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Turkish Attack On Ain Issa Turns Into Failure

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You can read this article in German. LINK

The last few days in Syria was marked by a serious military escalation in the north of the country.

Members of pro-Turkish militant groups, supported by Turkish combat drones and artillery, launched an attack on the town of Ain Issa, controlled by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The SDF is a Kurdish-dominated armed group that receives financial, weapon and training support from the United States. Turkey considers the SDF to be a terrorist group due to its links with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Tensions between the SDF and Turkish-led forces in northeastern Syria are a source of the permanent instability.

The attack on Ain Issa started on December 18 and lasted until the evening of December 20, but resulted in a total failure. The only tactical success achieved by pro-Turkish forces took place in the Ain Issa countryside, where they briefly entered the villages of Mushayrifah and Jableh located in a de-facto no man’s land. Nonetheless, even these villages remained a contested area.

As of December 21, the situation in the countryside of Ain Issa remains relatively stable and no side conducts active offensive operations. So far, the only impact of the Turkish actions is the increased presence of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police in the area. Abandoned by its main backer in the face of another Turkish attack, the SDF is forced to continue a slow rapprochement with the Damascus government and its Russian allies.

Meanwhile, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, ISIS cells launched several rockets at the US military facilities in the Omar oil fields. The rockets allegedly targeted US positions on the evening of December 17, when a US supply convoy was entering the area. The attack triggered a series of security operations by coalition forces along the bank of the Euphrates. Nonetheless, no details regarding their results are available.

ISIS cells are also active on the western bank of the river. According to reports, over 100 ISIS terrorists and Syrian soldiers died in clashes in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert during the past month. Even if the numbers provided by pro-opposition sources are exaggerated, the high intensity of clashes with terrorists is being reported by the Syrian Army and its allies themselves.

Therefore, additionally to the permanent tensions in Greater Idlib, where al-Qaeda-linked terrorists still enjoy the protection of the Turkish military, the terrorist threat has once again became a visible issue in eastern Syria.

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Maz K

Hey Turds, er, I mean Turks… there’s a scrap with some dogs fighting over some b!tch on heat… Maybe you’ll have some better luck there, considering that the b!tch could very well be erDOGan’s mamma!


they are delusional they still believe that they can simply occupy and annex the land of others and get away with it unharmed and i mean here really the whole bunch of western puppets who is involved in syria and do these things

Jens Holm

There is no just. They took over, when ISIS took and they were not being defended well by Assads.

Before that, they were nothing but became second choise by USA.

And morons like You still are forbdden to read, understand and comment , what those SDFs wish or want.

They want local hogh influence on local matters and by that halft of the tax to dinance it. Its done by normal parlamentarisme,which is very visible in my country.

Assads has no devllopment structures. Its driven as a simple emirat, where the Emir(good or bad) can see all corners. Syria is too big for that.We seee the same for Iraq and partly Turkey. ‘ Farbats are the real puppets which work hard for Syria shuould be a more productive state for all living there and people there should not prefare to be mercendairies instead of forever unimplyed. In this the women by tradition is kept even more stupid, even we right here see, thay are just as vrugh and hardworking as men.


turkeys defeat will be inside turkey and that not to far in the future simply because turkey is delusional in the believe that time is running backwards


Why does usa have the right,when it doesn’t belong anywhere near the middle east?

Jens Holm

There is no laws of land for all in Syria. Its laws for the private ownership named the Baath Party.

By that Assads has been no legal Leader for many decades. You must be blind or worse.


His end Farbat jan will be like Saddams end…..when he goin be hanged by our hand. We all will have a good laugh. I’m waiting for that day.

Mehmet Aslanak

Russians gave 2 options to YPG/PKK guerilla. Either return to Assad’s rule or the wreath of Erdogan will be upon you. Guerilla refused both options. The aim of Turks & Russians is to prevent a US-sponsored terrorist state inside Syria. Peaceful Kurds in Syria are OK for Erdogan, just like the Northern Iraqi Kurdish administration rules by Barzani. In fact both Barzani & Erdogan supports ENKS in Syria, those are the peaceful Kurds as they are not puppets of the US.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

But the KNC/ENKS is a member of the Syrian Democratic Council [SDC] which means they’re already puppets of the US backed US autonomous Government, and yet they still have pro Turkish sentiments, I think that makes them puppets for both the US and Turkey, just like the Syrian national Council [SNC] is. And most Kurds don’t like the KNC/ENKS because they support the Turkish backed moderate opposition [SNA+FSA] who attack both the Kurds and the Syrian Government, so these peaceful Kurds as you just called them, actually support the headchoppers in the Turkish supported opposition, and also belong to the US backed autonomous Government as well, so that’s like having a foot in both doors isn’t it. And good luck to Erdogan if he wants the KNC/ENKS and Iran to sit down and negotiate anything at all, they’re just as likely to blow each other up at any meetings that he arranges.

