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MAY 2021

Turkish Artillery Shells Syrian Army Position In Northern Raqqa, Kills Several Soldiers

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On December 29 afternoon, the Turkish military shelled a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the town of Bir Issa in the northern Raqqa countryside.

According to Hawar News Agency (ANHA), the army sustained serious losses as a result of the artillery strike. Several service members were killed or injured and three military vehicles were destroyed.

Turkish Artillery Shells Syrian Army Position In Northern Raqqa, Kills Several Soldiers

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

The Ministry of Defense of Syria has not commented on the incident, so far. The army didn’t carry out any attacks on Turkish troops prior to the shelling.

From its side, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that its fighters had destroyed a Turkish armored vehicle, killing three soldiers who were aboard it in response to the repeated Turkish shelling on northern Raqqa.

This artillery strike will likely lead to more tension between Turkey and Syria. Earlier this month, the SAA besieged a Turkish military post in southeast Idlib. Two other posts in the same region are about to meet the same fate.

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  1. Leon says:

    Thank you Mr. Putin to allow this to happen by your friend Erdogan!!

    1. klove and light says:

      both controlled by their Zionist satanic masters

      1. Mike says:

        Oh shut the fuck up, where you posting while they have been rolling in Idlib recently, your such a contrived BS excuse of poster. You are an Israeli disinfo troll through and through , you stupid phony.

    2. Dawn says:

      Putin is not a world president.. not yet at least :) He saved Syria state, Assad and Syrian peoples from Libyan fate – not enough for you?

    3. Z.P. says:

      Erdogan is actually your (french) NATO “friend”.
      And he only tries to “repair” the situation where France and other NATO scum failed in destruction of Syria…
      Why don’t you thank your president Macron for starting all this in the first place?
      Without Russia
      Syria would be destroyed long time ago.
      ALL your comments are anti – Russian you filthy NATO twat !
      Like you did anything in your lousy life but blabbing your filthy mouth to attack ONLY COUNTRY that permits existence of Syria !
      While your French bastards can’t wait to put their filthy hands on Syrian and Libyan oil !

      In short:
      ta gueule conard !

  2. Xoli Xoli says:

    Just attack surrounded Turkeys terrorists observation post and kill as many as possible from Turkey intruders.

    1. Dawn says:

      Muricans and Israelis wet dream.. Thats what you want?

      1. Z.P. says:

        Yes. That is exactly what he wants.
        NATO “Article 5”.
        WW3 and global annihilation to start, while he watches all that on his TV.
        That’s at least how he thinks things will happen…

        1. Xoli Xoli says:

          Let me tell you illegal born rape child in war zone. Russia and allies have weapons which can take USA nuclear missiles. Besides that nuclear war will not end this world.Only God of heaven and earth will end this world.

          1. Z.P. says:

            First I thought of you as anti-Russian bot.
            But you are too stupid even to be a bot !
            You are total moron no doubt about that !

          2. Xoli Xoli says:

            Dont criticize me I am not your husband bitch.

          3. Dawn says:

            ffs.. i hope you will not come to any managing position anywhere.. ever..

          4. Z.P. says:

            He is not capable to take care about two dead sheep.
            Because he would in process most certainly lose one somewhere…

          5. Xoli Xoli says:

            Face me dont beat behind the Bush like ISIS wife.

          6. Dawn says:

            Well.. if you are not paid troll, than you are overwhelmed by emotions and you are not using your head and critical thinking to correctly asses the situation.. You need to stop that – if you are dominated by emotions instead of reason – you are not doing favor to anyone.. Including Syrian state and yourself..

          7. Xoli Xoli says:

            Yes I cant think properly because Israel and American wet dream as you said are scaring me.

          8. Dawn says:

            Than you should understand – if Syria wants to be free of the terrorists scum and Turkey and US soldiers – it will cost them a lot of time and a lot of blood still! There is no shortcut around that! And so far, Russia and Putin have done more towards this objectives with the politics – then they did with guns! Nor Syria, nor Russia can afford (if they want to achieve the objective) open war with any of the states involved – be it Turkey, Israel, USA…

          9. Xoli Xoli says:

            Thank you now you talking the truth.what I was emphasizing on is we should never demoralize a service member with nuclear war threat.Your point is clear we should never give reason to cause another front with any opposition competitors involved in this war.Thanks for more clarity.

          10. Dawn says:


            You should never give your enemy symmetric response he want and expect – that would be working on his own interests.. Instead use reason and hit him where he is not expecting it, where it will pains him and where it will benefit yourself – asymmetric response… Putin has a black belt in asymmetric response art :) Yet even he has to maneuver in Syria and deal with all the sides involved..

          11. Xoli Xoli says:

            Syria is sovereign country run by elected legitimate government which is also signatory to the United Nations.Syria force can’t give in to all demands Syrian force cant allow to kill like dogs every day by everyone involved.

            Yes Russia did a lot. But Putin as a representatives of superpower state should be firm and stop making deals with none superpower states.As a legally invited state Russia as Veto power can stop Israel attacks on Syria and expel Turkey. Which were brought in by Russia in Syria according to Sochi agreement.

