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Turkish Army Establishes 66th Post In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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On July 1, the Turkish military established yet another post in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, which is controlled by several terrorist groups.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the new post was set in the town of Maaret Elnaasan in western Aleppo. This is the second post established in the town.

Turkish Army Establishes 66th Post In Syria’s Greater Idlib

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The Turkish military has, so far, established 66 posts in Greater Idlib, a large part of them located along the M4 highway. The highway links the port city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, the country’s industrial hub.

Earlier today, the Turkish military and the Russian Military Police conducted their 19th joint patrol on the M4. The patrol reached the vicinity of the city of Jisr al-Shughur in southwest Idlib for the first time ever. The new patrol didn’t face any problems.

Turkey is making serious efforts to implement the March 5 agreement with Russia. Nevertheless, it is also boosting its military presence in Greater Idlib. This indicates that Ankara is still preparing for a possible military confrontation with the Syrian military and its allies.


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Fog of War

” This indicates that Ankara is still preparing for a possible military confrontation with the Syrian military and its allies. ”

Isn’t Russia one of Syria’s ” allies ” ?


Yes but for Russia, Turkey is a business partner. And they will keep their Latakia base anyway.


Do the Turkish outposts double as Kebab Shops for the terrorist gangs after a night of rape and plunder of the locals as well?

Mustafa Mehmet

Sorry to hear that happened to you as well. I bet you enjoyed it.. they start building shawarma places now.. you got dirty filthy mind go and jump idiot

Liberal guy

And what use this post will be


Civil war and attacks on Turkish drones after the Turkish invasion of Iraq.

Kurds in Syria have missiles with which they shoot down Turkish drones.

Two Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down on the border with Zakho, coinciding with the ongoing bombardment by the Turkish Air Force in the southern Kurdistan region of Bashar al-Assad (Northern Syria), Kurdish sources said.

The United States has been supplying the Syrian Kurds with Stinger missiles for months, and we will have more Turkish aircraft being shot down soon.

Meanwhile, the “Children of Fire” (Kurdish organization) issued a written statement on their overall actions in June against Turkish targets.

The Kurdish Initiative says its elite units have carried out dozens of operations in many Turkish cities.

According to the announcement, we have 88 incendiary attacks carried out in one month, targeting 23 factories, 38 vehicles, 2 tourist places, 7 workplaces, a government building, a municipal construction site, 2 military shelters, a port, a parking lot, a boat and a school.

The arson attacks took place in Baliker, Ankara, Constantinople, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Kocaeli, Antep, Trabzon, Magnesia, Denizli, Mula, Icancao and Iconium.

Among the targets were a three-story military hostel in Orhaniye’s Sakarya neighborhood on June 1st, a tram stop in Bakirkoy Marmaray on June 3rd in Constantinople, coastal facilities in the Urla area of ​​Izmir on June 14th and Balıkesir on June 15th. .

This is called civil war, at least one of its forms, and it can cause multiple painful effects in both the Turkish society that is being tested and the country’s economy.

It seems that the Kurds have decided to make their own Intifada after seeing that Erdogan is committing genocide against them with the West simply watching the Turkish provocation, unable to react.

[Imgur]comment image)

Mustafa Mehmet

Latest news from Greek newspapers. re katsarides you can wipe your ass with sandpaper you can’t change the reality wake up and smell the coffee stop spreading fake news but you are Greek stupid Greek you can’t expect anything more from you lot… propaganda nothing more f*** off


Oh…look at you sad clown …

I only post facts, no propaganda.
Pack your rugs and get ready to move back to Mongolia shit-kebap boy.

Mustafa Mehmet

Re malaka I’m moving back to Salonika soon get ready


We dont let illegal immigrants, non Europeans and / or Mongoloids in Greece.
And you are on all 3 categories re malaka skato-kebap !


get ready for a long and bloody civil war inside of Turkey and don’t worry about what they say the Greek newspapers

Mustafa Mehmet

No prop


if anyone said a while ago to an American that there will be a civil war inside in his country , tell me …. would you believe him ?? No, he wouldn’t believe him. you do the same thing.

Mustafa Mehmet

I’m sure you witness same thing happened in your capital almost every day. soon people will kill each other for slice of bread….. by the way my lady friend Sophie from Greece so there is no lie about the situation in Greece


In Greece, we have experienced of 5 civil wars …we have become experts in civil war…That’s why when we see the signs , we know which country is next . give my greetings to Sofia.

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