Jens Holm

USA from day one has denied Kurds as well as FSAs a state.

The rest is mainly lie and crap too and highly infected.


Ali jan the time has come to seriously fuck these mongols up……Use these kords against them. Iran has been too nice so far. No more leniency for NATO jihadi proxies.


Not Turkish attack, attacks by a bunch of incompetent fsa militants.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Syrian Democratic Council [SDF] and their military arm the Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF] recently agreed to a power sharing deal with the Syrian National Council [SNC], so why is Erdogan still unhappy with the Kurds when he’s already getting a foot in the door with that deal. The SNC is a front for Turkish interests in Syria and a member of the Turkish backed Syrian Interim [SIG] Government, but the SNC is also a member of the US backed autonomous region at the same time as being a member of the SIG, so they have a foot in both doors, one with the Turks and with the US. So in other words Turkey has it’s own opposition Government operating in western Syria called the SIG, of which the SNC is a member party, but the SNC is also a member of the US supported SDC, which means Erdogan completely controls one opposition Government in Syria, and also has a strong voice in the US supported autonomous Government [how can one party belong to 2 separate governments?], and yet Erdogan’s still not happy with that and wants more. F–K resolution 2254, it’s the reason the SNC can have a foot in both doors, but why are they allowed to have a foot in both doors, that’s what we have to ask ourselves, why do the Turkish backed SIG and the US backed Autonomous zone need a link between them, there’s only one reason. I’ve just been reading the latest news and it looks like the next election is safe, Assad’s outmaneuvered the opposition and now they’ll have to wait until the election after the next to get what they want. Great job president Assad, and great work from the small table committee members who supported Assad, you are the real Syrian patriots, you may not be fighting with guns but you’re fighting the toughest battle of all, stay strong for the people of Syria, keep fighting and don’t give in, F–k resolution 2254 and all it’s proponents, ALL of them.

Jens Holm

Assad has outmonauvred nothing. You must be barking mad in this. I hope its not all over. There is no legal opposition apart from Jihadists, SDFs and more then 5 million outside the country probatly supporting none.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just like most people who make comments on SF you too have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. For a start the Jihadist aren’t the opposition, they’re the terrorists, and Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, and the US all call them terrorists, the only groups they accept as legal opposition forces are the Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government factions, the SNA, the FSA, the SLF, and to a certain extent the NFL. And even though they do have Jihadist in their ranks, no one but us readers/viewers considers them to be Jihadist factions, most world governments actually support them diplomatically, that includes both Russia and Iran who also fight them on the battlefield, but strangely on the political stage they actually support them, F-cken idiots they are. And I’m surprised that you being a Muslim and also a anti Assad proponent as well, aren’t up to date with all the latest opposition news, so why don’t you go check what the people you actually support say about the progress of resolution 2254, and also find out who they blame for the stalling of the process, then come back and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. They say there’s absolutely no chance they’ll be able to rewrite the constitution and incorporate it into the political process in time for the next scheduled election, so now they’re saying they’ll have to wait until the election after the next, and they should know what they’re talking about. And since you support them you should actually believe what they say, even if you don’t believe me. Barking mad, LOL, you need to read some of your own comments Jens.


He ain’t no muzlim, he’s a shyster.


After reading your previous comments I conclude now, that you’re representing the dumbest of the united league of the village idiots


It was the failure of Erdogans mum when she gave birth to him


Wo is funding ISIS in the Eastern desert, if its the US why would they attack the US?


the CIA perhaps????? only asking


The Great Heroes of the New Ottoman Empire merely having Deferred Success. Please trust one of our world’s greatest of armies, the Tranny Horde of Mighty-Slimy Worm Sultan Erdogander!

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