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JUNE 2021

Turkish-backed Militants Accuse YPG Of Using Chlorine Gas At Afrin Frontline

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On February 6, the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused the military wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), of using chemical weapons at in the Bulbul district in the Syrian area of Afrin.

According to the report, the YPG used a shell containing chlorine gas injuring about 20 FSA members, 7 of them are now in critical condition.

Most likely, the Turkish leadership will use these reports to expand its military efforts against the YPG.

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In this war, aren’t CW accusations mostly code for “Help! I’m losing”?


Likely the chlorine gas used by TSK was blown back into their faces.


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Feudalism Victory

Almost certainly. One can almost hear the pride getting flushed down the toilet.


Sigh….its getting boring…?

Michał Hunicz

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised that the US proxies possess a chlorine gas. Same with the FSA.


There are said to be two old Chemical stores in Idlib and they have been under the control of the terrorists and by definition, Turkey, Britain and the US since the early days of the proxy war and before the international deal brokered by Russia to destroy them. The destruction was done on a US ship in the area of Syria. The depots in Idlib were not and that demonstrates to me that the US did not want to lose an asset that might be useful one day.

It will be important for the SAA and allies to invite observers immediately these terrorist controlled stocks are seized and that international monitors are involved with their removal.

The world has had enough of the childish US amateur dramatics every time her terrorists are losing.

AM Hants

Also, look at what their friends send over. Have you seen this VT article?

Another Trump False Flag, Militants Claims of Chlorine Attack Turn out to be American Made… https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/02/01/another-trump-false-flag-militants-claims-of-chlorine-attack-turn-out-to-be-american-made/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The top portion are pieces of the infamous “Hell Bomb” Ukrainian made for the terrorists and looks to be dismantled and never fired bent pieces look hammered on, the purpose project and good project hard at work,LMAO

AM Hants

Wonders of Azov Engineering. Nought works or assembled correctly.


Were hell canon shells being manufactured outside and sent into Syria? Wasn’t previously aware of that. But it makes sense as SAA kept overrunning stockpiles of hell cannon shells that were clearly manufactured in mass batches, with the same obviously new blue gas canister warheads, and same mild steel stem and tail dimensions and configurations. Now granted any small engineering works can technically make something like that – but the consistent mass sourcing of exactly the same new materials and cut lengths within a contested war zone by ‘amateur rebels’ begs some interesting questions about the actual material and sources. Recently Putin made a very interesting remark, he stated the drone swarm attack on Russian bases in Syria used ‘camouflaged’ drones. That is, they were deliberately made to look amateurish in construction, but actually contained sophisticated targeting and release, and complex intra-network communications systems under the cheap cellophane and gaffer tape – and there were a dozen of these exact same systems in operation. The hell cannon munitions follow the same logic – they appear amateurish and thus maintain the ‘rebels’ self made weapons narrative. But the evidence of repeated SAA finds, of entire rooms stacked high with thousand of exactly the same hell cannon shells, begs some very interesting questions.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Ukraine sent them with english printing on them these weapons as they were loaded with chlorine by Turkey and Israel. Knew about the UAVs before hand as know many people who make RCs for decades and even they have told me those are expensive programming beyond your base modelers level. I had maintained that idea they were far more complex from the beginning.Have learned the obvious only a simple answer meant to confuse when confronted with more details that makes the simple answer implausible.

Skepticism is how it should be approached and if it looks off there is always a reason behind it. Besides Project X was never disbanded as this project has existed since WW2 and still maintains developing ideas for easy manufacture and use.


As understand it the average commercial component based drone cannot accurately target and release munitions – let alone release multiple munitions from each wing, without radically destabilizing the flight pattern due the sudden weight differential. So gist of recent swarm attack is, that some calculated wing span and flight dynamics combined with advanced remote targeting and networking communications technology was involved – but was all made to superficially look like amateur effort. But there is another odd aspect, if look at the captured intact model from Russian MoD – it has weirdly flanker-imitative dimensions. High bulge of electronics package over wings and offset underneath two plywood skids that strongly resemble the boxy engine air intakes. Was it a weird multiple ‘message’ to Russians?!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Seems like that is the question as they had captured components elsewhere that was sent via Israel in the caves during the advance to Deir ez zoir. Makes one wonder how long they were planning these attacks from multiple points originally. Don’t think they were expecting SAA and the allies clearing that much territory so quickly.

The gist of this does seem to be a multi-layered message also intended for China.

You can call me Al

Thanks for the link, did you read the comments section at the bottom ?.

AM Hants

Cannot remember. I think I did and just going back to take a look. Just had a look and the activists blaming President Putin for their own stupidity comes to mind. Who is dependent on cyber trolls, at a cost of £ billions?


I must have missed that AM. Thank you for the valuable link.

