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JULY 2020

Turkish Army Established Helicopter Base Near Ras Al-Ayn In Northeast Syria – Report


The Turkish military has established a helicopter base south of the border town of Ras al-Ayn in northeast Syria, the Step News Agency reported on November 16.

According to the pro-opposition outlet, the base was established near the village of al-Hawas, located 25 km south of Ras al-Ayn’s town center in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

“The land seized by the Turkish army forces is 120 dunums [120,000 m2],” said Yasir Hammoud, a reporter of Step, revealing that base was established on farmlands.

Officers and experts of the Turkish military are now working to fortify the new base. Cement fortifications and berms are reportedly being set around the base.

Turkish Army Established Helicopter Base Near Ras Al-Ayn In Northeast Syria – Report

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Militants of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) captured Ras al-Ayn and its countryside from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) last month in the framework of the Turkish-led Operation Peace Spring.

The establishment of Turkish military installations in northeast Syria indicates that Ankara is planning a long-term occupation.

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  • jorge

    Turks, you are not going to seize nothing in Syria. Don’t be stupids.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Assad needs to start bombing the turkish thugs inside Turkey where they hide.

    • klove and light

      well lets start with Idlib and afrin i would say………………then again…Zionist treachrous Putin is Blocking any SAA advabce on Idlib, let alone afrin…….and i love the donks here loving Zionist Putin….for u donks..here is my Question again….where is the LONG awaited incursion and battle with the turkish invaders and their proxies in Idlib?????????ß check out yourself here the articles at SF when the socalled battle for Idlib started….that was months ago…….great Progress made..great Zionist Putin agreemenst and ceasefirwes……..the satanic jew Zionist pricks might decieve the donks here…but not all including myself……..here another Question for the smart donkl Zionist Putin Lovers here….
      KABANI a small mountain top town in Latakia Province…….read the past SF articles on KABANI..read my Posts on KABANI going back 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KABANI is the KEY for IDLIB!!!as also SF correctly has pointed out in past articles…..and hers is my Question for the Zionist Putin Lovers…

      HOW is it possible that the great Russian airforce (that is not sarcastic but the truth…the russian airforce iis a great might) cannot bury These Takfiri bastrad terrorists after MONTHS of bombings????
      and dont write bs About trenches or bunkers…..again the russian airforce with TOTAL air superiority and all its might cannot bury/defeat them terorists scum after MONTHS of bombing??

      the answer is straight Forward and Logical…..they COULD but they wont!!!!!
      ps. check the past 3 months of SF articles on Kabani and how many SAA men were killed and wounded trying to storm the town……..the numbers are in the thousands!!!!

      if anybody here writes different, explain to all of us…how it is possible for a bunch of terrorists with no airforce, no Ground to air Missiles can withstand MONTHS Long bombing by a great technical superb airforce such as the russians have…and dont make a fool of yourself with writing About BULLSHIT bunkers and trenches, because that would only make a mockery of modern Warfare and the modern superb russian airforce!!

      • xTheWarrior22

        The Idlib terrorists have tens of thousands of fighters. The SAA only launched two limited operations. NW Hama in May and the Khan Shaykoun offensive in August. The Russians bomb the terrorists to prevent them from regrouping and to launch attacks against the SAA. I think the SAA only launched limited operations to scare the terrorists off from launching new attacks and to implement a ceasefire, but I don’t understand this. For the SAA soldiers there would be less fighting at the fronts, but the civilians in Idlib still have to live under the terrorists with the fear of getting imprisoned or executed every day. Noone can imagine what the civilians have to make through. They already had to live one more year in this zoo. The big offensive was supposed to start in September last year. Let that sink in. They have to live under the terrorists while in other parts of the country everything is normal. I assume the reason for this mess is Turkey. Of course Russia pleases them, but Turkey started begging for a ceasefire after the Abu al-Duhur operation. Normally the SAA would have launched the big offensive after Abu al-Duhur. Their goal was to life the siege of Kafraya and al-Fuah.

        To Kabani: I don’t understand why the SAA doesn’t just surround it and storm it. With their tactics they use now the terrorists can easily send thousands of terrorists to this area, which aggravates the operation. In my opinion Russia should first fully support the SAA in the Idlib operation and maybe the SAA needs a morale boost from Russia, which has to push them for a huge-scale operaion and away from stupid ceasefires. Afterwards Russia should focus in getting Turkey out of the NATO. I hate to see syrian soldiers dying and civilias continually living under the terrorists, just because of Russia’s diplomatic ties with Turkey.

