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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Deploys More Troops In Two Observation Posts, Russia And Iran Establish Their Posts

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On May 23, the Turkish Army deployed 30 armored vehicles at its observation posts in the town of Murak and the village of Midan Ghazal in the northern and northwestern Hama countryside, according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi.

The source said that the units of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group Faylaq al-Sham escorted the armored vehicles of the Turkish Army to the observation posts.

In a related development, the Ministry of Defense of Russia revealed on May 23 that Russian and Iranian forces had established seventeen observation posts from the northern Aleppo countryside to the northwestern Lattakia during the last few months.

Turkish Army Deploys More Troops In Two Observation Posts, Russia And Iran Establish Their Posts

Green: Iranian Army posts, Red: Russian Army posts, Yellow: Turkish Army posts, By the Ministry of Defense of Russia

The Russian MoD also confirmed that the Turkish Army had established twelve observation posts between the Afrin area and the northern Lattakia countryside since late 2017.

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on establishing these observation posts during the Astana talks in order to monitor the de-escalation zones in the governorates of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Lattakia.

Syrian opposition activists believe that the three countries will take more steps on the ground soon to reopen the Hama-Aleppo highway that pass through the opposition-held areas in Idlib governorate.

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Nice map southfront.
I had no idea that there where so many observation post, or their locations.


South Front states again the Rebel’s fear of a major offensive, but there is something we’re overlooking. Idlib is in the process of becoming a Turksh satellite, although not by war but by intrigue.
The Rebel’s need supplies, security, and a single government. Turkey has the first two and by making all the requisite deals, mergers, and covert acts they can deploy troops and form an allied government.

MariaCeleste Conkright

FSA is the head chopping enemy. Why are they permitted to tag along with Turkey. This stinks. Tell Turkey to pack up your tanks and get the afternoon out of Syria

Mustafa Mehmet

They’re there to protect our borders .for now we staying


Same filthy shit arguments used by Zionistan. Turkey has become a terrorist state under sultan Erdocunt.

Mustafa Mehmet

Wolfcunt make sure you ? your cunt Erdogan my pop round be save. Using filfy Language not taking you anywhere .maggot

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This map shows exactly what Erdogan’s trying to achieve by erecting his OB posts, practically all of them are positioned to halt further advances by the SAA into the areas where the rebels and terrorists are. How can the SAA get to HTS if they have Turks blocking their progress.


by a project called Fouah False Flags can triggered a new scenario. All it need is a false flag in the beseige town :).. not only US can do a false flag


This map is the map of Astana deal. It does not only serve to stop SAA getting in , it also prevents HTS getting out until they are dissolved into FSA. You better get used to it , because you will see it for a few decades.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Astana deal is toilet paper to Erdogan. The first 2 OB posts set up in Idlib were set up before the Astana agreement was even finalised, and didn’t have Putin’s approval at all. Erdogan set them up in southern Idlib where the SAA were making massive gains against the rebels, and placed them in such a way that the SAA had to halt their operations altogether and pack up and go to Ghouta. Erdogan then consolidated all those small rebel groups the SAA had been fighting into one large force called the SLF, and also successfully brokered a truce between them and HTS, that lasted until a few months ago. If what you believed was correct the Russians wouldn’t be bombing SLF or FSA groups at all, and only be bombing HTS forces, but their not, their bombing both parties equally. More to the point Russia’s bombed one of the villages at the very moment a Turkish delegation was visiting for the purpose of erecting yet another illegal OB post and it wasn’t an accident, it was a message to Erdogan. If you haven’t heard yet the SAA are claiming the SLF and the FSA are using these OB posts to launch attacks against them and providing refuse for the rebels when they need to retreat, I don’t think that was ever any part of the Astana agreement do you. Erdogan is just circling the wagons around his rebel fighters to protect them nothing more. As to being there for decades, I’m not so sure, I think Putin may have a surprise for both you and Erdogan concerning the Turks length of stay.