          12. Z.P. says:

            Russia is not United Nations to forbid Israel or Turkey anything.
            “Russia as Veto power”?!?
            And what the hell is “Veto power”?!?
            To stop Israel how?
            By starting a war against Israel ?
            War just to prevent them from hitting Iranian base in Syria?!
            Why would Russia fight war for Iran or even Syria only to protect them?
            Russia is not baby sitter you idiot !
            Countries that can’t defend themselves at all should not exist .
            Why is in Russian interest to start the war against NATO by attacking Turkey for any Syrian motive?!
            You are total idiot deprived from any common sense!
            Russia is not in alliance with Syria.
            Russia is only invited to kill terrorists not to declare wars to the countries!
            You are typical anti-Russian troll !

          13. Xoli Xoli says:

            I dont know wete you have been all the time.Your ideology of thinking thinks may go according to your stupid reasoning is totally lost.People of this world knows and everybody knows that world order has been set out to challenge the great just to cause reduces world population by USANATO. Wither you like it or not Russia is a veto power and can call a UN Security Council to address any threat or recklessness by any state on this world.WW 3 will also occur wither you like it or not as been foretold by God himself through his prophets.
            Instead of defending your mother land you small boys like you runs away to foreign countries to hijack lawful residence and citizens right and privileges. Sitting behind keyboard and spread fake and corrupt news.Putin is not Russian but a commander in chief of Russian forces and he has the ultimate say and right of sufficient constraint and suppression of any recklessness by any non proliferation member like Israel.

            Putin withdrew Russian forces many times from Syria and has made back door agreements with none invitees who invaded Syria like USANATO and Turkey. Putin called on Turkey and Hisbollah to withdraw 40 kilometers from Israel border but never force Israel to stop cross border incursion.Classified leak information from Obama Administration says USA requested Russia to avoid closing Syrian airspace and rather use this as and opportunity to test their weapons.

            Arrest your mother if she steals don’t side with her traitor.

          14. Z.P. says:

            You sound like conspiracy lunatic out of touch with the reality completely, on drugs or troll.

          15. Xoli Xoli says:

            You are the best fake news leader.

          16. Dawn says:

            Maybe you haven’t noticed, but international law is upheld only in cases, that it is supported by power of arms (own or foreign).. That is how today world works.. So that Syria is part of UN is not sufficient by it self..

            Russia is superpower – but in her own borders and in nuclear strike capability .. She is nowhere near capable to project power in the way USA can.. If there would be limited conflict (without using of atomic weapons) in Syria with Turkey, Israel and USA – Russia would loose very quickly. It is a simple matter of logistic and supply lines – she would be simply overran.. So this kind of gamble (be firm) would not work… Veto – since no one invited Turkey, USA or Israel to Syria, there is nothing to use veto on..

          17. Z.P. says:

            Spot on!
            This is objective down to earth truth!

            “Russia would loose very quickly” or even if Russia would send many troops there.
            Surrounding countries of the region and NATO would take care about building and feeding Russian enemies and bleeding Russia dry in long conflict. That would exhaust her economy and make Russia sustain big losses for small results if any results at all.

            The idea is always the same. To do the same to Russia what they did to USSR in Afghanistan.
            But these simple minded anti-Russia idiots simply can’t grasp that.

          18. Xoli Xoli says:

            International law exist but are only suppress buy tipe of people like you.Who betray own brothers because of national interest. Make no mistake Russia has more capability both in conventional and nuclear war then Russia. But Putins way of wannabe best friend of Trump and Erdogan infringe Russian forces self determination and defence.

          19. FlorianGeyer says:

            He might manage a sponge in a carwash.

            With help.

      2. Xoli Xoli says:

        Ok let us allow Turkey,Israel and USA troops to kill Syrian troops like their want. Because we want to avoid ww3 and article 5 of NATO.

        1. Z.P. says:

          Who the fuck are you to ” allow” or forbid anything?!!?
          Who the hell is stooping you to go over there to Syria and take EK-47 and make real contribution instead talking nonsense and anti-Russian propaganda all day long?!
          You are effing BIG MOUTHED NOBODY!
          Good only in doing nothing and criticizing without even using single brain cell (if you have one at all)

          1. Xoli Xoli says:

            I am scared of you and article 5.If i shoot one USA soldier ww3 nuclear war will start Zip&Pee.

        2. Dawn says:

          They where killing Syrian troops as they wanted – before Russia intervened.. Check and compare maps from 2016 and from today..

          1. Z.P. says:

            It is even better to compare maps
            before Russians came in 2015.

          2. Dawn says:

            true.. was not sure about exact years..

  3. Dawn says:

    These attacks on Putin are getting rather obvious.. Western propaganda (and paid trolls consequently) goes always for either “Putin is, bad, bad” or “Putin is not good enough” narratives… Which essentially are the same thing.. But facts is there for everyone to see – open the map of Syrian state forces land control in 2016 and compare with map from today.. Non of the anti Putin simpletons could do what he has done in the last 6 years – level of management he pulled up is completely out of their imagination..

