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Turkish Army Clashed With Its Own Proxies In Northern Aleppo (Video)


Late on August 8, clashes broke out between the Turkish military and its Syrian militants in the occupied town of Sudju in northern Aleppo.

According to a number of sources, locals and militants were protesting in the town’s center over the disbanding of the 23rd Division when a convoy of the Turkish military passed by. The protestors blocked the convoy’s route forcing it to retreat. At that moment, a Turkish vehicle run over a child, injuring him.

Few of the militants attending the protests responded to the accident by opening fire at Turkish forces, which withdrew right away. Opposition activists said the militants were members of the al-Shamiya Front.

A few hours later, Turkish forces returned to Sudju, this time with a number of armored vehicles. The forces opened fire at the militants as well as on surrounding civilian houses. However, no losses were reported.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the incident, so far, nor its main proxy, the so-called Syrian National Army.

This was the first reported stand-off between the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies. The Turkish “attack” in Sudju was likely meant to intimidate militants and locals in Turkish-occupied area in northern and northeastern Syria.




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