Turkish Authorities Arrested Supposedly Killed ISIS Commander In Ankara


Turkish Authorities Arrested Supposedly Killed ISIS Commander In Ankara

FILE IMAGE: AP/Emrah Gurel

On October 3, the Turkish authorities announced that security forces arrested ISIS commander Abu Yousef, also known as Khaider Kareem, during a security operation in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Abu Youssef is an Iraqi citizen; Iraqi authorities declared before that he was killed.

Abu Youssef had been an active member of al-Qaeda terrorist group since 2011. He defected from al-Qaeda in 2014 and joined ISIS. After joining ISIS, Abu Youssef became one of ISIS commanders in al-Anbar governorate in Iraq.

Turkish authorities said that the Special Investigations Office of Sakarya province Public Prosecution Office received information that Abu Youssef was alive and living in Ankara city. Based on the investigation of the Special Instigations Office, Turkish counter-terrorism force raided Abu Youssef house and arrested him. Turkish counter-terrorism units also found 40 fake ID cards in Abu Youssef house.

Abu Youssef was handed over to Sakarya province Public Prosecution Office that charged him with “Committing genocide”, “belonging to a terrorist organization” and “attempting to overthrow the constitutional order”.

Turkey had charged many ISIS members before with “attempting to overthrow the constitutional order” in Turkey. The Turkish authorities claimed before that ISIS planned to exploit Turkey political problems to start an armed conflict in the country.



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  • Brother Ma

    Strange! Turkey also arrested two men of caucasian republics who had allegedly decapitated two christian archbishops in syria before russia and turkey became pals. yet turkey swept those charges under the carpet on erdogan justice ministers intervention.they were then jailed for minor reasons.it is believed it was done because the men threatened to talk about receiving money ,weapons and help from turk secret services all the way to the top to erdogan.

    The caucasian even kept the knife used to headchop the archbishops as a souvenir with the blood on it.that dna test hich was positive ,with a video of chopping is to most people open and shut case.yet some foola still thinkbthe archbishops are alive!

    So good to see turkey now working against isis rather than nursing them at the breast as before!

    • Vitex

      The Turks cannot be trusted. They are much too interested in Syria

  • Bob

    Possibly, Turkey arresting known intelligence asset as middle finger to Pentagon, over latter’s ongoing major scale political and military support for SDF – aka, YPG…?