    1. Z.P. says:

      Putin a “Turk and Jew agent”.
      It is obvious why Putin and Russia are targets.
      Without them Syria would go back to the terrorists again.
      So they are main target.
      Majority of these low IQ people are just echo chamber, a useful idiots who spread, well prepared propaganda meme. They are thinking that like that, they look strong and intelligent.
      They want approval of people and majority is not very bright so the meme finds fertile ground often.

    2. World_Eye says:

      Putin never return fire back, that is his agenda. How many Jets were downed in Syria and nothing, the Su-24 from the Turks, the IL-20 from the Zionists nothing. Putin is on the defense bench, either his doesn’t know how to play the offensive one, or he is afraid. Just imagine for example the Neocons or the Zionists, just for one drone will eat you alive. And I personally don’t know how much soldiers Russia needs to lose just to respond.

      1. Z.P. says:

        “IL-20 from the Zionists”
        return fire back WHERE?
        Bomb SAA air defenses?
        It is not even 100% that it was them !
        ” Su-24 from the Turks,”
        there was US-Saudi AWACS who gave instructions to F-16
        Russia has found out only later that was US hand involved so return fire back WHERE?

        1. Redadmiral says:

          Z.P. I would really appreciate a link to above info re Turkic village, if you have one. Have seen info posted regarding the above but have never been able to locate it myself after numerous attempts.

          1. Z.P. says:

            Sorry my friend.. It was practically not long after the killing of that pilot that I have red that.
            And as you know that is quite long time ago.
            And I am not very young any more, so I forget things…
            I don’t remember even where I have red that any longer.
            It was short article and I think it was SU-34 doing job, but even that I am not sure.
            Whole grope of pro-Turk “moderate rebels” their base was destroyed including near bay village. Probably GPS-GLONASS designated by Russian special ops commando to the bombers.
            The words were not like that formulated either
            but that is the best reconstruction of the short article that I can give now.
            Their leader who happened to be Turk citizen somehow was lucky to escape.
            Why and how no idea.
            All I know about him is;
            He is the “Gray Wolves” Turk nationalist group member. He was arrested later on in Turkey and prosecuted by Turk court for the killing of the Russian pilot in cold blood. Have no clue about his sentence though.
            That is all.

      2. Dawn says:

        Yet he is winning.. Sun Tzu, art of war:

        “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

        1. Toni Liu says:

          Yes this right, its better than provoking all paranoid neighbour and make anything more bad, letting some of equipment destroyed and losing some personel better than a bigger war that make lose everything

      3. Rhodium 10 says:

        RUAF bombed a building in Al Bad north east Aleppo in 2016 and 4 Turkish officer were killed…it was by mistake….

      4. Wayne Nicholson says:

        Do you believe Russia entered the Syrian conflict with the intention of going to war with Turkey, the USA or Israel?

        Keeping your focus on YOUR objectives when others are doing everything in their power to keep your from achieving them is called discipline.

        “And I personally don’t know how much soldiers Russia needs to lose just to respond.”

        Why would Russia respond to a provocation that sidetracks them from their objective and could start a war that would kill many more Russians and even bring war to their families back home?

        The idea is to protect Russia first then win the war not start a bigger war.

        1. World_Eye says:

          Not to go in war against them but to respond eye for an eye. Its called discipline HELLO Russian Soldiers died a lot of them!!!!

          1. Wayne Nicholson says:

            “ts called discipline HELLO Russian Soldiers died a lot of them!!!!”

            Really? Where and when? You don’t go chucking bombs and bullets all over hells half acre without someone getting hurt. Russia reported 116 serviceman dead since hostilities began in 2015 and another 101 contractors. They don’t say how many Russian are in Syria. By contrast Canada had 326 industrial fatalities in 2017 alone.

          2. World_Eye says:

            Where in Syria idiot. The IL-20 Plane took lives of 20+ Russia Soldiers. That doesn’t count. The Jets 1x Su-24 = 2 pilots. 1x Su-25 in Idlib. The point is to minimize the lost of your soldiers, even if they kill one of your soldiers you will kill one of theirs.

          3. Wayne Nicholson says:

            The IL-20 was manned with 8 on that day as I recall but lets say 20 +2 +1 = 23 …. that’s still way under 116 Russia reported killed.

            “The point is to minimize the lost of your soldiers, even if they kill one of your soldiers you will kill one of theirs.”

            And I thought the point of a military operation was to meet their assigned objective now you tell me it’s revenge.

            So lets say Russia took revenge on the Israeli’s and starts tit-for -tat escalating engagements with the IDF. Does that get Russia any closer to achieving their objectives in Syria?

            At best it costs lives and money that is better spent killing the 20,000 or so Russian terrorists in Idlib that Russia wants dead. At worst it gets Russia into a very expensive war with Israel and maybe even the USA.

            So please explain to me the logic of revenge …. I mean besides the obvious dick wagging.

      5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Putin happily does deals with Erdogan, and then Erdogan gives the terrorists weapons and equipment, and then the terrorists use that Turkish equipment to attack Russian bases.
        Sadly that makes sense to some people, but I’ll bet it doesn’t to the Russian mothers of the soldiers who serve at those bases.

