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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Makes New Gains Against YPG North Of Afrin City (Map, Photos, Video)

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Turkish Army Makes New Gains Against YPG North Of Afrin City (Map, Photos, Video)

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On March 9, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) continued their advance north of the city of Afrin and captured the village of Sir’ayn and the Kachkadar mount in the Bulbul district as well as the village of Kafr Mize in the Shara district, according to sources linked to the FSA.

Turkish Army Makes New Gains Against YPG North Of Afrin City (Map, Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Army Makes New Gains Against YPG North Of Afrin City (Map, Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish activists also revealed that the Turkish Army had deployed more Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, ACV-15 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and armored vehicles to its positions at the city of Azaz, 17km northeast of Afrin. The newly deployed forces will likely participate in the Turkish Army operations in the Shara district.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had repelled an attack by the Turkish Army and its proxies on its positions in the town of Maryamayn in the Shara district. YPG fighters killed seven Turkish Army soldiers and FSA fighters, according to the ANHA.

The YPG press also announced that YPG fighters had repelled another attack by the Turkish Army and its proxies on the villages of Buke and Sarir in the Bulbul district and had killed more than ten FSA fighters.

Currently, warplanes of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) are conducting heavy airstrikes against the YPG’s positions in the towns of Inab and Maryamayn, less than 7km northeast of Afrin. These two towns will likely be the next main target of the Turkish Army and its proxies.

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Loses on both sides may start to increase soon.
Looks like a battle is approaching.


Kurds should have more PZ IV j ;)


Surprised to see Inab (just E of city) fall so easily.
The Kurds are losing their road net and are looking at being somewhat isolated (crappy roads remaining to them)? There are many refuges in Afrin city, this will be interesting to watch what happens next.


Look, kurds are hyped, nut in reality not good fighters. they are brave, they fight, but if you look at them, they were never successful in iraq (only after yanks destroyed saddam!, in turkey, in iran. also in this syrian war they lost against isis. if yanks and western countries would not help them at kobani, today were no kurdish territories, still would be isis in whole east syria.

therefore i am not surprized, that they retreat and retreat. this is their art of war.

turkey has strong army, kurds never had chance. they had to negotiate with assad, but they wanted to punish him. this is the self-destroying (loser) mentality.

i am not happy, that turks take northwest syria. russia will not help to expel them, because for moscow is more impirtant the turkish stream. :(

i dont close out, that turks coordinate their action with washington.


If Kurds can’t hold the right shoulder, the next withdrawal may be huge.
Sorry to see this also. :(((


Erdogan is wining. He doesn’t call his ennemis “militants” and he doesn’t collaborate with them. XD.

Erdogan is the one who is saving Syria from “rojava” and then to be splitted in two parts. You have to give credit where credit is due. Not giving credit to your friend when he does the opposite of what he should have done.

“Today we are in Afrin, tomorrow we will be in Manbij, the next day we will ensure that the territory from the east bank of Euphrates will be cleared from terrorists up to the border with Iraq”.

Moshe Dummstein

it is Turks that are winning; he represents the same ideology that Ozal and Menderes did. Tomorrow it is someone else, but the ideology prevails.


Yea, kurds are screwed…

Guess thats what you get for being a obama pet project…

… oh and by the way: everything obama touched died a horrible death: obamacare, fast and furious, solyndra, Libya, benghazi, destruction of the democrat party, etc etc…

Kurds will suffer the same fate…


Fast and furious ???


Not the movie. He is talking about the US government engaging in gun trafficking in order to bust big gun traffickers… well it didn’t go very well.

Jutta Morris

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Rodney Loder

Times are a’c’hanging US President and North Korean Strong Man President for only 6 years Kim Jong Un now seen by the World as equals on the strategic stage of rules of engagement, next it will be Trump meeting with Afghanistan Taliban for a head to head, wit the Zino Media spinning it as a breakthrough for Trump (the deal maker).

The absurdity is appalling and I think a lot of the credit for US embarrassment has to be give to Turkey, Christianity is a Crusader without a Horse, just imagine a Knight in all that steel trying to run with a heavy weapon.

Turkey used to be the Christian horse in the ME.

If the West wants a place in the ME it has to first embrace the facts on the ground, same can be said of the Kurds.


It’s old news. Didn’t Reagan meet with the Talibans at the White House ?

Rodney Loder

Before 9/11 doesn’t count.

