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Details On Alleged Deployment Of Egyptian Troops In Syria Revealed

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Details On Alleged Deployment Of Egyptian Troops In Syria Revealed

Egyptian army troops

On July 30, the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) revealed details on the alleged deployment of Egyptian troops in Syria.

Maj. Youssef al-Hamoud, a spokesman for the group, said 148 Egyptian service members had arrived in Syria through the Hama Air Base on three batches.

“Two batches arrived last Sunday [July 26] from the city of Ismailia to Hama Air Base, they numbered 98, most of them officers of various ranks, they were transported to Aleppo countryside and stationed in Khan al-Asal,” Maj. al-Hamoud said, adding “On Monday [July 27] morning, a batch arrived from Cairo Airport to Hama Air Base, they numbered 50 service members and they were taken to the town of Saraqib on the same day.”

The SNA’s spokesman said the Egyptian troops were on a “training and combat” mission. He also claimed that they were coordinating with Iranian forces.

Earlier, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported that Egypt had deployed 150 troops in northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib in order to support the Syrian Arab Army. The stat-run agency cited a “military source,” which may have been Maj. Youssef al-Hamoud himself.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights dismissed all of these claims, saying that no Egyptian troops were deployed in any part of Syria.

The Anadolu Agency and the SNA are yet to back their claims with any solid evidence. No flights from Egypt to Syria were reported on July 26 or 27, which indicate that these claims are likely false.

Currently, there is a political confrontation between Egypt and Turkey in Libya. The new claims of Egyptian deployment in Syria could be a part of the ongoing propaganda against Cairo.


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Laurent Parodi

More turkish propaganda. If erdogan wanted to invade planet Mars turkish medias would claim than soldiers from planet mars have been deployed in Syria to support the “Assad regime”.


Crescent is product of Turk invasion of the Moon you know….
Before it was full Moon all the time…than Turkey have decided to change that anomaly…

alejandro casalegno

To take Mars………send the SSH!!!…….Sukhois.Spetsnaz and Hezbollah……and after the battle, Trump will say “I am the conqueror of Mars”


“Trump will say “I am the conqueror of Mars”

Comparing to Biden’s dementia capabilities even that is something


Egypt is warming up in confrontation with Turkey.
If Turkey starts conflict with Greece how they are going to menage so many conflicts?!
Iraq, Syria, Libya…and if they start war with the Greece….they send also their terrorist rats in Azerbaijan….
This Erdogan is totally mad.


If Turkey attacks Greece it is game over. The EU cannot stay hidden. NATO will be forced to do something. The consequences will be terrific.


NATO will do “something”?!?
And what exactly that “something” is?
At the moment everybody is backing Greece and Cyprus in that dispute…so what the hell NATO can do?
Or EU… what possibly they can do?

Declare war to Turkey?!!
I don’t think NATO will do anything !
NATO will sit in corner and DIE because conflict between Greece and Turkey can turn in all out war in jiffy!!
That will be the mortal blow to NATO from which they will never recover!

alejandro casalegno

NATO is a stamp…………….nothing more…………..


Stamp for US military and their servants club.

Wind of changes is blowing and days of NATO are counted.

johnny rotten

The Turks are imitating the Americans and the Jews, always ready to accuse others of doing the things that they are the first to do, the same modus operandi, to complain as a smoke curtain to hide behind, childhood in power.


the ones that should be worried is the jews in palestine – they’re toast.

alejandro casalegno

For what???………..Syria have russians and Hezbollah in the front line, the SAA have years in combat, Egypt live in saudi , USA money and Israel orders.

J Roderet

This is Turkish fake news. If Egypt fights the moderate-headchoppers, it will be inside Libya — which is an immediate threat to Egypt — and not in Syria.


Israel finally boots men on the ground:))

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hopefully this is just an Arab League scouting party and the rest of the cavalry isn’t too far behind.

Is the information right, I suspect it is, especially if the SOHR is saying it isn’t.

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