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Turkish Army Shelled Syrian Military Positions In Southern Idlib

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Turkish Army Shelled Syrian Military Positions In Southern Idlib

© Bulent Kilic / AFP

In the early hours of August 7, the Turkish military shelled several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the city of Ma`arat al-Nu`man in the southern Idlib countryside.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Turkish artillery strikes didn’t result in any losses in the SAA’s ranks. The strikes were carried out from posts in the al-Zawya Mount area.

“[The shelling] coincided with intense flights of Bayraktar combat drones in the skies of Idlib governorate,” the monitoring group said in a report.

In the last two days, there have been heavy clashes between the SAA and Turkish-backed militants in Greater Idlib. Both sides sustained losses in southern Idlib and northern Lattakia. According to unconfirmed reports, Russian service members were also injured.

The Turkish artillery strikes were likely meant to deter and intimidate the SAA and its allies, who are reportedly planning a new operation in Greater Idlib.

Turkey’s actions and military buildup in Greater Idlib encourage the remaining militants there. Ankara committed under the March 5 agreement with Russia to neutralize these militants. Yet, it is now supporting them.


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Zionism = EVIL

It is high time these Turkey arseholes are bombed again. Last time the fuckers lost 33 Turkeys and cried for months to their Americunt pimps. Now no one would care.

King Cliff

Putin need to stop playing diplomacy,Turkey government is an enemy of the Russian and they are directly challenging the Russians might in the world arena. Its time to shut them down and make them run out of Syria for they life.. Close the air space and shut down what need to shut down and let the full ibilb operation start with artillery and close air support…Putin is Good leader but he have been caution to execute and that has cause a lot problems, he allowed Turkey to take this Giants step in Syrian with the observation post and these cease fire.

Mustafa Mehmet

take it easy with russian vodka

johnny rotten

Syria was literally attacked from all sides, to the south by israhell through its isis agents, to the north by turkia with its Turkmen barbarians, to the east by a coalition of more than 100 countries in support of the caliphate, to the west by FUKUS and many times since the air force of israhell, yet it is still standing, in spite of all the enemies, those who have the face like the ass of self calling themselves friends of Syria, this is probably a historical breaking point, from here on there will be no more requiem for the vile colonialists, following the example of the Syrian people all peoples know that imperialism can be stopped and defeated.


list of enemies of Assad’s Syria is very, very long and it is not that all started yesterday.

Daniel Martin

The Turks are non agreement capable, and in my opinion it’s crucial to settle the Idlib question plaguing Syria once and for all, just as it was with Aleppo, otherwise I’m afraid the chances for a long time peace in Syria will be out of reach for a long time. There’s actually only two realistic solutions for Idlib, either cut it of and hand it over to the jihadies and the Turks, which will only create bigger problems further down the road and just embolden the Turks for further territorial aspirations in the future. Or to organize and plan a liberation operation together with allies Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, which in my opinion is the way to go. The Turks are obviously just buying time to organize the political and military infrastructure and to fortify their positions. With each passing day we let them do that, the price in human lives will just Increase, when and if such a plan gets activated.


I said this from the start,the Turks should have been attacked the moment they invaded Syria,and why the hell are all the border crossings not closed down using the Syrian military and Russian airforce?the Syrians should have at least layed deep mine fields and border fortifications on all the main crossings,made it so nothing could move down the road on the border,the same with Jordan and Iraq,why has this not been done?


They removed all the mines when erdo made peace with syria but it was a trick.. he soon changed his mind when he thought Assad was weak and he could conquer syria easily like turkey did with parts of syria 100 years ago..


More terrorist bullshit from the Turk/ISIS/al-Qaeda invasion zone in Syria must not be tolerated. Turkish ISIS doesn’t wanna sit a the negotiation table, and this is the Kremlin’s doing. Selling gas to the likes of Germany or Turkey should be a tactic in a greater strategy to liberate Russia, and its foreign policy, from the yoke that is the post-WW2 Ziocorporate terrorist new world order, not to goal of Russian socioeconomic progress. For an example, Russia’s had five years to expand the Tartous base to hold no less than 30 ships, thus surrounding the Turks from the Black sea AND Mediterranean and oversee the actions of the Zioterrorist neocolony and NATO there, but the Kremlin hasn’t cared, all while the US and ISIS openly run cover ops in Eastern and Southern Syria.

The SAA needs a free hand and weapons to liberate and stabilise Syria, and as long as US/Turkish/ISISraeli terrorist scum are free to bomb the SAA with impunity that stability will not truly materialise.


“The SAA needs a free hand and weapons to liberate and stabilise Syria”

So what is your Iran waiting for ? Why don’t they tell Russians kindly to fuck off and take situation in their hands completely…. being so mighty power and all !? Outch!

Sorry I forgot that was situation before Russia has arrived in 2015 to save you all from disaster! That didn’t work out well for you didn’t it?


Idiotic stuff right there. Iran’s not a world power to deal with the US/NATO/Turks the way Russia could. Fuck off with your Kremlin fanboyism.


“Idotic”?!! Than who is to execute your “superb” plan huh genius? Stupid Russians, at service to your Assad fun club maybe? They are not interested in your generous offer!

