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Turkish-backed Groups Welcome Idlib Demilitarization Agreement

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Turkish-backed Groups Welcome Idlib Demilitarization Agreement

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On September 22, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) welcomed the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement on the governorate of Idlib and thanked Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his efforts that prevented what the group called an “unjust war.”

Despite of its positive attitude towards the agreement, the Turkish-backed groups said in its official statement that it doesn’t trust Russia. According to the NFL’s claims, the Russian side has not respected several previous agreements.

“Despite of our full cooperation with our Turkish ally to facilitate their efforts to spare civilians from the scourge of war, we will remain alerted and wary of any treachery from the side of the Russians, the regime and the Iranians,” the NFL statement reads.

The NFL is the biggest coalition of Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in the opposition-held areas in northern Syria. The group was formed on August 1 after pressure from Turkey, according to Syrian opposition activists.

While the NFL welcomed the Russian-Turkish agreement, al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din released an official statement, in which it rejected the agreement and called it a “major conspiracy.”  The terrorist group even demanded support and called for resuming attacks against Syrian government forces.

“We call on our faithful brothers in all Islamic countries to rush to the land of al-Sham [Syria] and to support the people of al-Sham, we also call on the rich to spend in the way of God and to support the Shami Jihad,” Horas al-Din said in its statement.

Seven al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in northwestern Syria merged their forces to form Horas al-Din on February 27. Local observers said that many small groups have defected from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham to join the new al-Qaeda-affiliated force since then.

HTS is yet to announce its stand on the Russian-Turkish agreement, which likely indicates its approval as it rejected several other agreements immediately before. Furthermore, the group’s closest ally, Jaysh al-Izza, openly voiced its support for the de-confliction agreement few days ago.

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Poor Turk

There is something fishy going on. Everyone welcomed this agreement.


If everyone welcomed the agreement, then, by the potatoe’s logic, these guys are no one: “al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din released an official statement, in which it rejected the agreement and called it a “major conspiracy”. The terrorist group… demanded support and called for resuming attacks against Syrian government forces”. But the first question is, who is going to expel these no ones from the no ones parts they control in Idlib on the actual no one demilitarized 20km zone?


potato ;-)

You are not Dan Quayle by any chance, are you?


I’m not an english speaker. Thanks, I have already corrected from potatoe to potato. I don’t know who is Dan Quayle and I’m not interested to know.


You gave the answer without realizing it. The NLF, will comply with the agreement, and withdraw 12 miles. Al Qaeda has said they would not, leaving those estimated 10,000 jihadists with ( 12 miles X 100 miles = ) 1200 sq miles to defend against a combined Russian – Turkish Army patrol.
That is why Israel attacked two hours after it was announced, they know the US “moderate rebels” are done.

Jim Bim

Of course they do, it prolongs the occupation of Idlib by Turkey and all the different terrorist factions.


unfuckingbelievable…..my question…
would russia give an agreement to islamist jihadi pricks in an area of russia???
would the uk do that some where in the uk?
would germany do that some where in germany?
would the usa do that some where in the us?

so lets get something straight here……..

islamist jihadi headchoppers,heart eating drug addicted psychos get their own peace of land in syria….

I hope its obvious to everybody , that after such an agreement, this area is lost for ever to the LEGAL syrian government of Assad.turkey has been, and is continusley changing the DEMOGRAPHICS in IDLIB and AFRIN.I have been writing about this since day 1 of the illegal turkish invasion of syria.Israel has been doing this since day 1 of its creation.Changing the demographics.
Just read at southfront or almadas news what is happening in those areas.The native population , their houses are stolen, their wealth stolen, the turks are changing the street names, the town names, the turks are making it illegal to pay with syrian money but people there have to use the turkish lira.The teachers of the schools are now “provided” by turkey etc….
Afrin and Idlib are lost to turkey…..that was probably the deal between putin and erdogan, but who benefits???

ISRAEL the goddam satanic jews.
Putin recieved orders, just like erdogan,trump or the rest of these jew slaves…..all countries that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda.
A one world governmnet with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.

ps. it seems that some in the russian military are not that happy with putin.It became crystal clear that putin was making an excuse for the satanic jews and the shot down russian airplane, while the russian military did exactly the opposite and blamed israel to 100% for the death of their 15 comrades.


Of course they like the agreement, they benefit directly from it.

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