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Turkish-Backed Factions Take Advantage Of Greater Idlib Ceasefire To Train New Fighters (Video, Photos)

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Turkish-backed factions in Greater Idlib profit of the ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey on March 5 to boost their offensive capabilities.

On July 3, the National Front for Liberation (NFL), a coalition of Turkish-backed factions, announced that a new batch of its militants had completed their military training. Footage released by the NFL and opposition outlets shows recruits training on light arms and participating in what appears to be live fire drills.

Captain Naji Mustafa, a spokesman for the NFL, told Enab Baladi that the coalition’s militants went through many training camps in recent days and that they are ready to repel any attack by the Syrian military and its allies.

“The training was focused and intensive to familiarize the fighters with combat and battle conditions, as well as to train them on special and specific tactics to avoid Russian air strikes,” the pro-opposition outlet quoted Cpt. Mustafa as saying.

The NFL is not the only side taking advantage of the ceasefire to boost its capabilities. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham is also training more and more militants.

The militants’ constant work to boost their offensive capabilities reflects hostile intentions. The Syrian military and its allies could soon resume their operations in Greater Idlib in order to respond this growing threat.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Most of the people being killed in Idlib lately are members of the pro Turkish factions, and the people killing them are many and varied, HTS is killing them, the US is killing them, and the SAA are killing them too, so obviously in Idlib they’re the least popular group of all. :]
It’s just as likely that the Turkish backed groups will attack HTS as they will the SAA, HTS is becoming an even bigger threat to Turkey than the SAA are now, it’s no longer just a 2 way shuffle between Turkey and Syria in Idlib.
Go go go HTS, president Assad has lots of goodies to trade so don’t be shy, keep the money flowing, just make sure the Turks can’t get their greedy fingers into any of the pies, don’t let them have even one small miserable crumb.
“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” so HTS is my new friend now, at least they are for a while, after Turkey’s Interim Government’s gone [not the military] they go back to being an enemy.

Brother Ma

All Foreigners out of Syria ; Frogs ,Limeys , Yanks and Oghurs from China. Kill them all.

Jens Holm

Very cheep version making no solutions at all.

You has forgotten the reasons for the figtings are not gone at all.

Maybee You should demand Shammers back to Saudi Aarabia too. They are mainbase for ISIS and in Iraq as well in 100.000s

But of they are arabs:) Ironic isnt it.

Another one is, You were helped into freedom by French, Britts, Italiens and even Russians.

And what have You donr with It. Maybee the best solution would be to see, that You as rulers are worth nothing and the best solutions should be to be Automomes or Colonies by them.

The main selfdestruction by Yourself seemes to be, You have no idea about inplmenting needed changed.

Who did most of Your dams, who made most of Your irrigation, who could give the area a money economy by oil and gas.

Not You. You just has replaced some big ineffective corrupter from Konsytantinopel to the mice in their golden bathtubs of Damaskus.

Even Our pigs clean their envitoments better then You under same conditions. Shame on You only blaming others.


True that but the cleaner ones in Syria before the war were Assad’s Allawites, they are allied with the other ethnic and religious minorities like Muslim Ismailites, Christian Greco-Chatolic and even Kurds and some moderate Sunis. The others, 60% were radical Sunis that opress women. Currently the garbage Western MSM like Sky, BBC or CNN paint the Suni radicals as ‘moderates’ and the liberal muslims as… Jihadis.

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