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Turkish-backed Forces Shell Russian Military Police In Northeastern Syria, War Report

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Turkish-backed Forces Shell Russian Military Police In Northeastern Syria, War Report

On October 29, a patrol of the Russian Military Police came under a mortar fire near the border village of Darbasiyah. The village is located just east of the Turkish-controlled town of Ras al-Ayn. The Russians were there to discuss with their Turkish counterparts the start of joint border patrols, which had been agreed in the framework of the Russia-Turkey ‘de-escalation zone’ deal on northeastern Syria.

Initial reports suggested that at least two Russian military personnel were injured in the attack. However, later, they were denied. Turkish-backed forces claimed that they did not fire at the Russians and pointed out that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces may be interested in such an incident.

On October 28, Russian and Turkish military officials met in Ankara to discuss the implementation of the de-escalation zone agreement and lay down a plan for further joint actions in the region.

Units of the Syrian Army continued deployment along the Turkish border in a 90km-wide area from the eastern countryside of Ras al-Ayn to the city of al-Qamishly in northeastern Syria. According to Syria’s SANA, government forces entered at least 20 settlements in the area.

The Syrian Army is currently working to reinforce its positions along the entire border area west and east of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

On October 28, Syria and Russia opened a floating bridge linking the two banks of Euphrates River in the province of Der Ezzor. The bridge links the towns of al-Mre’eyeh and Mrat. It was constructed thanks to assistance from and under protection of Russian forces.

Deir Ezzor governor Abdul Majid al-Kawakibi said that the bridge was constructed “in response to the needs and demands of the people in the governorate northern countryside”. The bridge will allow them “to communicate with the rest of governorate areas”.

Earlier, the US-led coalition destroyed all the bridges in the area. A part of them was destroyed in the framework of the coalition’s campaign against ISIS. Later, the destruction of the infrastructure was a tool of cutting off links between people in the US-controlled and government-controlled areas.

On October 28, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper once again warned that the US is not going to abandon oil fields on the eastern bank of the river. According to him, the US will respond with “overwhelming force” to any group that would threaten the safety of US forces there.

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”When you are weak, appear strong, and when you are strong appear weak.” Tse Sun, ‘The Art of War’. The thieves are trying to steal Syria’s oil on the cheap.


You can never trust Turkey in Syria


You can never trust Turkey full stop

Prince Teutonic

Back to Idlibstan mofos!

Icarus Tanović

There are signs that these American intrusions into Syria are coming to an end. How? Wait and behold.

Pave Way IV

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I don’t think that there’s any question that the Zionist Kurds are a threat to both Russian and Syrian forces. Particularly as long as Iraq is supporting the illegal US invasion and occupation of Syria.

The SDF should be disbanded and the Kurds integrated into the SAA and related structures. Arresting the Kurd leadership for sedition needs to be an option if they’re uncooperative.

Iraq needs to completely remove US forces from their nation and stop fueling the Syrian war.

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

what about Zionist Russia they are more committed to Israels safety than the use or do you only like to bully the Kurds because they are the only force who is not capable of defending themselves


Russia is defeating the evil Jew’s Yinon plan in Syria. The Kurds are traitors, draft dodgers and seditionists up to their eyeballs in a failed regime change war that has killed 1/2 a million innocent people and injured and displaced millions more. Their leaders belong in jail.

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