        1. Z.P. says:

          Every country “happily does deals with” other country specially in times of economic crisis like it is now.
          Russia is selling to the Turks not because they love the Turks but because they want Russia to be prosperous and powerful country.
          To be able to resist to the pressure of the West economically and militarily when the time comes.
          Simple minded one dimensional people who can not see the complexity of the situation are working for the enemies of Russia, thus enemies of Syria as well.
          Terrorists use all kinds of equipment to attack Russian bases including Israeli, US and EU military equipment.
          Should Russia start WW3 because of that?
          Even Serbia who is pro-Russian has sold some equipment to rich Arab countries that has ended up in the terrorist hands.
          But anything goes for you and your poisonous tongue. You will use anything as proof against Russia.

          Sadly that all this does not makes sense to the one sided people or outright enemies with hidden agenda like you.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            NO, you’re wrong, some countries sell their souls and others don’t, I’ll bet that Xi Jinping wouldn’t be cosying up to Erdogan, and if he did he’d be demanding Erdogan stop all support for the terrorists, and I’ll bet Erdogan would comply straight away.
            You’re logic would get you killed, and Putin’s logic is eventually going to get Russians killed.

          2. Z.P. says:

            China has just borrowed lots of money to Turkey despite Turk support to terrorists.
            That doesn’t mean they agree with everything Turks do.
            The only objective is to take Turkey out of NATO and make them support “Silk Road”
            and Turkey has all incentives to do just that.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You’re a total fool, China is investing in Turkey but it’s not investing in Erdogan’s political future as Putin is doing, China wins out no matter who wins the next Turkish election, Putin really only wins big if Erdogan retains power and none of the opposition parties get in, but absolutely everyone, Erdogan included, is predicting his party will lose power after the next election.
            China’s invested heavily in Syria too you know, and supported Assad’s fight against the Turkish proxies. Last year they even threatened to directly assist the SAAF with their own aircraft in the Idlib offensive, they said they’d take care of the Uighurs if there wasn’t something done about them. They didn’t intervene but that threat certainly calmed the situation down.
            If you think I’m spreading more BS when I say China backs Turkey not Erdogan I suggest you pump in and search for,
            ‘Erdogan criticises China for it’s treatment of the Uighur population’
            ‘China’s response to Erdogan’s criticisms of it’s treatment of Uighur population’
            That’s how well the Erdogan China relationship is working out, nowhere near as well as the China Turkey relationship is, there’s a big difference.
            So here’s the facts you misinterpret and use to promote your own agenda, but in reality are the complete opposite of what you imagine.
            China’s investments in Turkey aren’t designed to pull Turkey out of NATO, most of their dealings and plans are made with the Turkish political opposition who are wholeheartedly aligned to NATO and the US, and are in fact upset that Erdogan’s fracturing the US and NATO alliance. So I’ll say the opposite is the truth of what you just asserted, I’ll say that China is saying this to Turkey,
            “No we don’t want to pull you out of NATO and make trouble, we just want to make money and let everyone else make some too, no trouble from us, just good times.”
            But Putin on the other hand does exactly what you accuse the Chinese of doing, he’s invested heavily in co dependent industries,[especially military equipment] to help take up the slack after US and EU sanctions and embargoes hit Turkey. He offered huge tax incentives to Russian companies to produce high tech equipment Turkey was no longer allowed to procure from their usual sources, and he also opened up markets in Russia for Turkish Products and services, and he’s done an excellent job of pulling Erdogan away from the NATO alliance, a five star job, but he’s done nothing to secure his relationship with the people most likely to win power in Turkey after the next election.
            So when you say the Chinese are investing in Turkey in an attempt to split them away from NATO, in conjunction with their SR aspirations, I’m going to call you an idiot, you’re conflating what Putin’s been doing with what the Chinese are doing, When Erdogan loses power Russia loses a huge amount of influence in Turkey instantly, but China doesn’t, it retains exactly the same relationship with Turkey it had with Erdogan in power.
            China would love to see Russia pull Turkey out of NATO and into the SCO, but China isn’t stupid enough to antagonize and alienate anyone by doing it themselves, Putin’s standing in the firing line for that mission.

            “The only objective is to take Turkey out of NATO and make them support “Silk Road”

            Is it, LOL LOL LOL.

      6. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Turkey shot down the Russian jet just 3 weeks after Putin signed up to resolution 2254, Putin did Erdogan a really big favour signing on to that deal and that’s how Erdogan repaid his help.

        1. Z.P. says:

          Turkey was completely on opposite (NATO) side when that happened. It is know that US is the main organizer behind the downing of SU-24 to push Russia in war with Turkey.
          In the meantime Turkey has publicly apologized for incident and CIA has staged (failed) coup against Erdogan. So suddenly (since it was Russia who saved Erdogan from getting killed) Turks have switched side and get close to Russia and China.

          Situation has radically changed and it is visible to everybody except people like you (with hidden agenda)
          Your crocodile tears for Russian losses doesn’t trick anybody.
          Like you care about Russians more than they themselves?!
          You might be Mossad agent or simply delude idiot or something similar.
          I personally don’t care what is the truth about you is.
          Just shut the fuck up already with your bullshit!

