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MAY 2021

Turkish-backed Forces Shelled US Military Column In Northern Syria: Russian Military

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Turkish-backed Forces Shelled US Military Column In Northern Syria: Russian Military


Turkish-backed forces shelled a US military column in northern Syria, Maj. Gen. Yuri Borenkov, the head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in Syria told TASS on November 3.

According to Maj. Gen. Borenkov, the shelling was conducted by militants of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army. However, the shelling led to no casualties. No further details were provided.

Meanwhile, the US military continued its build-up in oil-rich areas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. US-linked private military contractors were also spotted in the area.


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  1. ColinNZ says:

    Karma not calmer.

  2. PZIVJ says:

    Perhaps the convoy was moving to slow, and Turkey wanted them to speed up their departure?
    Russia knows about this because the US contacted them over the deconflict channel.
    Centcom was quoted as saying ” Hey Russia, do you know who the hell is shooting at us! ” :D

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      Russia: “No we don’t know, but their spotters suck and they’re spraying rounds everywhere. So, Turks… The situation is really getting kind of dangerous. Would you kindly move the f’ck along so they stop shooting? Someone is going to get hurt.”

  3. LR captain says:

    US forces came under attack and no US response ha ha ha

    1. Jacob Wohl says:

      this didnt happen. otherwise USAF would’ve have carried out Battle of Kusham #2 against the turkish rebels

      1. LR captain says:

        hey its not first time that the us was attacked and they never respond remember irans down their drone no response, and nuking the area won’t solve the issue.

        1. Jacob Wohl says:

          the USAF is only 5 MINUTES away from the oil fields

          1. LR captain says:

            the us was only in the middle of the Persian golf and could have responded the down of the drone. instantly

          2. Mike says:

            5 minutes from taking it up the ass from toronto tonto.

          3. Spamsalot says:

            No, really. what kind of loser upvotes himself?

      2. Mike says:

        Your full of shit, just like you pathetic Israeli air farce, no go back to watching kiddie porn you rat faced fagget.

        1. Spamsalot says:

          Not cool to upvote yourself and it’s you’re and faggot. Here, let me help: You’re full of shit, just like your pathetic Israeli air force. Now, go back to watching kiddie porn, you rat-faced faggot. It is hard to take someone’s opinion seriously when it is expressed so stupidly.

    1. AJ says:

      It must be true then if its on Debka that Israeli disinfo site!!

      1. Jacob Wohl says:

        DebkaFile is a CERTIFIED site with high level sources

        1. LR captain says:

          jacob stop upvoting your own work

          1. Valerianus Maximus says:

            It’s genetic. He can’t control the urge.

          2. Jacob Wohl says:

            get lost antisemite!

          3. Tony B. says:

            Oh, so you’re an Arab!

          4. Mike says:

            Nah you are not a semite, your dirty weaselly kahzarian kike.

          5. Ceasar Polar says:

            Jacob’s notes:
            “When all criticized yell: Antisemite”

            Can you come up with another line ?

          6. BMWA1 says:


          7. Peter Jennings says:

            I wonder if the soy-boy image it has used is its own? Trolls don’t usually look like queers.

          8. Jets says:

            LMAO :-))

            Two thumbs up.

        2. Peter Jennings says:

          Jacob Ahohl is correct. DebkaFile is definitely certified, and when they are all caught they will be returned to their beds, along with a recommendation for increased medication.

        3. Mike says:

          Source at lying, you stupid faget.

    2. Edgars says:

      I think someone has deactivated your brains, stop sitting on this site all day long and get a life

    3. Mike says:

      Like the Israeli phony bombing runs amount to anything child diddler.

  4. Jacob Wohl says:

    Russian s400s turned off! https://www.debka.com/russia-deactivates-its-s-400-batteries-at-the-khmeimim-air-base-and-all-syria/#comment-67923
    IDF and USAF preparing HUGE airstrikes against the butcher regime/IRGC targets

    1. PZIVJ says:

      How pathetic you are in up voting yourself. :)

      1. Jacob Wohl says:

        nothing wrong with that

        1. Peter Jennings says:

          Yes there is. It shows that you have no friends or people you can converse with. Have you tried animals?
          Be proud of your non entity status and wear your ignorance like a badge of honour.

          1. Jacob Wohl says:

            shut the hell up. why do I even bother or associate online with antisemites and morons like you?

          2. Ceasar Polar says:

            leave this place. This isnt for zioNazis. Any zionist-scum is exposed on this platform.
            This isnt twitter you kike

        2. Mike says:

          Fucking faget.

        3. Ceasar Polar says:

          You have officially the highest thumbs down, you just beat your colleague Toronto toto

    2. Mike says:

      That face of your, only intimidates little kids you molest.

  5. Jakke1899 says:

    That’s the spirit from the Turco’s! Now that’s what I would call:getting your priorities straight!

  6. Jacob Wohl says:

    BREAKING: unidentified stealth fighters circling over DAMASCUS, butcher regime air defenses CANNOT see or lock onto them! (debkafile) :-]

    1. Jacob Wohl says:

      lots of IRGC targets will be lit up

      1. Mike says:

        OK jacob the molester, why haven’t your chickenshit Israeli or U.S. air farce bombed Iran. Talks cheap you stupid kike.

    2. LR captain says:

      link right now shut it cause i can’t find the article,

      1. Valerianus Maximus says:

        Jewish stealth propaganda will do that.

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          Hahaha stealth.propaganda!!! Lolol

          1. Jacob Wohl says:

            someone cant cope with the fact that F-35 jets are INVISIBLE to S-400 puny soviet junk launchers

          2. Peter Jennings says:

            Hahahahaha…no wait!…Hahahahahaha.

            Stop it.

