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Turkish-Backed Groups Declare Their Readiness To Participate In Ankara’s Operation Against YPG East Of Euphrates

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Turkish-Backed Groups Declare Their Readiness To Participate In Ankara's Operation Against YPG East Of Euphrates

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A coalition of Turkish-backed militant groups, often refered as the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA), says that its ready to participate in Ankara’s military operation against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in the area east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria.

“We won’t allow a terrorist formation in Syria. Two military offensives against Daesh [ISIS] and YPG were successfully carried out. Now, we are ready for the battle in the eastern Euphrates,” Saif Abu Bakr, Hamza Division Military Chief, told Turkey’s media outlet Daily Sabah in an interview on November 10.

The YPG is the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which control a large chunk of the area, including the border with Turkey, in northeastern Syria. Ankara considers the YPG and thus the SDF to be a terrorist group, a local branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The US support to the SDF is the reason of constant tensions between Ankara and Washington.

In early 2018, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the TFSA already carried out an operation against the YPG inside Syria. They seized the region of Afrin, including Afrin city, from the YPG in northwestern Syria.

In October 2018, Turkish leadership once again announced its plans to eliminate the YPG in northeastern Syria, in the area east and west of the Euphrates River. The claims were supported by a series of TAF strikes on YPG positions near the YPG-held town of Ayn al-Arab (renamed by the YPG into Kobani).

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Mustafa Mehmet

We have to move in to clear Syria from mad ? terrorist pyg and pkk whatever they call them self soon

Len Zegelink

the kurds must turkije clear from dictator erdopig

jim crowland

I hope Erdogan and his Turkish genocides are wiped out by the USA


These turkish-backed factions are as nasty as hemorrhoids


It would seem that Erdogan, in his Golden Palace of Barad-Dur in Mordor…., uh, Ankara, is mobilizing his Orcs. Hopefully the Kurds come to their senses and won’t let themselves get slaughtered while their socalled American allies do jack shit to help them, but I reckon stupid is as stupid does. Well, on the plus side they will probably go down taking some Orcs with them.


Stupidity in their mind, corrupt in their hearts, greedy hands grabbing on soil, blurred realitys occur

R Trojson

Translation- Erdogan wants more Syrian territory. He will take as much as he can get. If the Americans get involved it will be a slaughter.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Start paying attention to what the SAA and the Kurds are both doing, they’re both getting ready for Erdogan, they’re both making preparations for an invasion, and not only consolidating their forces, but cooperating in process, not something you do if you don’t intend on fighting on the same side.
The die is now cast, the US isn’t going to protect the Kurds at all, they’re already in the process of palming them back off to Assad, and I say that because every single little thing that Trump’s done lately, with NOT ONE exception, has been designed to drive the Kurds away from the US and back to the Syrian government.
Trump hasn’t done or said one little thing to reassure the Kurds in the last 5 months, and it’s not by accident, it’s done for a purpose. Trump’s always said from day one he wants out of Syria, it costs the US taxpayers too much for too little return. The US deep state, unlike Trump, wants to remain in Syria at any cost, they want to build a Saudi pipeline to the EU to help them destroy Russia’s economy and influence, and they haven’t given up yet.
Assad’s reassured them though, he’s already said he’ll help the Kurds repel the Turks every single time they’ve asked, but only if they fight for Syria under a Syrian banner, and that means they have to give up on their dream of self autonomy. He’s already sent reinforcements to areas under Turkish threat and is coordinating with the Kurds there already. We’re told it’s so he can protect his own territory south of the Euphrates from possible Turkish incursions, but that’s only half of what’s happening now, the other half is the SAA is coordinating actions, setting up supply lines, and also beginning cooperative operations with the Kurds.
Assad’s been sending reinforcements to all Turkish/Syrian border regions, not just the Kurdish/Syrian border areas, he wouldn’t be doing that if his only intention was to protect his own borders from the Turks accidental incursions when they’re chasing the Kurds. He knows the poo is about to hit the fan when Erdogan finally realizes the US is about to sit out the next fight, and won’t be helping either the Kurds or the Turks.
All those weapons the US just delivered to the Kurds are fine as they are, but all the vehicles Trump sent them will have to be painted with SAA colors now, and the Kurds will all need new SAA uniforms as well, maybe Trump could help out with that too, since he’s been so helpful in every other way already, thanks Trumpy.
I think both Putin and Trump have a plan to put Erdogan back in his place and this is how they’re going to do it. Erdogan’s thinking Trumps actually on his side, because behind the scenes Trumps actually egging on Erdogan to invade, and initially at least, making things easy for him to do it. But once he’s in too deep, they’ll spring the trap on him and bring his world crashing down. Eventually his own people will end up killing him [40% of the population hate him, 10,000 in jail] for his dismal failure that drove their country bankrupt, and both Trump and Putin will have a new Turkish leader to deal with, and it’ll definitely be a more moderate and open minded leader than the last one, that’s 100% for sure. And if you’re thinking it’s only Trump that would benefit from a change in Turkish leadership, think again. In every agreement between Putin and Erdogan since the Astana agreement, Erdogan hasn’t complied to NOT EVEN ONE of the stipulations, NOT EVEN ONE, great partner hey, I think Putin would love to deal with a new moderate turkish leader, after all, moderation is Putin’s middle name.
The SAA and Russia will kill all the goon army with complete impunity, leaving the NATO protected Turks for the Kurds alone, the Kurds have already killed as many as 100 Turks without US or NATO intervention, and I’m sure things wouldn’t change if the Kurds switched banners and get some help from Assad [and Russia on the sly].
That smile and thumbs up that Putin gave Trump the the other day seemed to me at least to mean, ‘the plans working out perfectly and no one has any idea what we’re really doing, least of all Erdogan the dumbass and the LGBTQI dominated US deep state, not long now and we’ll both get what we really want’, that’s what that thumbs up was telling me they were happy about.

Mustafa Mehmet

So Assad forgivene kurk now? Colourful dream ?


These HTS, TIP, ISIS Orcs “won’t allow a terrorist formation in Syria”! Too funny :D

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