The funny thing is that is that if Sheikh Osama bin Laden was still arguably alive the split in al-Qaeda would never have been possible, al-Baghdadi, Julani and Zawahiri would all still be team player’s today, al-Assad would be long gone and Netanyahu would have used the excuse of Terrorists in Syria to conquer a lot more turf as he was about to do with Morsi’s Brotherhood in Egypt.

I don’t think that they would have killed Osama if he didn’t kill himself, he certainly would have been drugged up and singing for many years, if he did manage to kill himself then why dump his body in the sea, if it was his body it would be a trophy.

You can call me Al

I smell a pincer movement (a split) coming and hen the Kurds are doomed – DOOMED I TELL YOU.

Hey Kurds, when you sell your soul and all that + you reap what you sow.

Go Turkey and then fuck off back to Kebab land.


Nope, not so fast. We will have to make some demographic arrangements there first. Some Arabs and Turkomans instead of Kurds.

You can call me Al

mmm, you could be right, but lets see.

Joe Doe

Kurds screwed big time. They bat on the wrong horse. Sooner or later they will be betrayed by their master in Washington,because the master will choose Turkey over Kurds. Kurds only being use as proxy and continue the war in Syria, so mater can get tax payer money for the military establisment


Who believes that ANHA YPG crap anyway ? Its like listening to the lies of a 5 years old beating up mike tyson and mohammed ali. They have the same credibility


This reporting shows what a Kremlin propaganda outlet Southfront really is. The turkmen of the Syrian region Turkey is now fighting to protect were the ones responsible for butchering Russian pilots, and providing the major gateway for wahhabi terrorist and supplies to flood into Syriin the first place. But Putin has agreed to BETRAY Assad and give the zionist butcher Erdogan his full support.

Turks are hunting down Kurdish alphas across the region and murdering them- to wipe out the cream of kurdish youth and the key thinkers amongst their elders. What turks have done across Human history to enslave the ‘lessers’ in their ’empire’- this time with Putin’s explicit backing.

Most of the fools that visit this site, however, simply ask “what does Putin desire of me”- then throw their support blindly behind that cause, good or (very) bad. And this is why the Deep State is going to win, and we are ging to LOSE. We have no intellectual MORALITY inherent in the majority of our side- just people who act like supporters of a football team.

The invasion of Syria by Turkey is a true crime against Humanity- a war crime no different from those carried out by the jews in Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon (which are also supported by Putin).

Now the Kurds are not the classic ‘good guys’, but neither are they evil. They are mostly naive idealistic fools who want things that cruel fate is always going to deny them. And in their endless seach for the ‘unreachable’ they are vulnerable to alliances with very dishonest ‘actors’. Want a good comparison to put things into perspective? Well the kurds are not unlike the WELSH of great britain.

While people here cheerlead Putin, they choose not to notice that Putin’s major allies in the region are Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia- four monsterous powers that are 100% client states of the West. Neither Iran nor Syria nor Iraq are considered as major allies by Putin.

In 10 years people will talk about the turkish atrocities in Syria and wonder why none of the Great powers did anything to stop them at the time. But you have the answer today in the propaganda pushed on our sites.


Lots of BS.


Who do tell kurds to be useful idiots and naive ??? Nobody. Thus, They are grablanders. They didn’t heistate to grab lands from Arabs and Assyrians. Not, they face the same issue and they don’t like it. Why don’t they like what they did to others ?

Plus, they support israel who is denying palestinians their lands whereas they want to be independent like Palestinians.

Kurds are not the good people people say they are.

Moshe Dummstein

desperation & frustration talk…
Well, you shouldn’t have slept with the blind kike; you woke up skew-eyed.

Sergey Tokarev

‘The turkmen of the Syrian region Turkey is now fighting to protect were the ones responsible for butchering Russian pilots’ – yes. Your suggestions?
‘Now the Kurds are not the classic ‘good guys’, but neither are they evil.’ – maybe the same is true for Turks?
Israel isn’t Russia’s ally. Israel is a frenemy.


You are the only fool here: either a lunatic who hates the entire world, or a hasbara troll, pretending to be against Israel while trying to deceive people with strawman arguments (blaming Russia for Turkish crimes, which is below idiocy)

…something like Tal Silberstein, an Israeli adviser behind anti-Semitic political campaign in Austria .


Moshe Dummstein

They are almost there…
I read somewhere else that they are planning to capture Tel Rifat, too.

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