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Turkish-backed Forces Cut Off Drinking Water Supplies To Hasakah

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Turkish-backed Forces Cut Off Drinking Water Supplies To Hasakah

Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reports (source):

For the 3rd consecutive days, mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue to cut off drinking water in Hasaka city, Tel Tamer and the surroundings of residential neighborhoods after they stopped pumping water from Alouk water station and expelled workers from it.

Speaking to SANA’s reporter, Director General of the Water Establishment in Hasaka Mahmoud al-Akla said that the directorate is currently providing drinking water to the neighborhoods from Nafashah and Tel Barak wells.

He pointed out that diligent efforts are being exerted to resume pumping water from Alouk water station as fast as possible.

Al-Akla indicated that Alouk water station provides drinking water to about 600,000 people in Hasaka area, and the near residential neighborhoods, towards al-Hima station west of Hasaka.

Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries have attacked Alouk station many times which led to cutting off drinking water from Hasaka city.

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Lee Vanderheiden

What are they doing this for? Erdogan says Turkey is there to help the citizens, not hurt them.


The evil Sultan wants to conquer more territories…


I have no idea. There must be some kinda mixup. Everyone knows that Turks are a paragon of civility, where the fullest protections of law and dignity are afforded to civilians of other cultures and nations.

Maybe there was some sort of workplace hazard at the pumping station and the ever thoughtful Turklers evacuated the place until the problem can be sorted out. Workplace safety is #1 in Turklerland.

Aleks Chernyy

The solution is obvious, military operation, capture alouk, all turks and mercs caught are to be buried in the desert to die of dehydration.

klove and light

told u Folks so……….Turkey is part of a bigger Zionist plan……and Putin opened the Gateway.period!

Putin is a treacherous Zionist pig.

only a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous Zionist pig could have the idea and come to the conclusion, that a turkish Invasion and occupation of syrian soil could Benefit the legitimate Government of assad.

Putin gave erdogan the green light for the invasion and occupation of afrin
Putin gave erdogan the green light for the Invasion and occupation of idlib
Putin gave erdogan the green light for the Invasion and occupation of North east syria.

Just imagine if Putin would have blocked Turkeys incursion into afrin ( he gave his green light by ordering the russian Military Standing down with their air defense)…… Idlib would have been liberated a year ago already… and afrin and the SDF LOLOLOLOL .. it took the turks 60 days for afrin…..would have taken SAA 30 days tops.

now it is tooooooo late thanks to treachrous Zionist pig Putin.
Evertbinhg i warned About is playing out….including this latest News of hasaka City……..SAA is now strechted out in North( North east syria as well with absolutley Zero air Coverage)…….do you Folks have the slightest idea what would happen if TAF Ground Forces attack SAAm in North east syria with US air cover?????
secondly… s- 400 it is now in the Hands of TAF.. it aint operational yet but latest News Points to the next 30 days to employment……Question….. radius 400 km… must i write more????

and all this bs conversations we are ALL having in regards to Turkey in syria…

started with the treachrous Zionist pig PUTIN: only thanks to him , Turkey is in syria in the first place.

Xoli Xoli

Putin suppressed Russian military generals decision and actions.Russian military is ready for any eventualities.But the western partner Putin is the root cause of problem.Ceasefire is coming.


Browder is that you?
low life khazar phaedokweer part time tranny,n ye coksukn fantasies!

AM Hants

Sorry, but, remind me how long Turkey has been supporting the NED/Open Society/CIA terrorists in Syria?

Remember what state Syria was in, before President Putin answered their call for help?

Xoli Xoli

The former Soviet Lieutenant colonel if KGB Putin Ordered Russian forces to avoid hitting Turkey artillery and convoys to avoid End month full scale attacks of Erdogan.


Erdogan andthe US have always used medieval tactics in war, where civilians are merely disposable.

The resultant refugee crisis will of course be portrayed by the US shysters as being ‘President Assad’s fault’, and will be dishonestly reported as such in the US and NATO propaganda press..

You can call me Al

Pathetic and a war crime.

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