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Do you follow real news or just propaganda, you have absolutely no idea about the circumstances behind that attack do you, no idea at all, otherwise you wouldn’t have made such a ridiculously incorrect assertion like, “US is the main organizer behind the downing of SU-24 to push Russia in war with Turkey.”
            Turkey had just signed a deal with Iran and Russia concerning future productive cooperation in Syria [resolution 2254, a shit deal for Assad], so why would they need to appease the US and start a war when they’d just swindled the Russians and Iranians into signing up to the deal. They’d already just did for the US what the US couldn’t do for themselves, so why would they need to start a war when they’d just gotten the very thing they’d all wanted.
            Your’e a blathering idiot buddy, anyone with any real knowledge of REAL events will be laughing at that ridiculous assertion,

            “It is know that US is the main organizer behind the downing of SU-24 to push Russia in war with Turkey.”

            You could say that for just about every other negative situation that’s occurred between Russian and Turkey in Syria and be correct, but that one incident alone is the one time you can’t say it, but you have, you’re way off the mark and show no understanding of what’s really going on, none whatsoever.

          2. Z.P. says:

            You do NOT read what I write.
            Also you distort my words than you talk actually with your self (not with me) in some imaginary argument that was created by you, for you only.
            I don’t care to make any comment on your rubbish !
            You are retard. End of story.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I read what you wrote and you’re a clueless idiot, you have no real knowledge of anything but happily criticise anyone who does have even a shred of knowledge.
            Erdogan blew the Russian jet out of the sky because it was attacking the Syrian rebels that Erdogan was directly supporting in Idlib, he was furious that Putin had continued the bombardment despite signing up to resolution 2254, and even more upset Putin was bombing his own pet terrorists near the border.
            And what’s this BS.
            “In the meantime Turkey has publicly apologized for incident.”
            I suppose that makes it ok then, Turkey purposely shoots down a Russian jet for no legitimate reason and saying sorry makes it ok. Do you know at the time many nations security chiefs were quizzed about the incident, members of the media asked them if confronted with exactly the same situation would they also shoot down the Russian jet as the Turks had done, not one of them said yes they would’ve, they all said they would’ve realized the Russian pilot had made only a small error and would have given him some leeway, but the Turks didn’t did they.
            And why is it after your last post to me you said you didn’t want to respond anymore, but then sent me 4 new long winded posts on 4 different subjects, and now you’ve sent me another 3, phew, that makes me really glad you don’t really want to talk to me, if you did I’d be in big trouble.
            You’re the real retard buddy, you know absolutely nothing, go back to reading your LGBTQI magazines if you want to live in a fantasy world, I don’t.

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          To assume turkey is acting in a homogenous matter, is sinking your argument.

          What is happenning here is there is there ia a power struggle in turkey, just like in russia, between the atlanticist and the euroasian imtegrationists.

          Thats whats really going down.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I’m not sure what your comment is saying, sorry.

          2. Concrete Mike says:

            All good dude.
            You and ZP are ignoring the fact that there are at least 2 factions at play in the turkish leadership, possibly 3.

            This.internal power struggle results in apparently incoherent actions, IF one assumes turkey is a homogenous entity.

            When one looks at turkey as a divided state where the.left hand dont know what the right hand is doing, everything will make more sense.

            If.one says turkey is half on nato and half on eurasian side, that position would be the closest approximation to the truth we can parse together today.

            This explains the concessions to Russia and the nato lapdog actions.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Sorry Mike but there’s only one strong faction in the AKP alliance and it’s Erdogan’s AKP party, it has 290 members and MHP has 49 and 1 in another party, so 340 out of 600 total.
            The alliance has decided to split after the next election but it’s in good health concerning foreign policy, domestically they do have issues though.
            But we weren’t talking about problems in the Government, we were talking about a change in government after the next election, that’s when the AKP alliance numbers go from 340 out of 600, to possibly and most likely way less than 290, and nearly all of the other 260 are pro US and NATO, which means even if the AKP manages to retain most of its 290 members [but they’ll be lucky to get 200], the people who will be forming a government will be overwhelmingly US and NATO aligned.
            Most Turks are decent people and don’t want war, Erdogan does though, I think the numbers I quoted for him will be even less by the time the election comes around.

