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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Reaches Vicinity Of Afrin City (Map, Video)

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On March 14, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army continued their advance towards the city of Afrin and captured the village of Kafr Shil, only 600 meters west of the city, according to sources close to the FSA. The sources added that the Turkish Army had captured the villages of Hulilu, Kafr Dali al-Fawqani, Julkan and al-Nira north and west of Kaf Shil.

Turkish Army Reaches Vicinity Of Afrin City (Map, Video)

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Meanwhile, warplanes of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) continued conducting airstrikes on Afrin. The Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that at least five civilians had been killed in a single airstrike on the city. Earlier, nine civilians were reportedly killed in a series of TAF airstrikes on the center of Ma’betla district, northwest of Afrin.

From its side, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) repelled several attacks by the Turkish Army and its proxies on its positions in the district of Shara north of Afrin city. According to the YPG press, YPG fighters had destroyed a vehicle of the Turkish Army with an ATGM and had captured two others.

While the YPG still keeps some resistance in the districts of Bulbul, Shara and Shiekh al-Hadid, its units appear to be collapsing in the districts of Ma’betla and Jandairs. Local observers believe that only negotiations could safe Afrin city from being besieged and captured by the Turkish Army.

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Promitheas Apollonious

from the map it is obvious when the circle close, then is game over for the kurds and theoretically is already closed.

Michał Hunicz

I know that I will say this 100th time, but I need: Kurds are goddamn morons.


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Where is dutchnational to tell us that only 0.000000001% of the square root of cosine of the population has been captured and that all is alright ? XD.

Michał Hunicz

Exactly, since these PKK defeats he is not active. Maybe Turks killed him? :D


It would appear that even the Kurdish twitter accounts he gets his news from have nothing to celebrate about. So there’s nothing for him to smugly post. I’m sure he’ll crop up again once the battle for Afrin is over and the SDF can resume being dicks to the SAA again.

John Brown

Once the battle for Afrin is over Turkey will begin the battle for Kobani, Qamishli and Hasakah very quickly, with the same result. I bet the Turks will crush the kurds in all 3 cities in less then 2 months tops.

Rodney Loder

The Observatory of al-Qa’der Rights is again coming out with TSK air strikes against Government Forces, keeping the YPG spirits alive, perhaps that is the wrong word, until the Cavalry arrives, next century, it’s a pity Rami Adbulrahman isnt in the redout, if that’s what it is, I think they will surrender, traitors are always cowards to boot which Brother Erdogan will no doubt do, that man makes me feel very proud.

Anthony Paul Mapes

When looking at reports do any of you wonder how many casualties there has been within there fsa proxies?
We get reports on supposed Kurdish losses and same with TAF, granted these are more than likely exaggerated. But still I wonder on the true costs!

Joe Dokes

The human rights watch had been keeping a tally up to day 50 which was about 400 killed for each, with the power off it is hard to contact their sources to get accurate numbers. Now it is just wild claims from both sides.

Anthony Paul Mapes

Cheers fella


If this is how well the Kurds fight to protect their own land, how well do they fight against ISIS to capture Arab land?
They also seem strategically inept (in the extreme) to allow such an obvious encirclement.

This FSA crew must be AWESOME.

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