I ask myself if the US/Israel who orchestrate these attacks are actually trying to be as amateur as they are. Is there a Machiavellian plan or are they just lazy, poorly educated and insane ?

Mind you, anyone who studies the anarchy in US political and security circles these days must surely see it as cognitive insanity and hysteria .

AM Hants

No doubt heavily educated/schooled, at a cost. I must admit, I do feel the same about Trump. Is he insane or playing a very good game? Is there a reason for it all, as everything benefits China. There again, if China does take control of the NWO, when was the last time they invaded anybody?

‘Careful what you wish for’ so comes to mind, together with, can it be worse than taking out the planet, just to keep the US Military Industrial Complex happy?

The article I found a couple of weeks ago and have been sharing it often, as I found it so informative and interesting. Is there a nation more dense than those led by Kiev?


China as we know is repressive but all nations are in their own ways. Its just that Britain for example has learned how to pluck a goose without it hissing too much. China has learned though to have control other nations via trade that is cheaper than control with the gun in my humble opinion.:)

The US has essentially reverted to its Wild West days where gangs and criminal cabal’s rule are omnipresent to the top of the heap.

As for the Ukraine, we see the overt looting of a nation by Jewish Oligarchs that are ironically using the only source of enforcers available in the Ukraine who are flying the Nazi flags. Supported as normal these days by the Zionist thugs of the USA.

AM Hants

Must admit, I am interested to see how it all pans out, as one, very young and tantrum prone Empire goes down and is replaced by an old and respected Empire.

John Mason

The data on the missile is in English and that applies to exported weapons and abides by international rules, only those manufactured not for export display local language.

John Mason

Syria should warn the UNSC that they have discovered the location of the factories and that it will be bombed in 10 minutes. Can’t blame Syria for the fallout especially that the opposition new of it’s existence.


Logic would certainly support your statement John.

Logic though in this conflict has been absent within the US Coalition of Terror.

Tudor Miron

People should know that unlike Russia, USA is yet to destroy its own CW arsenal and that’s official.


Israel also. There was also the revelation that the US is actively seeking the DNA of Slavs IN Russia.


The very HTS militants currently in Idlib were demonstratively proved to have been stockpiling and using chlorine hard pellet stocks, sacks marked from Saudi Arabia and barrels marked from Germany, in a mortar making factory they abandoned when defeated and forced out of east Aleppo. The bomb making factory was located among residential housing – common militant practice for cover – and there were high stacks of empty cast mortar shells awaiting filling from the open sacks and barrels with pellets spilled all over rooms from regular use. All this was filmed by Irish journalist Lizzie Phelan whilst working for RT. The very same HTS militants that were using the chlorine pellets negotiated their surrender and transit to Idlib – where they remain and continue with their established pattern of activities.

Real Anti-Racist Action

So all of these years the Assads government was being blamed for all of these gas attacks, it was the US puppets the Kurd’s launching the gas attacks against people all along.
Now the case has finally been solved.


Stupid Guy again. If there is someone using chemical weapons it must be FSA, al-bullshit, al-headchopper etc. with friendly support of MIT. Nothing else make sence.


The truth : turk journalist : all lies.
comment image:large

Jim Martin

Vicious accusations such as this are an act of pure desperation and blind hysteria which is typical of the “Erdogan Regime”

Dutch PM last year?: Mr. Erdogan was becoming “increasingly more hysterical hour by hour and I want him to… calm down”.

leon mc pilibin

They look like white helmet B actors.No oscors for them.


Lol FSA, you never change. :}

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do we see no bleary teary eyes but those which are dilated from being high on Captagon?

Sputnik Stranger

Surely Trump should authorise a large cruise missile attack immediately at a US airbase in the Kurdish occupied areas?

OR if he is really angry because Ivanka is crying , at the US base in Incirlik as the US has armed the Kurds and must therefore take ultimate responsibility :)

President Trump could then Tweet that he showed them who the real Sherrif is :)

Ice Icegold


John Mason

Haley will have some fun with this….or maybe not since the YPG are allies.


So the US must now bomb its own bases and allies in response of a chemical attack by their own allies at the allies of their other ally, who will use this to strike at their own allies. Can anyone still follow this?

At least we can enjoy the thick scoops of delicious irony.


Another Jihadists want to be Hollywood stars aren’t they


No brains . Can’t even fake properly

Toni Liu

Maybe someone at fsa battlefront against kurd farted and smell so toxic, that they accuse kurds shot them with chlorine munition, cause they already had no other option than blaming kurds even for ridicoulous thing like this


well the US should immediately bomb the YPG,…if they used chemical weapons,…or did I get this wrong ;)

LR captain

do you think
A) the US will claim the SAA is giving the kurds chemical weapons.
B) Turky will claim that kurds have chemical weapons justify their campaign.
C) Russia is going to blame the US for giving the kurds chemical weapons.
D) the US will veto any investigation done by the UN

Smith Ricky


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