    3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      Has he, are you sure you’re not just as bad as all those simple Americans and other Westerners who swallow their own sides propaganda without even a shred of scrutiny or doubt.
      And if you think for even one second that many members of Putin’s own government haven’t had many serious doubts and conflicting views on Putin’s management/”mismanagement” of the Syrian conflict, you have no idea how the Russian government works, or any other Nations.
      If Putin had stood back and let his military commanders and advisors do what they all said that they wanted to do, just after the conflict started, it would’ve ended as quickly as it started, but Putin said it was an internal conflict and the Syrians should solve it themselves, nearly 9 years later we’re still at war.
      Putin’s mismanagement of the military situation in Syria was the reason Isis invaded and took over so much Syrian territory in the first place, his mismanagement of the internal conflict [foreign inspired] allowed Isis into Syria, which subsequently allowed both the US and the Turks to legally intervene using Isis as an excuse, and now he’s trying to clean up the mess he himself made by not following his own militaries advice, you say that’s good management, but I say he’s just fixing up his old mistakes he shouldn’t have made in the first place.
      Putin was aware that Isis had successfully rampaged through Iraq next door, and he knew foreign powers were using Isis to cause mayhem, if he’s such a good manager why didn’t he put provisions in place to stop anything like that happening to Syria, I would’ve, wouldn’t you, afterall it is in Russia’s best interests to keep a seaport open in Syria.
      But I’ve forgiven him for those stupidities, he’s a politician not a military man, what I really find intolerable now is this, his continual pandering to Erdogan, who in most likelihood will lose power in 3 years time, I think he’s making a big mistake backing Erdogan in a race he knows he’s probably going to lose in 3 years time, what I’d call more mismanagement.
      So don’t assume I’m a Putin detracter, I actually admire just about every other single thing he’s done outside of Syria, but when it comes to his management of the military and political situation in Syria, I think he should be taken out the back and slapped over and over and over again, he’s no military genius at all, more like autistic retard.
      For example this story on SF today,

      “A ground attack in western Aleppo could push HTS and its allies to the brink of complete collapse. The terrorist groups have already sustained heavy losses in southeast Idlib without making any achievements what so ever.”

      If Putin doesn’t resume military operations today or tomorrow I’ll again criticise him for mismanagement and obvious pandering to Erdogan, for the second time in a couple of months but you’ll try and tell me I’m just a Putin detracter, when in reality I’m just calling out what I think is BAD MANAGEMENT.

      I could be a high ranking member of the Russian government or military and you wouldn’t know it [I’m not], so exactly what upsets you about me criticizing Putin’s actions, do you think we all have to agree with every single little thing he does or says, I agree with the vast majority of things he does, surely I don’t have to agree with every damned thing or risk being condemned for being a paid for troll.

      1. Z.P. says:

        And what makes you think that you have clue what are you talking about?
        You talk about things you can not possibly know anything about, like you know them in every detail.

        You are talking like you are in the inner circle of power around the Putin.
        And you know how everybody thinks just to get to the Putin and attack him.

        And not only that you know everything about Russia top secrets but you pretend also to be the best geo strategist who has right answer to everything.

        “I could be a high ranking member of the Russian government or military and you wouldn’t know it [I’m not]”
        You sound really like deluded egocentric idiot, a megalomaniac with hidden anti-Putin agenda.

        No normal person ever is saying that Putin and Russians don’t do any mistakes.
        Everybody does mistakes.
        While Putin among everybody else has the best track record in what he did for Russia, comparing to all other leaders in the world and what they did for their countries.
        So normally that is good enough recommendation to make him confidence that he knows what is he doing.

        1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

          My knowledge of the Syrian conflict dwarfs yours one thousand fold, you only barrack for a team so only follow propaganda, I barrack for all the good plays, no matter which side makes them, and call out the fouls on both sides, you don’t, you’re just one eyed.

          “You are talking like you are in the inner circle of power around the Putin.”

          Is that because I follow what other government ministers like Lavrov say in official government statements, you obviously don’t so have no idea what’s going on.
          For 6 months this year Putin alone was saying we need to find a political solution to the problem in Idlib, but every other member of his government was saying we need to eradicate the terrorist completely.
          Lavrov just recently admitted the SDF was right on the brink of accepting Assad’s demands to reconcile, he said that due to the US withdrawal from Syria, the SDF were right on the brink of reconciliation agreement with Assad, but also added that the latest Turkish incursion had stopped it from happening. Did you read that very interesting comment, I reposted it on SF for everyone else to read and linked the official Russian government website it came from.
          Your reasoning is just because Putin’s overwhelmingly done good things [I agree], it means that I shouldn’t be allowed to criticise the bad things I think he does, I disagree wholeheartedly.
          You continue praising him for everything he does if you want to, but I’ll just keep praising him ONLY when he deserves it, and criticising him when I think he needs to be.
          So if you think that makes me a “deluded egocentric idiot with a megalomaniac hidden anti-Putin agenda”, you deserve to live under a dictatorship.
          I’m starting to wonder if you’re getting a paycheck for your dozens of biblical sized responses to my biblical sized posts, I suspect Erdogan’s had a lot of his boys working overtime on SF but I don’t think you work for him, but I am starting to suspect you work for someone else.
          So if you want to criticise me for criticising Putin’s actions, objectives, and intentions in Syria, I’ll go to war with you, I’ll match my IQ against yours, I saw your comment about peoples IQ’s and laughed, why didn’t you just say, “if anyone criticises my hero they’re really dumb”, LOL. I’ll show you just how dumb I am, I’m super critical of just about everything Putin’s done in Syria, so I’ll give you a run for your money if you want to defend his actions and criticise my criticisms of them.

