more territory handed back for free.


You didn’t read my post at all.

John Wallace

Yes sorry , I confused Turkoid and Turd .My mistake.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No casualties on the SDF side, that’s not what the SDF say,

“Violent clashes between the Turkish-backed military factions and the SDF in the vicinity of the village of Al-Mushairfa, east of Ain Issa district in the northern countryside of Raqqa, dead and wounded in the ranks of the SDF after an ambush by the military factions on the outskirts of the village of Jahbel north of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Raqqa”.

And the SDF haven’t lost Al-Mushairfa yet, that’s probably incorrect, at least they’re not reporting they have. Russian helicopters are operating over Tall Tamir now and that’s despite the fact the Turks are still attacking the area, so the Turks are active on 2 separate fronts.

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