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Turkish-Backed Fighters Clash With Local Armed Group In Al-Bab

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Turkish-Backed Fighters Clash With Local Armed Group In Al-Bab

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On May 26, clashes erupted between the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Division and gunmen from the Tamru family in the city of al-Bab in the northern Aleppo countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources.

Reportedly, a personal problem between a member of the Tamru family and a fighters of the Sultan Murad Division wasthe main reason behind the clashes.

The pro-opposition Syria TV said that a fighter of the Sultan Murad Division was killed and two others were injured in the clashes. Moreover, two members of the Tamru family were injured.

Turkish-Backed Fighters Clash With Local Armed Group In Al-Bab

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The Syria TV claimed that the Military Police of the Turkish-backed Free Syria Army (FSA) is currently investigating the incident and will punish the people responsible for it. However, Syrian opposition activists doubted these claims.

A similar incident took place on May 6 when fighters of Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiyah attacked gunmen from the al-Waki family in al-Bab also. Back then, no one was punished, despite that several people were killed and injured in the clashes.

Local observers believe that Turkey is directly responsible for the deteriorating security situation the northern Aleppo countryside, as it allowed dozens of criminals and ex-Jihadists to join the Turkish-backed FSA. These fighters were even granted the freedom of movement in the civilian areas.

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neil barron

This is good keep thinning each other out.

j. jaxson

You should know-the final solution.

Jens Holm

One YPJ female only needing some candy for running the country by the normal 10 millions, which dont fight.


You need to get learn some proper grammar. I cannot decipher what the fuck you are even saying.

Jens Holm

Im sorry. You might focus on only fucking. letters dont run away. I give another try.

If all the ones killing each other now dies, You can have a peacefull country made by the 10 million refugees and runned by candy for doing good things only.


Okay… that was at least a little better understood. That was still really hard to read and understand but I at least understand it a little bit.

Do not worry, English is my 2nd language too, and I used to be really bad at it. With more practice and education I am sure you will become proficient at it one day.

I wish you the very best of luck. :)

Jens Holm

Haha.I came from almost zero a year ago and I think I almost has reached mymaximum level. But if I get very old, I will be as You prefare.

If You are very old, You might not read it :)


Very good. Well I have some good advice for you.

Remember, if you ever come across someone in real life who speaks english, especially an American, and you don’t like what they say, just tell them:

“Fuck you, mother fucker”.

And they will instantly know that you are unhappy and will maybe help you.

Jens Holm

Thats right. The plan might be taking South Syrians named as Palestinians back to Syria. By that, they can make peace with Israel.

So far only 500.000 dead can regain as spendable replacements, but there is hope. Many of the 5 mio. Syriens highly declare, they never will return to Syria whatever leadership it might have or many of them as well.


Turkey should handover northern Syria back in Syrian army law and order and should open all routes from Syria to Turkey and share intelligence services to remove US, UK, France and Israeli migrants from Syria. Strong Syria is the need of Iran and Turkey defense.

Jens Holm

Again far out from You. Turks has close to any solidarity to any of them.

If You want a strong Syria, You should remove Assads. They have shown they only govern it for own puposes and only devellop for stealing oil from the rest of the population.

leon mc pilibin

And then the big one,RUSSIA

Jens Holm

Yes, Rob has a bad memory. It was Russia, which took away the defence of AFrin by them, because Assads insisted in Afrin should go back to “good old days” with no self rule.

Could be Afrins were and are a little to stubbern as well.


and who are those “tamru” family members? google doesn’t know this kind of name, except for some ethiopians….


Thank you, South Front, for reporting on the rampant gang activity in Syria. It’s often overlooked in the news.
Ah, Syria. Where anyone with a gun has power over anyone who doesn’t.

Jonathan Cohen


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Good on you Putin, Erdogan’s so grateful he’s been given free reign in Idlib and Aleppo to do exactly the same thing he was doing before the Astana agreement [toilet paper] was signed. I wonder if he’s trying to arrange yet another ceasefire and truce between HTS and FSA/SLF forces as I suspect he’s trying to do, that would be the icing [shit] on the cake for the poor old SAA.
The local clans didn’t like being told what to do by the Syrian government, and probably feel the same way about the FSA/SLF and HTS now, they’re well armed, self sufficient and live locally so they know the terrain well and how to use it to their advantage. I don’t think any of the local clans could ever win against a determined effort by the rebel forces, but they’ll pull a lot of the rebels away from front lines and kill a lot of them as they’re losing slowly, which can only be good for the SAA. I hope this spat between the FSA and this clan actually not only escalates, but also hopefully draws other clans into the fighting.

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