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Turkish Army Withdrawing from Iraq

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Turkish Army Withdrawing from Iraq

The Turkish Army has reportedly withdrawn from the Bashiqa Military Camp in Iraq after the coup attempt in Turkey.

The Turkish military had used the Bashiqa Military Camp to train the allided units of Kurdish Peshmerga (Iraqi Kurdistan forces) and to conduct operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group.

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Wow, this is great news. Turkey retreating on every front. The Kurd’s need to take full advantage now. And attack Turkish positions inside of Kurdish areas inside of Turkey. Kurd’s need to make contact with pro-coup people inside of Turkey, and offer them their full assistance. Also, foreign advisers from multiple countries already work with Kurd’s, so these assists can also be turned and used as intelligence against Turkeys government as well.

Max North

To late. Plus these People who plotted to coup expected it to be blood less or very little. They are gonna go through with it if civilian blood has to run through the street. I believed they were being used or threatened from outside to stop. What a tangled Webb we weave, when we first practice to deceive.


just out of curiousty, which part of this is exactly great news for you? or what do you think Turkish army was doing there (killing Kurds everyday?), and that hearing them retreat is a great news ?

You have no f,,ing idea have you? Well , this is usually what happens when you talk out of your arse instead of your mouth, using someone else’s ideas and brains instead of using your own,

I won;’t be humble, we Turkish people brought peace, humanity, care and love whereever we go or settle a civilization (lcheck out some history)

We did NOT bring “democracy”, or “freedom” to some countries in return for their oils or other underground or overground mines to sell weapons and to kill thousands of innocent people.

If you want to have a clear idea, just compare what Turkish people brought , and what other western countries brought to these middle east countries,,,

PS: Your nick name is “Real Anti-Racist”, but in your comment you are trying to provocate a group of people (Kurds) to attack Turkish, and you call yourself real anti-racist?

What the heck is wrong with you people?

Remember, death is for everyone, and it has no religion, no race, no color no size…

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