  • You can call me Al

    Hahahaha S-400 target practise you Turkish scum.

    • Derek Johnson

      When has Russia used their S400’s or that S300 ………. never and they never will.

      Israel bombed Syria again the other day and not a peep from S300, S400 or S700.

  • RichardD

    The SDF are Zionist Yinon plan traitors who’re in violation of the MOU requiring their withdrawal from the buffer zone. And their replacement with the SAA. The SDF and Kurd political leadership responsible for sedition should be arrested. The SDF should be disbanded and their membership drafted into the SAA and other state security services like everyone else.

    • klove and light

      why do u Folks raise the SDF/YPG up morwe than they truly are……

      a bunch of treachrous Bandit dope Dealers……they are Nothing militarily, they mean Nothing in syrias Society……….without their american jew slave umbrella airforce they account for Zero Impact…….the turtkish moslembrotherhood scum is the true danger… a well armed NATO army which has now invaded syria for the third time after afrin and Idlib and which has , in contrast to the kurdish dope delaers, a rather large sunni base of Folks in syria………..

      sadly to say…havoc is now in syria after a period of constellation by SAA in the west….just look at the latest SF map of syria…llooks like a fucking rainbow….different factions , occupying different Areas with daily changing “friendships”…… and havoc is Always the Modus Operandi of them satanic jews…just look at iraq or lebanon or Iran lately……havoc is their satanic jew playground……AND NOBODY can tell what happens tomorrow, let alone nextb week and even less in a month or 2 from now!
      death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

      • RichardD

        It shouldn’t be surprising that an anti Russian Yinon plan Zionist shill like you has a problem with shutting down the Kurd terror and partition machine.

    • Derek Johnson

      Yours is the truest post here, SDF have still to come to their senses and withdraw, some here think they are fighting along side SAA.

      • RichardD

        Most of the reports of joint SAA/SDF operations against the Turkish terrorists are unconfirmed from pro Syrian sources and originate from opposition sources. They may be untrue.

        As long as the Iraqis are supporting the illeagal US invasion and occupation of Syria. The Kurds are going to be a problem. Which is why the Turks are in Syria. The way to correct the problem is to finish getting the US out of Syria.

  • klove and light

    Idlib 2.0

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Within range of SAA artillery :], aren’t the Turks geniuses.

    People like RichardD and Verner keep pushing this new Russian/Turkish MOU as a way to put the “Kurds” in line, but Assad is letting the SDF and the SAA fight alongside each other to keep the Turks out, even though he keeps saying he’s happy with the Russians efforts to implement the MOU, mmmm that doesn’t make sense, or does it.
    Doesn’t anyone else see a conflict between the spoken narrative and the actual confirmed evidence on the ground, ASSAD ISN’T ABIDING BY THE MOU IN ANY WAY ON THE GROUND, HE’S IN FACT DOING THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE SAYS HE’S GOING TO DO.

    Assad not only make a distinction between the SDF forces aligned to US interests and other groups like the ALF and KNC, who aren’t opposed to Assad’s forces and in fact fight on his side [in some cases], but he also wants us to distinguish between the numerous different Kurdish militias that make up the Kurdish section of the SDF force, and the SDF leadership itself. Assad doesn’t put all the “Kurds” in the one basket, he has 100 different baskets he puts them all in and deals with each group individually, unlike people like RicharD and Verner, who keep telling us all the “Kurds” are all the same and have to all be dealt with the same way.
    So it comes down to this, do you believe what paid for pro Russian and pro Turkish trolls like RicharD and Verner say, or do you believe, not only what Assad has said, but also what he ACTUALLY does sometimes, especially when it conflicts with what he’s said he’s going to do, or I should say HAS TO SAY HE’LL DO.
    The only problem Assad has now is with the SDF LEADERSHIP [all Kurdish], and some [but not all or even most] of the Kurdish militias in the SDF, as well as ALL the other ethnic/religious groups that have their own militias operating under the SDF banner, and as Assad is continually pointing out for us all, those other groups are mainly Arab, Turkmen, Christian, Yazidis, ect.
    Kurdish militias operating under the SDF banner now make up less than 45% of the total force, and Assad has a good dialogue with many of those different Kurdish militias and always has, despite the fact they’re on the wrong side operating with the SDF, it’s just !!SOME!! of the Kurdish militias in the SDF and the Kurdish SDF leadership Assad still can’t convince, as well as !! ALL!! the other Arab, Turkmen, Christian ect militias also operating under the SDF banner, [who are all totally pro US and just as bad as the Kurdish SDF leadership].
    Assad by letting some of the SDF militias who are still friendly with him and the Syrian government, fight alongside the SAA during defensive operations, is purposely and skilfully prying those groups away from the US controlled SDF leadership, he’s dividing and conquering the SDF, but people like Verner and RichardD just talk about the traitorous “Kurds” and how the Syrian government should just let the Russians and Turks deal with them. But Assad’s doing a much better job, when he’s finished the Kurdish militias will all be fighting on his side, and not resentfully opposing his rule from now until the end of eternity.
    So STFU you morons and let Assad do his job, he’s a lot smarter than any of you are, and he’s also there on the ground, he knows more about what’s really going on in Syria than either of you will ever know, and he also knows how to deal with the situation much better than either of you, so just STFU about the Russian/Turkish MOU, that will somehow miraculously bring the Kurds into line and also boot the US out.