          3. Jacob Wohl says:

            It’s TRUE. can’t accept it?
            F-35 has the radar cross section of 0.0001 meters squared! That’s smaller than a marble, almost as small as a grain of sand on radar

          4. Jets says:

            Why don’t you give it a try. I mean, you being the pilot of the F(ucked)35 :-))

          5. Mike says:

            If you don’t behave yourself you might end up dead in jail just like Epstein. You child rapist.

          6. Concrete Mike says:

            Meh we have stealth seagulls, we dont give a shit about f35, expensive peice of junk!

    3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      hahahahaha….I really hope that’s you in the avatar, you look so much like this guy :


      1. Jacob Wohl says:

        wow not funny in the slightest


          surprised u didnt upvote this one :)
          they say for every upvote, your nose can shrink 1 centimeter!

          1. Jets says:

            LMAO :-))

            Two thumbs up :-))

        2. Jets says:

          It’s hilarious :-)))

        3. Mike says:

          Funnier then your child raping.


        holy shit! that looks just like Yakov Wohlstein. except Yakov Wohl has a MUCH BIGGER Nose :====D

    4. Lazy Gamer says:

      I think it may be the US aiming to get a hit on the militants that fired on the convoy. Israel on the other hand would just be taking advantage of the window. However, if it were an attack on the SAA, then it has something to do with the oil and the SDF. If it were targetting Iran then that waterway is going to get further action again. We’ll see if the report is true.

    5. Mike says:

      Fantasies aren’t reality you wannabe gay Epstein.

    6. cechas vodobenikov says:

      again the corrupt Arizona criminal confuses the USA/Israel barbarians w civilized peoples—as your pitiful empire collapses, u r reduced to tantrums…LOL
      panyatno malchik?

      1. Jacob Wohl says:

        antisemitic russkie troll

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          coming from an ignorant racist like u, I am complimented

          1. Jacob Wohl says:

            how am I racist?

          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            the stupid racist asks?

    7. Ceasar Polar says:

      When a kike panics, the kike starting inventing facts and creating fiction out of his ass to feel better.

  7. John says:

    It’s a party!!!!

  8. J Roderet says:

    How things have changed… Now Washington is under attack from its own, previously-beloved and heavily armed “moderate rebels.”

    1. Jacob Wohl says:

      the USA NEVER armed moderate rebels, ONLY FSA. And they were about to topple the butcher regime before the russkies saved them

      1. Harry Smith says:

        FSA was “moderate rebels” because other 2 were ISIS and al Quaeda. How nice! It’s like killing the USA ambassador in Libya using guns USA gave them.

      2. Peter Jennings says:

        What fucking moron votes for themselves? you are an Ahohl.

      3. Hasbara Hunter says:

        You never give up right Cunt?

        1. Jacob Wohl says:

          go back to living in your socialist, crappy European country

          1. Hasbara Hunter says:

            I’m in Christchurch at the moment….did you know that the shooting over here was a Mossad job? A lot of Kiwis know it was you folks who dunnit… Yet another ZioNazi False-Flag-Failure…you folks are F*cked…

          2. Ceasar Polar says:

            Mostly CGI, paid actors, and Mossad, yes.

      4. Mike says:

        Molesting children again jacob.

      5. Concrete Mike says:

        Lol timber sycamore says the opposite, lying scum.

        1. Jacob Wohl says:

          prove it then

          1. Ceasar Polar says:

            When you go meet your maker you will see your ending… hell is real.

    2. Harry Smith says:

      Yeah. Recalling when Turks shot Russian warplane, here was a lot of demands to Russia start the war with Turkey. Let’s count how many USA trolls will demand Trump to start the war with Turkey. :)

  9. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    So basicly the situation in Syria today is Trump has managed to have Russia’s Assad’s Syrian army to protect the US forces as they are stealing the Syrian oil …And we thought Trump aint that clever…

    1. Jacob Wohl says:

      not to mention after the US Airforce have pulverized about 1000 pro-assad troops since 2016

      1. Harry Smith says:

        1000? Last time it was 800. And before it was 600.

        1. Peter Jennings says:

          Jacob Ahohl is obviously having problems recalling his dreams. That can happen. I guess his bed sheets become less soiled as his memory elapses over time.

          His mum needs to put away that 300 video. And it’s said that violent videos do not have an impact on adolescence?

          1. Ceasar Polar says:

            Total troll, probably the troll squad supervisor, in Occupied Palestine, Hebron.

      2. Mike says:

        Oh poor jacob, Israel cant do shit as to what’s happening in the middle-east, so you conjure up fantasies about the U.S. air farce. Pathetic child molesting Israeli faget.

  10. Harry Smith says:

    According to the Russian jurno Oleg Blokhin, one USA soldier was killed.

  11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Who don’t they attack, just a few days ago it was the SAA and last week it was a Russian patrol, and this time it’s the US, which means the Turkish backed SNA aren’t discriminatory at all, they’ll attack anyone and everyone equally.
    With a dozen well documented war crimes already attributed to them, proven claims of ethnic cleansing, evidence of indiscriminate artillery/mortar shelling against civilian areas, obvious non adherence to brokered ceasefires, and now attacks against both the Russians and the US, how the hell do they get to be called moderate opposition, they’re the exact opposite of moderate.

  12. smertzakrov says:

    USA losing—Syria, Russia,Iran, Turkey winning—the US head chopping barbarians have been seduced into spending huge sums to secure Syrian oilfields that yield very little—for each shekel they receive for the stolen oil, they will pay many dollars to guard it, extract it and transport it and sell it at a discount to their transgender allies

    1. Spamsalot says:

      When you can print money (debt) out of thin air, it doesn’t matter how much you spend, only what you buy with it.

  13. Vitex says:

    Poetic justice I think, probably completely unintended. They probably mortar whatever moves.

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