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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Convoy Comes Under Attack In Syria’s Northern Hama – Report

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On May 10, a unit of the Turkish Army conducted a reconnaissance mission in the northern and northwestern Hama countryside visiting the town of Kafr Nabudah, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported.

Enab Baladi claimed that the Turkish Army is planning to establish a new observation post in the northern Hama countryside in order to monitor the de-escalation zone there.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition activists reported that that the Turkish Army unit had been targeted with IED near the town of Qalaat al-Madiq, west of Kafr Nabudah. Activists claimed that seven soldiers of the Turkish Army had been injured as a result of the incident. However, the Turkish Army is yet to confirm these claims.

The Turkish Army established a new observation post in the al-Rashidin district west of Aleppo city on May 9 in order to monitor the de-escalation zone in Aleppo governorate. Five other observation posts were previously established by the Turkish Army in the towns of Andan and al-Eis in Aleppo governorate, in the towns of Tell Tuqan and Sarman in Idlib governorate, and in Murak town in the northern Hama countryside.

According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on establishing these observation posts earlier this year during the Astana talks. At least two more Turkish posts are expected to be established in Hama and Idlib governorates in the upcoming months.

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Turkey has NOTHING TO DO in Syria.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Very original


Yeap, as the insidious Turkish agression tends to be considered as normal.

Baron Von MuleBanger

“Turkish” agression? No. Turkey has nothing to do with that. It was just ziodogan executing his orders.


it is not an option to watch a kurdish state being established right at its border and patiently expect the SAA to regain control while US backed Kurds getting arms and supplies from Pentagon and firing occasional rockets over the border to Kilis and like Turkish cities.


Kurdistan is indeed a scam, but the problem is that Turkey has not been afraid to attack SAA too.
Also remember the long time steady Turkish support to ISIS and many terrorists groups in Syria. And Erdogan saying “Assas must go”.
Sorry, no excuse for Turkey.

Floyd Hazzard

It’s a land grab but it was either Turkey or the Kurds and their sponsors. Everyone wants their own Syrian Golan Heights and Turkey had already taken Hatay. Syria is being sliced up like Pizza.


Hatay became part of Turkey in 1938 whereas Syria was created 8 years later in 1946 therefore it can not be compared with Golan




Dicks have NOTHING TO DO is Syria. wait i mean USA


Your wife don’t complain..


thanks god i dont have one



Baron Von MuleBanger

Can someone tell me why Putin chokes on joo dong? Looks like he can’t get enough. As usual Ru$$ia defended Syria with it’s hypersonic condemnations and state of the art call for restraint. Kremlin is full of Shekelsteins. lmao

Floyd Hazzard

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians are feeding the Israelis information.

jo johns

you are so right


Bro..wish I could of given you 1000 thumbs up ….. EXACTLY!!!!!


As I’ve said many times, the war was already agreed upon when the coup attempt occured in Turkey. Russia had reportedly “saved” Erdogan by providing intel. Anyways, Putin gave Israel green light to strike Iran. Israel promised not to hit the SAA if Assad did not retaliate. Assad of course was not aware of the deal and engaged Israel. The SAA fired into gholan heights and Israel responded with the same amount of missiles towards the SAA. After that, they targeted Iranian facilities and soldiers. The battery israel destroyed was firing at Israeli warplanes which gave Israel “reason” to bomb it, with accordance to the agreement with Putin. The Israeli prime minister promised Putin better relations with the US in exchange for Russia not interfering in these strikes.


Fantasy. The zionists and the Sultan are involved in the war and the Russians are trying to avoid a purely military solution. The Russians and the Syrians are trying to use diplomacy, media, propaganda, economics and the secret shows and this will take longer so what goes on this week with Erdogan is part of an incremental strategy of lots of things while the military strategy is limited to the US head-chopping, heart-eating, tapers and slavers.


Turkey is cleary saying it will not move back from Idlib. After the
cleaning of all the pockets lets see what will happen to those
de-escalation zones.


I wonder if low level fighting like this will ever stop. By the time normal life is restored over most of Syria it probably will no longer be relevant because Assad will be dead and his successors will fight each other for his job.

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