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Turkish Army Continues To Bleed, Five Soldiers Killed In Syria & Iraq Within One Week

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Turkish Army Continues To Bleed, Five Soldiers Killed In Syria & Iraq Within One Week

Turkish forces are seen near Mount Barsaya, northeast of Afrin, Syria January 23, 2018. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi

The Turkish military continues to sustain human losses in Syria and Iraq, where its troops have battling Kurdish forces and several other sides for several years.

Late on September 12, the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey announced that a soldier had died of wounds he sustained as result of the September 10 attack in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The attack, which was carried out by a little-known radical group called Saryat Ansar Abu Baker As-Siddiq, targeted a convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces near Idlib city.

The total death toll from the attack has now risen to three. At least two other Turkish soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Earlier this week, specifically on September 7, a Turkish officer was killed and four soldiers were wounded in a tunnel bomb attack in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo. The attack was carried out by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Turkish military’s human losses this week were not limited to Syria. On September 12, the Ministry of National Defense acknowledged that Turkish soldier was killed and another was wounded as a result of an attack by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The two soldiers were taking part in Operations Claw-Lightning and Thunderbolt, which began more than four months ago. At least 17 Turkish service members were killed in the operation as of August 16.

In the last few years, the Turkish military expanded its cross-border operations like never before upon the orders of President Erdogan.

The mounting human losses in Syria and Iraq have begun to generate public pressure inside Turkey against these operations. The loss of five soldiers in a week highlights the heavy cost associated with advancing Ankara’s interests in the Middle East.


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Article means “UNHUMAN losses” for those stuffs, the UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS

The Objective

It’s called jihad an martyrdom. That’s why you’ll never ever defeat Islam no matter how many soldiers or weapons you build. Dying in the cause of Allah is actually better than this worldly life. These soldiers died to protect over 3 million Sunnis in Idlib. Compared to what they have achieved (stopping the Russian offensive), three deaths in weeks is not such a great loss. You want to see a good example? Look at the Taliban. They don’t have an airforce, navy, or even professional land forces. Yet, Russia is afraid of going in to stop the fundamentalist Muslims (Taliban) despite claiming to be fighting the fundamental Muslims in Syria and Libya. There’s the Taliban right on the Russian border and they have announced a government more fundamental than Idlib, and Russia is doing nothing about it (aka admitted it can’t stop Shariah near its borders). Taliban is more fundamentalist than any other Muslim group I know of.

Last edited 12 days ago by The Objective

you just watch what happens to these talibunnies. Last time they came to power via the gun they lasted a mere 5 years. Just like your khilafat rashi-doom. Fundamentalist, shariah, jihadist and intolerant tyrannies never last. Nations are not founded on religion jack ass. History is proof of this.

european so proud

invaders deserve to die


i repeat “aslong as one stone inside a house remains usurped the entire building is threatened to collapse to ruin” hazrat emam ali


no soil in west asia belongs to you turks so forget the idea that we would allow your crimes and accept the idea that we will cut off your hands entirely that will happen dont believe you can outrun it whos dog are you to think you own anything you clowns turk turk creatures will hang only after we cut off your hands and whipped you nearly to death


there will no no turkey in future you laughable usurpers dont belong into west asia to begin with and now beg us to leave you alone again and again the insolence of this turkish military creature to want us to legitimize their terrorism and usurpation you never belonged into west asia dont make us kick you out entirely and cut you to pieces you lowsy thieves and usurpers

Last edited 13 days ago by farbat

Farbat, look at the dead soldiers faces. Modr ghehve are moghal from Xinjiang. They are half Chinese. You seeing this?


the turks brought daesh and all the chaos over iraq and syria and now they beg us to legitimize what they stole and here i must ask are they sane do they seek to die or are they insanely after their own ruin only causing chaos in their way


Farbat these guys are moghal. They don’t belong here at all. They need to go home to Xinjiang. They are very far away from home. Somebody needs to sit these guys down and tell them that their home is in Samarghand, Urumghi and Ashghabad. Kheli modr jende out of place.


constantinople can be liberated just as antioch and many other cities from these corrupt usurpers the christian and other places of worship can be brought to the hands of their real owners by our hands aswell if the turks dont know how to behave so yes these turks can be easily kicked out if they think they are high and mighty to behave like filthy pigs than we will treat them like the british zionist american and other pigs

Last edited 13 days ago by farbat
Icarus Tanović

C-4 to your door, no beef, no more, nigga.


Vlad Dracula of Romania in the 15th century knew how to deal with Ottomans. He invited them to dinner. Then nailed their fez’s to their heads, had them impaled and dined amongst their squirming, twitching bodies as they agonized in a slow lingering death.

L du Plessis

Dying for Turkey stealing oil… how sad.


Such artoles will only enrage the Turks and leads to them putting in more troops in and seizing more territories

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