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Turkish Army Shells Aid Convoy Heading To Afrin Area (Video)

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Turkish Army Shells Aid Convoy Heading To Afrin Area (Video)

By Hawar News Agency (ANHA), click to see the full-size image

On February 22, the Turkish Army’s artillery guns and rocket launchers shelled an aid convoy that was about to enter the Afrin area through the Ziyarah crossing in the northern Aleppo countryside, according to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

The ANHA added that thousands of civilians from the Kurdish-held areas in eastern Syria had been onboard the convoy, which was transferring humanitarian aid to people in Afrin.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) revealed in an official statement that “many” civilians had been killed and injured in the Turkish Army shelling on the convoy. However, the Kurdish force didn’t provide detailed information about the number of victims.

In response to the Turkish Army shelling, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery shelled several rocket launchers of the Turkish Army, according to the Hezbollah media wing. This was the first military step of the SAA in support of the YPG since pro-government forces were deployed in Afrin area on February 20.

The shelling of the Ziyarah crossing, the key supply hub for the entire Afrin area, will likely mark the start of a more violent phase of the Turkish Army’s operation against the YPG in Afrin.

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Thats how Turkistan is. A criminal agressive murderer terrorist state like in the times of genocide on Armenians


Genocide armenians = Kurds I mean your ally




It wasn’t Turkey alone, the kurds did their dirty work in exchange for a state but was screwed also.






Surely an aid convoy. Because all aid convoys burn so fiercely.


Munitions are a form of aid :D


They need gasoline, so could it have been a gasoline truck?


You don’t usually get explosions like that with a tanker fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjsozV_IdUU


Did not hear any explosions in this clip. Note: Police or Fire Officers vehicle parked only meters away from inferno. Doubt that a Police/Fire Officer would park up only meters away from burning ammo truck




Gasoline carried in busses, that’s new!

Joe Dirt

everyone knows soldiers treat wounds with gun powder


turks and kurds are taking hostages syrians in Afrin region.


i am just waiting for the su-57s to shoot down the first turkish f-16s…..cant wait!!


It will be an Israeli F16 first that gets downed. The Turks will clearly get the message and the turk-russia public love fest can continue.


As far as I can follow the news it is Turkish planes bombing over Syria all the time, not Israeli planes.

Turks never get any messages unless beaten with a large stick on the head and even then……

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Turks bomb Ypg=Pkk which tries to seperate Syria. But israel bombs directly to Syria army. Israel is trying to expand their lands in Syria. Turks fight against terrorist for united Syria


Turks force Kurds to give back Syria to Syria for the moment…..Syria, Turkey, Russia, Iran & Iraq are the ones that need a “good” relationship… all other parties irrelevant for the moment


Like kurds. :)

Wahid Algiers

Kurds are only dumbed victims due to their stupidity. Turks are stupid but arrogant. The need to get a well prepared hammer in their ugly face.


The starving Greek talks


i bet i have more money atm than you ever going to make in you whole life little mongoloid :)


Satisfied with F15.


Nice fire ?

Glenn Jones

Here is an idea how about making public your convoy’s location after you have left the area not while your there. as turkey comes and bombs you with the free info.


Syria is a State and has its own law and constitution. These Turkish, US and UK paid soldiers and proxies which are created against Syrian state have no value and according to the Syrian constitution and law they all will be punished to death. Even Turkish, US and UK regimes cannot protect these terrorists on Syrian land.


Looks and sounds like ammo cooking off to me.


Cook these Liwa Al baqir terrorists. they will die a slow death hopefully



Lelouch Vi Britannia

Civillian? Omg when terrorist die they always claim they are civillians. Burn in hell Usa rats.


30 busses full of civilians middle of the night? In the middle of a war zone? You gotta be kidding me! Everyone knows those busses were full of terrorists and weapons. Good riddence! Don’t mess with Turkey!

Wahid Algiers

Don’ t mess with Turkey? More than laughable. First of all no stinking Turk has anything lost in Syria. Second Turks are no real soldiers, only gays with a big mouth and third you soon will see how the table turns, when these well hair-dressed sunnyboys will hide back under the skirts of their mamas, aunt and sisters.


Yes the table has turned. Turkish Army is in syria. You think the Turkish soldiers are not real and gay? I wish you told it in their faces. I would love to see you doing that for real. Tampon boy.

Baudouin Jérusalem

I hope Russia will killed some Turks in retaliation !

Wahid Algiers

Why Russia? This job soon will be done by the Syrian (air) defense and attack forces.