    Here’s a statement from lavrov himself that lets the truth slip out,

    Question: You just said that the best ISIS fighters are the former Baath Party members. I just returned from the Syrian-Turkish border, where, as you know, last month Turkey launched, with Russia’s official or unofficial okay, Operation Peace Spring. My question is: you mentioned the Kurds in Iraq quite a bit but what about the Kurds in Syria?

    Sergey Lavrov: Operation Peace Spring was not endorsed by Russia. It was endorsed by the United States, if you are accurate with the facts. They tried to negotiate with Turkey but then said they could not reach the deal so “Kurds, you are on your own, we are leaving.” Then, after they left the Kurds and left Syria, they said they do not have any more obligations to the Kurds but they are coming back for oil (not for the Kurds). It is an interesting zigzagging in foreign policy. Back to Churchill, who said that the Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else.

    The Kurds in Syria must have a place in the political dialogue. But the Kurds in Syria must be consistent. If at the beginning of the conflict they decided that they can go unilateral with the support of the United States, when they declared the creation of this federation of Rojava and they thought that they would always be supported by the United States in this separatist movement, it was their decision. We tried to explain to them and to the Syrian government that it is important to start a dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds. The Kurds were not interested. They believed that they would always be covered by the United States. When the United States made this twist, the Kurds started asking us to help them start a dialogue with the government, which we were ready to do. But then, when the Americans said they are coming back to control the oil fields, the Kurds again lost interest in this dialogue. So we need some consistency.


    “When the United States made this twist, the Kurds started asking us to help them start a dialogue with the government, which we were ready to do. But then, when the Americans said they are coming back to control the oil fields, the Kurds again lost interest in this dialogue”.

    I like Lavrov a lot, he’s an honest man who can’t help but to let the truth slip out, twice.
    Lavrov’s just said that from the time the US first announced a US withdrawal, right up until the Turkish invasion, the SFD leadership were right on the brink of reconciliation with Assad’s government “so close” as Maxwell Smart used to say, but as soon as the Turks invaded the SDF leadership went running straight back to the US begging for more help.
    Now we all know that it was actually Trump who agreed to let the Turks invade unopposed in the first place, but I suspect just like me, Trump thought the Russians would intervene on behalf of Assad and stop them actually doing it, come to some sort of arrangement between Assad, the SDF leadership and the Turks. Instead the Russians not only endorsed the invasion, they actually encouraged it by trying to implement this new Turkish/Russian MOU.
    So in essence if what Lavrov said is correct [and I know it is], it means the Russians themselves should be held even more responsible than the US was, for driving the SDF leadership running back to the US, just as they were about to make a deal with Assad and Russia.

    And what about this part of Lavrov’s statement,

    “Then, after they left the Kurds and left Syria, they said they do not have any more obligations to the Kurds but they are coming back for oil (not for the Kurds). It is an interesting zigzagging in foreign policy. Back to Churchill, who said that the Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else”.

    What does that really mean, I think it means the US tried to force the Kurds back into Assad’s arms by threatening to leave, and when they didn’t go back to Assad as expected, the US just left anyway, leaving them to face Erdogan alone. But since the Russians also unexpectedly refrained from intervening on Assad and the Kurds behalf, the US has now rushed back into Syria to stop the Turks annihilating the Kurds and stealing the Syrian oil. That’s what Lavrovs statement tells me he thinks happened.

    Hopefully Lavrov’s becomes the next Russian president, and if he does, I also hope he sacks all of Putin’s old paid for trolls and employs some new ones, some with more than just 3 or 4 brain cells [or aren’t certifiably insane], because lately the Russian propaganda machine is doing more harm than good when it comes to people like me, I’m finding it hard to tell which side is worse lately.