You have no effing clue about difficulty Russians are in, but still you run your big mouth all the same! Russians are not willing starting WWIII over Ukraine and Syria is much less important to them!

Or you are just talking straight out of your arse maybe and are plain stupid talking about things that are impossible for Russia to accept? You want Russians to Liberate Syrian Muslims from other Muslims who are Zionist and Otoman jihadist and USA servants?! Why would Russia care if some parts of Idlib or Syria stay occupied? It is not their fault !!! There was NO AGREEMENT ever between Russia and Syria that obligates Russia now to defend freedom of Syria !

They did what they could with what they have, now they want situation to calm down before it gets much worse…

You are insane if you think that Russians are that stupid to be at disposal of every tiny country for their own objectives! Wake up to the reality !!!

Is it “Kremlin fanboyism” or being pragmatic just like Putin and Russian generals are : REALISTIC about whole situation unlike bunch of you agitated

amateurs who have no clue what are they talking about?! You are nothing but Assad fanboys with no real alternative to offer at all except pushing Russia to invest more! The answer is; Russia is not interested !

Yet you keep insisting like obsessed about fighting war to the last Russian for Assad! What superb idea I wonder how Putin didn’t come up with something as good as that?!

None of you is mentioning IRAN who is also party in agreement with Turkeyhuh? Only Russia is evil for making agreement with Turks but Iran are nice guys even when they do exactly the same huh?! And China? So it is always Russia MUST HELP!

You are all hypocrites!


Who’s gonna read that pile of bullshit. You scream “Putin is anti-NWO, anti-Soros, etc.” but when the obvious relations between the Kremlin and “NWO/Soros” types in Russia and out, then you start screaming “Mullahs and WW3” to avoid the point of futher actual cooperation against what you claim Putin is also against.

Keep screaming. Little cunt, Russia’s now got more US troops across Kaliningrad and western Russia, it’s Russia bane for being a comparatively non-expansive world power.


Russia doens’t give fuck about the Soros because his color revolutions didn’t work there!

Russia doesn’t GIVE FUCK about your Western “NWO” or about saving you from Jews or what not, you effing Western NAZI retard ! There is no NWO in Eastern Europe or Russia and if you have it there on the West than that is your problem !

Save yourselves you morons and leave Russia alone! Russia is in service of the interests of her own people only !

Why would Russia “save” anybody of anything?!

Fuck you insolent twat ! You are just another Western NAZI conspiracy moron !


Still too much bullshit from you. Get the fuck lost to wherever you will only find praise and worship for the Kremlin.


60 gender LGBTQ Western conspiracy NAZI twat !


Stupid lying cunt, say something that makes sense.


You want something that makes sense to me? Here, you are BLOCKED !


They can’t start a war in Syria because there already IS a war and the Russians didn’t start it,but they need to finish it and soon.


I was not talking about Russia starting war “in Syria” (which you have had noticed with your perspicacity (it is already on)) but about starting REGIONAL even WWIII…. Why would Russia “finish it” and how? You suggest the same nonsense like the others I suppose.

It can’t be done without creating regional war or even WWIII and in the name of what? In the name of liberating PARTS of Syria?!? Why would Russia risk existence of her own population (WWIII possibility) over such unimportant things?


Because if the Reich get away with this in Syria Russia is on the hit list,if they don’t destroy these morons in Syria they will have to do it inside the Russian federation.


Yeah I have seen that explanation before. The only place where they can stay is patch of land called Idlib.

If in future Turkey starts to use that kind of tactics against Russian federation they will be in very big trouble. I personally don’t think they will do that….


I have even better answer for you: Let Russia think about Russia’s problems. None of you here, has Russian interests at heart.


russia won’t do sh*t against the turks it’s just a fact they have so many interests with them…the only viable solution to kick the turks out is an allaiance between syrians, egyptians, iranians, the hezb with a small blessing from russia and maybe a small help from the trecherous kurds if they want to..it’s the prefect time for a military alliance between egypt and syria …they need to go hard and fast …turkish military can’t keep up with two fronts speciallay when they refuse to deploy their own soldiers and they’re only using mercenaries and fire supporting them ..heck just bring a couple of houthis they’ll liberate lattakia mountains in a few days


Iran against Turkey? You are delusional. Even though interests of both countries cross time to time, Iran and Turkey know very well that a war between them would be end of both states. Turkey and Iran at peace since 1700s and it will probably stay like that for a long time. A war between Iran and Turkey would create a total chaos in middle east which would only be beneficial to Israel state.


Turks doing what Turks do,supporting terrorists,the Syrians should hit Turkish land with Ballistic missiles,see how the bastards like that.

Rhodium 10

Putin wants to play both side…to be business manager of the Russian Etnic Turquic Oligarchy and their close economic ties with Turkey and at the same time commander in chief of the Russian armed forces which one of the main enemy is the Turkish army member of NATO….I think Putin are under pressure of the military staff which have sent MIG 29M to Libya to destroy Hawk system in Al Wattiya and Misrata…and surely the another pack of Mig 29M/SMT sent to Syria is for the same purpose..


kill them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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