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Turkish Artillery Supports Militants’ Counter-Attack In Idlib: Reports

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On February 6 afternoon, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies launched a large-scale counter-attack in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

Opposition activists said that the Turkish artillery is supporting the offensive, which is targeting the towns of Dadik and Nayrab to the northwest of Saraqib city. These claims have not been confirmed, so far.

During the attack, two suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) by HTS targeted positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Daik and Nayrab.

Turkish Artillery Supports Militants' Counter-Attack In Idlib: Reports

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HTS’s Turkish-backed allies claimed that they have “recaptured” the town of Tell Karrathin from the army. However, pro-government and even opposition sources said that the town was never captured by the army in the first place.

The SAA is now clashing with the militants in Dadik and Nayrab. Syrian and Russian warplanes are providing the army with close air support too.

The offensive reflects the desperation of HTS and its allies. Earlier today, the SAA liberated Saraqib in a major blow to the terrorist groups.

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Maybe its time the SAA enters one of the Turkish ‘holiday resorts’ on its territory and gives the guests there a one way ticket to Damascus and parade them on TV? As a reminder that while they are guests, ‘accidents’ might happen if the Turkish military interferes?



Mustafa Mehmet

Off course takis will agree we all know why… time to liberate Western Terrace to


hahahahah cry more


The sources of the artillery fire should be identified and destroyed. Combined Russian and Syrian airstrikes and keep the turko-jihadist guessing which plane was it that killed them.


Counter offensives are to be expected, the Qaeda just lost a chunk of real estate they thought they had “in the bank”. Guessing that aside from these two small towns, there is not much on the way to Aleppo. This will significantly reduce the line of contact.

northerntruthseeker .

Ronald.. Ronald.. Ronald… Do you not even know by now that “al-Qaeda” is a massive fraud and is nothing more than US CIA/Israeli Mossad paid for operatives? Always was, and always will be…

But anyways… The fact that Turkey is now blatantly and deliberately targeting Syrian forces ON SYRIAN TERRITORY, means that Turkey is now a belligerent and a full fledged invader of sovereign Syrian territory… Therefore under every rule of war and international law they can be targeted for their insurrection!


Al Qaeda, “the base”.
Of course I agree, although maybe more a US/UK fraud, with Israel involved.
Muslim Brotherhood jihadists, or Muslim Brotherhood Turkish troops are indeed invaders. Asauna only gives Turkey temporary cover, but as you say not when they directly attack Syrian troops.
Because Qaeda thought they had it “in the Bank”, does not mean I thought so.
“Every Inch will be liberated”, from the Lion of Damascus.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)


Russia will lose face politically if they allow Turkey to simply help terrorists take back a town that Russian servicemen died helping to liberate. Cant let them just get away with this stuff

Tim Williams

7 Turkey observation points now completely surrounded and enveloped by SAA forces.

As fast as they put them up, the SAA over runs them.

On a bright side, SAA forces moving northwest on the M 5 towards Allepo to clear out all the trash now … SAA will soon have 100% control of the entire highway in Syria.

John Wallace

This is all starting to look messy. If it was Turkish artillary that is a direct confrontation that can escalate very quickly. More direct Turkish involvement with Israeli air attacks as they please , continual meetings of US forces in north eastern Syria with either Syrian or Russian patrols where one must turn around .Where one mistep or preplanned action by one side can end up shooting at each other. Light the match and who knows whence the fire goes. Peace in Syria this year is looking more and more like forlorn hope. Too many cooks stirring the broth waiting for or making it boil over . The lust for blood is never satiated in those that ensure they are far from getting touched by it.

Tim Williams

Their will be no peace until the rats are permanently snuffed out.

Turkey has been looking for NATO allies to help him, no thanks to all his calls. Turkey is on their own and will pay a heavy price now as PUTIN is taking the gloves on any action Turkey takes in IDLIB. The NATO charter does not apply, as TURKEY invaded Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

NATO will if Russia attacks Turkey in Syria, only Syria can legally do it according to NATO charter, the Russians can’t help defend their ally if it means attacking Turkey, it’s not fair but that’s how it’ll work.
Pretty soon Putin’s forces will be outnumbered and outgunned by the Turks, the Turks are shipping in men and equipment as quickly as they can now, so sadly I suspect that will add some serious considerations as to how the Russians respond to Turkish aggression against Assad, or themselves.

Tim Williams

no – Turkey invaded ..NATO article 5 does not apply ..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I used to quote the same article but I’m afraid it’s not so black and white now, I don’t think anyone wants to help Erdogan if they aren’t obliged to, In my comments recently I’ve also pointed out the numerous times that NATO, the US and the EU have all refused to help Erdogan get out of this mess he’s created, but if it comes to an all out confrontation between Turkey and Russia [I hope it doesn’t], I’m pretty sure NATO, the US and EU will all come out on Turkey’s side, and that’s despite the fact they don’t really want to.
We may be finding out either way soon enough, things are escalating very quickly now.

Tim Williams

Photos of Syrian crews fixing parts of the M 5 highway that was damaged


Meanwhile SAA has pushed 3 kilometers northeast from SARAQIB after Russian forces dropped and used over 100 thermobaric bombs and rockets on the HTS rats over a 2 hour period. Several hundred rats are laid waste as well as their equipment. Russian choppers in the air firing on anything that moves in the battle area. SAA now on the fringe of Ash Shayk Ahmad.

Tim Williams

SAA inside SARAQIB … photos



Sultan killed in the open.


Well, there’s a good chance that they’ll frag their own allies. I doubt that they have co-ordinated intel on the level that Syria / Russia currently have.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks have been sheeling SAA positions in Idlib for 3 days running, and they’re doing it from their positions at the OB posts, It’s been all over the news.
And the Turks are bombing Tall Rif at with constant artillery strikes, that’s the area the Russians directly control with the Kurds, there are no SAA there just Russians.


Note that it takes a guest vote to downvote one now. The Hasbara Trolls aren’t even trying anymore

James Kira

Desperate is when air support kills your own allies or God(swt) forbid Civilians, just like the kikes do.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Turkish artillery already stationed in Idlib are now supporting terrorist offensives, and guess what, more and more are arriving every hour, many hundred of vehicles have already been recently deployed with many hundreds if not thousands more to come.
If any of you were in any doubt as to just how serious the threat of a Turkish Syrian war was you shouldn’t be anymore, Erdogan the man who’s only bluffed once during the past 2 years is raising the stakes again, and he’s raising them to such extreme levels that it’ll mean it’s either a make or break situation for both of the 2 parties.
The only thing that will save Assad now is a Russian intervention, a full intervention will allow Assad to continue but a partial intervention will cause another stalemate, but then again there’s also the possibility of a minimal intervention, which could possibly mean a reversion of recent SAA territorial gains, so anything’s possible now.
What will the Russians do when it’s crunch time, I know what I want Putin to do but I’m not sure if he will or not, he seems to be fed up with Erdogan’s BS and not too interested in compromise atm, but I suspect that stance may change after Erdogan’s fully deployed his troops and the Russians are outnumbered and outgunned.

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