nothing new here….been saying it all along and ridiculed for it….turkey aint going no where…people tend to forget in our times vey fast…..TURKEY WAS the key for the insurgency in Syria.without turkey the jew slaves be it ISIS or nato could not have had such an impact…..turkey was the country and still is that is providing chemicals for these false flag chem attacks….turkish intelligence services still work hand in hand with those takfiri headchoppers….look at the mother fuckers terrorists bastards of Douma, where did they go to? afrin area…….erdogan and his punks “ejected” the syrian population out of several villages, and gave their houses to exactly these headchoppers.
erdogans words ” we will never give back afrin to the syrians, it belongs to the true inhabitants”, well he is now changing the demography of those areas.WHCIH MEANS THE FOLLOWING.
The SAA will it ever want afrin and aleppo area back will have to go to war with a nato country which is using psychopathic takfiri motherfucking brainwashed assholes terrorists for their first defense lines…..numbers…..up to 150,000 of those motherfuckers.
ofcourse people here will again tell me how SMART PUTIN IS.
Is that the same Putin who just 3 days ago said “all foreign armies should leave syria including iran and hezbollah”?
if people are so fucking smart here…maybe someone enlightin me please……so what is the big plan of putin? will erdogans army jjust leave in peace with his 150,000 headchoppers who have now ejected the native population and decided to steal their houses,villages?LOLOL one sure has to be on LSD,crack,heroin and cocaine to believe any bs of ths kind.
And east syria? so french and us troops will just “fade away” into the sun set and go home to france and the us?sure believe fairy tales……those nato assholes aint going no where unless by force….
so how does force workout in the east,…….REMEBER FOLKS THE DEAL BETWEEN RUSSIA AND NATO….
nato will protect its and its allied sdf troops by air force……..russia will NOT ENGAGE NATO AIR FORCE…….
what does that deal mean? we have seen the result of such a stupid moron deal over a dozen times…
SAA rightfully attacks the invaders, and nato bombs the shit out of them and russia looks on…
great deal……ofcourse here people will get all upset for writing the truth….
so again pleae enlightin me……if russia airforce does not attatck nato, but nato attacks SAA how the fuck in th eworld will they ever conquer back theit country???
The answer is obvious.
THEY WONT!!!!! because thats what their jew masters want.

Mustafa Mehmet

Brainwashed lonely sad ? idiot


If he is brainwashed then you have no brains at all, I am sorry

Mustafa Mehmet

if you agree with this moron. mean you got no Brain ? At all


1. These ‘headchoppers’ are Syrian citizens , so there is no argument like ‘go and take your choppers with you’

2. As we speak , his beloved Syrian army is looting refrigerators , tv sets and water coolers at Yarmouk camp which belonged to Palestinian refugees.

3. If you believe Turkey is backed at NATO in Afrin , you dont have any idea about Syrian civil war. Do you seriously believe if SAA attacks TAF, NATO will send troops to assist Turkey ?

If Assad was able to control a few kids writing slogans on a wall without torturing and killing them, he could keep his country intact, and about 4 million Syrians would not be here in Turkey .


I agree with everything except your harsh language lol


and breaking news just coming in…unbelievable…..almasdar news… nato airforce just bombed SAA in deir e zoor…..
wtf have i been writing for weeks and today….again it happend…..SAA gets butcherd by nato motherfuckers, and RUSSIA looks on.hey but im sure someone will call me out, im the “bot” lol….
make things really simple now.
FUCK SAUDI ARABIA and it jew slave monarchy

FUCK NATO 8NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ASSHOLES, so wtf r u assholes doing in afghanistan, seems along way from the atlantic
FUCK THE EU; A BUNCH OF JEW SLAVE STATES that get raped since 2015 by takfiri scum raping and murdering the european population
and FUCK the jewish illegal entitty named israel up the ass

The only message that those fuckers understand is old brutal make no prisoner force!
Thats how hezbollah ejected them fom lebanon thats how the us got kicked out of somalia in the 90´s, thats why they left vietnam…brutal force.All bs dealings with tit for tat like in east syria or afrin area will make your enemies stronger and gives them more time to dig in and challenge your(syrias) legal authority over the indiginous native population….thats happeing in hasaka area, raqqa area, manjib area and afrin area.Meaning that sooner than later the demography of the native population has been changed in favour of the invaders…

Angelo Cinarelli

Observations posts? Are they now called observation posts? I have always known that they were called military bases. Ok Before prostitutes were called Prostitutes now they are called ESCORT, the name changes but the meaning is the same. :) However, I always love Syria, Iran, Ezbollah and Russia!!

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