  4. World_Eye says:

    OMFG so stupid, how stupid this Assad is, the ottomans are killing you from your positions from with in your country, what the fuck are you waiting for, you lost 10 soldiers WTF just get the mortars and pound the fucking turkish observation post in Southern Idlib by now the SAA has besieged 2 of them. Well the stupid will never learn.

    1. Z.P. says:

      How about them respecting the rules applied on the front line?

      There are plenty of videos with SAA soldiers on the roof tops sitting and relaxing, or keeping their trucks, vehicles in the open till they get TOW missile up their ass!
      That can happen once, twice but if happens 3 or more times than there is serious problem of discipline and even basic intelligence.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      You really are a complete cretin,Word_eye.


  5. Mike says:

    This is distraction attack designed to take the focus away from Russia and Syria’s main task of finishing Idlib, These provocations whether from the Turk’s, the U.S. and Israel always seem to pop up, when ever the campaign to further defeat and expel the jihadi mercenaries begins. Best thing to do is keep focused on ending this campaign in Idlib and effectively finishing the main opposition to the Syrian nation. Then when its over, its the time to get rid of the Turk’s and the Yanks from their soil.

    1. You can call me Al says:

      Bravo Mike, well stated.

    2. Rodger says:

      Great job by the Turks of re-uniting the Syrian Kurds and the rest of the Syrians.
      I’m sure the Syrians are smart enough to not take the bait.

    3. Icarus Tanović says:

      Very well said, friend. Idlib first and then the rest.

    4. Z.P. says:

      Excellent comment.
      And if I may add that true “main opposition to the Syrian nation” are not terrorists now, but those who started all and who were directly supporting all and still are supporting.
      In other words when U.S. are expelled.
      Syria will be truly free and reinvigorated.
      The terrorist rats would run away by themselves.
      And Israel will be next on the list after that.

  6. John says:

    I agree strongly with Mike. Getting rid of the takfiris in Idlib is putting a knife into the guts of occidental plans. In comparison to these little farts here and there by the West, that is what matters. Once Idlib is conquered, then everything changes. Look at what is going on in NE Syria. Bit by bit the US is being pushed out. It’s a long slow death for the West’s grip on Syria and for my taste, it has to be viewed that way. In the meantime, Turkey is having it’s boyz ground up in Libya. It is a complex and very large playing field. I wish a good day to all.

    1. Redadmiral says:

      John, it might be that this is the Sultan’s way of getting rid of his Turkic militia and proxies. Think he is clearing his rats out of Idlib and NE Syria. They made him $billions from Syrian oil, now he is covering his tracks.

  7. Davki says:

    Clearly, the SAA didn’t reckon with Turkey’s artillery, the “queen of the battlefield”:

  8. John Mason says:

    Is it a coincidence that the US attacked Iranian supported militia in Iraq and Syria and simultaneously Turkey attacks Syrian army? Strong suspicion that the US and Turkey are working together and the animosity between the two is purely propaganda.

  9. Fog of War says:

    I support Syria and Russia’s actions, but in a way this is their fault as the SDF is still attacking Turkish forces and then hiding behind the SAA. Why hasn’t Syria / Russia forced the SDF to disband and be absorbed by into the SAA ? Why are they still allowed to attack into the Russian agreed de-confliction zone ? I would tell the SDF to get the hell away from the contact line and disband immediately, as they are playing a duplicitous game. Dont trust the Turds.

    1. Z.P. says:

      And US support of SDF?
      How SAA & Russia can force SDF in doing anything but by using military force?
      SDF will cheat just like Turks if there are no boots on the ground to observe them.
      And I imagine that it is difficult to cover all that territory 100% all the time for SAA & Russians.
      SDF is “allowed” to do things, if there is nobody around to prevent them from doing it.

      Assad must keep negotiation option with ‘Turds’ open as alternative.
      If they start open conflict against them that is “good bye” to negotiations and one enemy plus!
      And there are already plenty of enemies as it is.

      1. You can call me Al says:

        You are both correct, however mad that may sound.

      2. Fog of War says:

        Fair points, so lets extrapolate on them further.

        1)The Turds are not negotiating in good faith, all they want is for Syria to publicly agree to a defacto independent Turdish state in NE Syria, with its own army, civil administration, and control of resources. This is not negotiation.

        2) Yes, the US protects the Turds and would probably react with force if they are attacked. However, they will also do that in the future. Therefore, whats Syria’s recourse anyhow ? In fact, the ZioAmericans are currently building a huge base in the oil field area it occupies. They’re not going anywhere and the Turds know it.

        3) Russia promised Turkey they would clear the Turds out of the areas near the
        de-confliction zone. Why make a promise they know cant keep ? Russia should make clear that if anymore SDF attacks occur, Russia will take out the perpetrators thus shielding Syria from US attack. Do you think the ZioAmericans would retaliate against the Russians ? If so, then war is going to happen anyway.

        1. Z.P. says:

          1) They have softened little bit since US retreat from the region. Basically they want now a confederation to “negotiate”. So that they can get their country and the help from SAA against other Turk(Turds) for free.
          If in Assad’s place I would kick them all out of Syria once Syria is liberated.

