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Turkish Backed Groups Clash With Each Other In Al-Bab City


Turkish Backed Groups Clash With Each Other In Al-Bab City

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On October 27, heavy clashes broke out between fighters of the Sultan Murad Division and Ahrar al-Sharqiya in the area of Tell al-Hawa near the northern city of al-Bab, according to the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi. As a result, one fighter of the Ahrar al-Sharqiya was killed and several others were injured.

Both groups are a part of the Turkish-led Euphrates Shield (ES) force, which controls a large part of the northern Aleppo countryside. The reason behind the clashes remains unknown. However, local observers believe that a disagreement over financial issues provoked the clashes.

Enab Baladi said that the clashes, which lasted for several hours, ended when the Sultan Murad Division and Ahrar al-Sharqiya reached a ceasefire agreement.

The Turkish-held areas in northern Syria have witnessed dozens of similar clashes since 2016. Many Syrian activists blame Turkey for the deteriorating security situation in these areas, as the Turkish military is yet to take any steps to prevent such incidents.



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  • Shy Talk

    head choppers killing head choppers, whats not to like

    • Feudalism Victory

      Meh 1 dead several injured sounds more like a bar brawl.

      • S Melanson

        Yes but it was still frightening as heavy clashes broke out after disagreement over who would pay for the next round of drinks.

  • Bob

    Armed militant factions are also armed criminal brigands – with intra-mafioso fighting over control of smuggling routes/ pay-to-travel ‘tax’ checkpoints/ food and water supplies and depots/ kidnapping and ransoming of local population members.