What was burning in that convoy was ammunition supply of Syrian Army


Erdogan must be killed.

Floyd Hazzard

The Kurds fault. If they had yeilded the territory to the government in a timely manber, this would not be happening. They learned nothing from Iraq. The Yankees abandoned them both times. They are just conveniences used to advance others agenda, but their stupidity also makes them road kill in the process. Now they are loding their homes and their lives. Dumb beyond description.


This is what really happened , watch if you enjoy fireworks .. precise strike on trucks full of ammunition … https://twitter.com/TarMilus/status/966792106227453953

Epsilon Eridani

After the turkish invasion of afrin, SF become confused altogether about whether it is SDF leaning or not. :) Because, obviously this was not an aid convoy. Anyway, I see the same confusion for SAA supporting friends in this site. If i were u, i wouldnt sympethise SDF in any case.


Sure, no sympathy with kurds, ypg, sdf. Go saa, take whole afrin!

btw., kurds did not learn:


George King

Over the past six years, the Syrian regime has delegated a large swath of its powers to loyal militias, entrusting them with preserving security, representing the regime and handling the day-to-day affairs of local communities. Today, it seems almost impossible for the state to recover its authority. In addition to the weakness of the Syrian state and its increasing failure to provide key citizen services, militias have gained so much ground that the state cannot restrain them and exert sole control over weapons and violence, even if it wishes to do so.

The intensity of the current chaos in Syria varies by region depending on social cohesion and the prevailing ethno-sectarian climate; however, an identical model reproduces itself throughout regime-controlled areas. Local militias from Latakia to Suwayda perpetrate looting, murder and kidnapping for ransom on a daily basis when facing financial pressure or as part of the internal conflicts and wars for territory that pit them against one another. Militias also extract protection payments from traders and manufacturers, meddle in the affairs of private businesses, impose ‘taxes’ on private and public businesses and control the prices of goods.

Aleppo, whose eastern neighborhoods were retaken by regime forces in late 2016, may be the most violent example of chaos and insecurity. Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods are controlled by militias of Liwa al-Baqir, the Popular Committees, the Berri clan, al-Anajira, the Palestinian al-Quds Brigade and the Ba’ath Brigades, while the shabbiha militias, which are linked to the security services, are deployed throughout the city’s west.

Militias hold a monopoly on key services, which have become a source of income for them, from public hospitals and transportation to energy and drinking water. Each armed militia runs a type of service and public utility and shares revenue with the regime’s security services. For example, the Liwa al-Baqir militia runs Aleppo’s transportation sector, using a large fleet of microbuses, and shares its revenues with the Traffic Police Department and Military Security. a protest was held in Aleppo’s industrial zone on 6 July, denouncing the practices of the loyal militias. On the same day, a similar protest was organized in the Shia town of Nubl in Aleppo’s northern countryside, calling on the regime to stop the armed robberies committed by the militias and remove military checkpoints.

The lines separating the state’s authority from that of the militias have become blurred amid the heavily polarized militarization of Syrian society. The state and militias in Syria today are like conjoined twins who cannot be separated without killing one of them.

“cannot be separated without killing one of them” notice the microbuses and elimination of Aleppo areas controlled by militias by return of SAA taking control of the areas and these groups being sent into Afrin without an agreement with YPG/PKK and eliminated upon their entry into Afrin. There is no doubt about this elimination of these gangs before any agreements and is the cause of much confusion on this site.


Richard M

More T-Orc war crimes! Sultan/Fuhrer ErrDawg to the Hague!

Langaniso Mhlobo

This NATO and puppets are protecting and crying for terrorists in the name of civilians.Writing useless resolutions to their agent UN Security Council to comit atrocities.Claiming people are starving but yet on return destroys aid convoys which move in a sovereign country which USA,Israel and Turkey destroys with their terrorist.Their are not invited just as their terrorist their are illegal terrorist themselves.Syrians in particular don’t want USA Israel and Turkey presence on their sovereign soil.USA/NATO whishes of depopulation is soon coming their way starting with their administration and end with their terrorist destruction.

Real Anti-Racist Action

What you do is evacuate civilians in the other direction (opposite direction) away from the front lines. You do not pile civilians on trucks and drive them into the battlefront lol. Kurds need to stop hiding behind civilians and stop wearing civilian clothing. The Turks have gone into open ground without their civilians to fight one on one to the death against the Kurds. The Kurds need for the first time in Kurdish history to do the same honorably. Just step out into the open, stop hiding in your holes and fight till the death. Till total victory, or till total defeat. Let this war be over for all eternity by the end of 2018.

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