          2)I don’t agree that “huge base” means anything in the terms of “going anywhere”.
          The US presence in the region depends on many factors including economic situation at home and development of the situation in Syria. Once Syria free from terrorist Russia and China will start diplomatic efforts (in UN) to kick US out of Syria.
          Syria is still UN member and sovereign country at least on the paper. Plenty of countries will not support U.S. illegal occupation and robbery of oil. We will see the results.
          3) There are nice wishes and there is reality after that. Russians probably jumped on conclusion that Turds will understand that Russian role there is to protect the Turd population.They were expecting Turd support.
          They were wrong in their estimate.
          Turks have made the same kind of promises in Idlib.
          “Russia will take out the perpetrators thus shielding Syria”
          No Russia will NOT do such thing. Russia will not baby sit, protect any army including SAA.

          That is exactly what US & NATO hope that Russia keeps sending in more troops. So that they can create new Afghanistan for them.
          It is the time that SAA starts to act like true army with discipline.
          If some soldiers in SAA have forgot already
          in Syria is war and they MUST take ALL the PRECAUTIONS at all times and try not to get killed when every small incident ocurres!
          No Russia is not baby sitter for SAA.

  10. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    hit them BACK and FUCK torkis up!!!!

    1. Rodger says:

      And then what? That’s just what they want.

    2. PZIVJ says:

      NSA and Turks should pay for this cowardly attack on SAA!
      “The Syrian regime forces are shelling the headquarters of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the village of Fars, west of Gire Spi/Til Abyad city, according to reporters from the region.”

    3. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      try you mother f… er

  11. Icarus Tanović says:

    Erdogan regime forces will be in deep trouble veeery soon.

  12. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    “Earlier this month, the SAA besieged a Turkish military post in southeast Idlib. Two other posts in the same region are about to meet the same fate.”

    Does SF know something we don’t know, I hope they do, I’d love 2 other Turkish OB posts to meet the same fate as the other one did, and then the other 9 as well next.

  13. Vahlsing says:

    Iraq will force U.S. to leave.
    Jordan will force U.S. to leave
    Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies will force the U.S. to leave.


    …bring home our military equipment too.


    Second Day – warships taking part in the joint naval drills of Iran, Russia, and China in the Sea of Oman and north of Indian Ocean.

    China’s Xi jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin cooking;
    together they can cook up WWIII !!!
    U.S. has more enemies than friends !!!
    Putin and Xi make pancakes
    https://youtu.be/r5qZoT6bbJo via @YouTube

  14. Azriel Herskowitz says:

    Butcher regime now getting beat by the Turks. This is just embarrassing. First, getting their offensive halted in Idlib and now getting shelled by the Turks. The butcher regime is falling apart.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      Jacob up votes himself again. How pathetic.
      Tigers resting during the holidays and bad weather.
      After that, watch out for your Jihadist scumbags. You antisemite. :)

      1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        Plenty of them in India and Africa

    2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      The SAA hasn’t taken a breath yet and operations are still ongoing, if you haven’t noticed artillery barrages have replaced aerial attacks but the equations still the same, the SAA are winning and the Turks and proxies are losing, the Turkish border’s about to be flooded.
      What are you going to do when your boss starts operations in Libya, will you start working on the relevant forums on their behalf too, cheers Mustafa.

      1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        Not to worry about it. we can deal with both situation…your saa can’t even deal with mujahedin let alone Turkey

        1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

          Is that why Erdogan’s been begging the US, Russia, the EU, the UN and NATO for help, because he’s been handling the situation, LOL, even blackmailing NATO backfired terribly, LOL.
          My SAA as you call them, are about to send all those traitorous Turkmen, Islamic fanatics, and bloodthirsty foreign terrorists up to the Turkish border soon, when they come flooding across the border your boss will be swamped, lets see what happens then.

          1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            You worry to much. sort out mujahedin first than we talk. and I got no boss to tell me what to do

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          Dude HTS is getting its ass kicked constantly.

          TABARNAK stop supporting JABHAT AL NUSRAH. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!

          You cant help the takfiri crazies with the left hand amd cry about refugees with the right hand, one is caused by the other.

          Stay in your observation posts until the syrian civilians return to the area, they have the final say as its their land.

  15. Mehmet Aslanak says:

    Of course ministry of defense of Syria won’t comment. They wouldn’t comment about Kurdish Kommunist Party (PKK/YPG) guerilla wearing SAA uniforms. Marked to the endless fake news. Peaceful Kurdish parties coalition ENKS supported by Barzani is desperately needed to stop fake news.

  16. xTheWarrior22 says:

    Turkish actions in Syria help ISIS. Erdo stopped the Idlib offensive, so the army couldn’t liberate it and this helped isis cells to reorgnize and launch many attacks against the saa. Also many ex isis fighters were released and recruited in the tfsa held area. Plus erdo’s invasion in the ne forced the sdf to send many troops to the border, so many isis prisons were unguarded and isis members could flee and launch attacks against the sdf. Erdo=ISIS

    1. Z.P. says:

      Luckily we have U.S. to fight ISIS…
      I was very surprised that ISIS have never created
      “John McCain” martyr brigade in memory of one of their leaders.

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