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Turkish Army Is Establishing New Observation Post North Of Aleppo City (Video)

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On March 17, a convoy of the Turkish Army, consisting of 100 armored vehicles, bulldozers and trucks, entered the town of Andan, only 7km north of Aleppo city, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi and the Turkish Anadolu Agency confirmed that Turkish Army convoy will establish a new observation post in Anadan to monitor the de-esclation zone in Aleppo governorate.

The Turkish Army established three similar observation posts in the town of al-Eis in the southwestern Aleppo countryside and the villages of Tell Tuqan and Sarman in the southern Idlib countryside in February.

Turkey will likely establish even more observation posts in Idlib and Aleppo governorates in upcoming months. According to Tukey’s Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, Russia and Turkey have agreed to establish twelve observation posts in northern Syria during the Astana talks.

Anadolu Agency reported that the Russian forces will position themselves on the frontline separating the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and opposition forces in Idlib governorate under the Astana agreement. However, Syrian pro-government activists highly doubt that opposition forces will accept this.

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Michał Hunicz

“However, Syrian pro-government activists highly doubt that opposition forces will accept this.”

For me it looks clearly that this is a Turkish-Syrian cooperation.


To me it seems a bit like the snake-charmer, the snake and a wary observer. However, in those instances the snake has had its poison drained by the charmer prior to the performance. I’m not altogether certain Putin has drained Erdogan of all his venom. So, if in President al-Assad’s position I would have a Mongoose by my side and I think he has.

Politolog Externista

Putin has the means for large amounts of Turks in Syria to be vaporized quickly, should they bite the hand feeding them. Artillery can be taken by either aircraft, or short range ballistic missiles should they be stupid.


lol, cool analogy! However i would say that erdogan has the luxury of sitting back and seeing which of the 2 Major forces (russia and USA) are winning! Id say Damascus has a lot to do with it! It alldepends on which way the wind blows so to speak! Just like how Qatar pulled out early, bought 20% shares in rosneft and stopped funding ISIS! Erdogan playing his cards close to his chest! He will ally with both and try to gain as much as possible! Makes me sick when i think about it! this is the man who openly supported isis via access to the border and oil sales! Now he has the MOST to gain either way! He literally has money on a 2 horse race with great odds! He cant lose! Very sad!


Qatar is out? To what extent? Are they not still funding, arming, training Jihadists to fight in Syria?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Russians allow the Syrian forces do all the heavy work and help out when it’s needed, so you see if SAA decides to remove the Turks as Erdogan is smart he will withdraw and not face an real army and not the straw dogs YPG who refuse to fight.

Mohammed Asim

Bull Shit, Just wait for the eastern ghouta operation to be finished then u will see the Turks running back! Idlib is next for saa

İbrahim Çetin

lol. You think SAA can survive a confrontation with TAF. You’re deluded

Christos Pratis


Mohammed Asim

The saa may not survive a confrontation with TAF but saa and Kurds together can really piss of the Turks by engaging them in Gurella warfare and using the technique of hit and run attacks by the way at present the Kurds are doing it alone even the Turks would not have thought that the battle for afrin would bring so much casualties and such a strong resistance from Kurds will come !!


What casulties :D:D:D:D Holy smokes ahahhahah

Politolog Externista

dont be stupid. I understand your delusions, but unless you wish for Turkey to collapse, do to others what you want done to yourself. It will always happen.

Ahmet Karaca

So much casualties?? 46 on Turkisch side…3607 on PKK side… Dream on…

İbrahim Çetin

guerilla tactics worked so well in Afrin lol.

Moshe Dummstein

Historically speaking, I am not in the know of any incidence where turks ran from arabs. Well, masturbation is free…

Fehim İsa (Vanlı69)

lol Turkey have deal with Russians, you are d00g of putin you have no right to talk, just bark :D

javid soltani

turkey is dog of Russia ,and idlib will be the next to liberate , Turkish army wanna stay or run back it dosent mater ,saa will capture them all oe send them to hell ,by the war erdugon is the dog of cia

Fehim İsa (Vanlı69)

hahaha dog cia and dog of putin same time? ahhah you a maniac get ur meds you ignorant cnt

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Actually, what Erdogan is, is a Muslim Brotherhood dung-eater; a liar, a hypocrite, and duplicitous. The sooner he goes to hell the better.

Ahmet Karaca

Today is Afrin fallen into Turkisch hands.Tommorrow it will be Menbic .And so will all Northern Syria be cleansed of the terrorists of PKK…


I disagree with Idlib being next! What makes u think idlb is next? I think idlib is last!

Here is what i think…. Southern Damascus is next (the pocket with isis and HTS) in the city! Then Homs city (because Damascus has already stated they want to free up the M5 Freeway / highway because they need the logistics in case of a predictable war with Israel)

then they will clear Dumayr and the large pocket next to it!

after that Al Tanf or Daraa is next so they can block any US forces or US backed forces entering the country and supplying arms!

And last will be Idlib! this is the BIG war!

I think i am right and u are wrong!

Richard M

Observation Post, my /$$. Can Russia have Observation Post in China? Can Germany have observation post in France? Can Japan have observation post in China? Can India have observation post in Pakistan? These are invaders and Orcs. Get out now, Orcs while you still have a whole /$$!

Moshe Dummstein

Are you from the US? If you are, you have no right to make such a statement.

Richard M

You sound stupid. So stupid. I don’t need your permission to post comments here.

Moshe Dummstein

well, truth hurts; typical human behavior… BTW,shouldn’t you be selling tickets on “priceline” and making a living rather than wasting your time babbling nonsense here?

Richard M

No need. I am multi-millionaire.


So what are you prenses ? Us peace makers xD

Richard M

I don’t know what “prenses” are?

Moshe Dummstein

Good news for the region. Bad news for the greater Israel dreamers.

Hulusi Akar

Latest map afrin: https://i.gyazo.com/414acb5cc9863f91dd640e302538372d.jpg


Russia and Turkey carve out their zones of interest… a new Sykes-Picot? In the end, Turkey might install a vassal state in northern Syria, and rest-Syria will be headed by either an Asad that completely submits to Russia or a replacement who does.

Politolog Externista

there is a thing .. int law. Nobody would support Turkey, not usa cause they went against their plan, Russia wants a strong Syria, meaning territory stays the same. USA wants war, but such that everybody gets down. Weaken vassals so they cant offer resistance. They want war but others to fight it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Many forget that Turkey can only create 6 checkpoints under Astana agreement as the ones near the SAA will be handed over to Russia and the others to Iran. Should be interesting as Turkey is no match for Iran and you will see a further Turk pull back. Turkey has no game other than threats and intimidation and haven’t really fought the Kurds SDF forces yet but small paras.


Just when we thought the war couldn’t get more complicated, the Russians allow the Turks to monitor the de-escalation zone. I won’t bother guessing what Assad thinks of this considering that one pro-government militia is fighting the Turks near Afrin while another fights the Kurds near Deir ez-Zor.

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