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Turkish Army Clashed With Its Own Proxies In Northern Aleppo (Video)

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Late on August 8, clashes broke out between the Turkish military and its Syrian militants in the occupied town of Sudju in northern Aleppo.

According to a number of sources, locals and militants were protesting in the town’s center over the disbanding of the 23rd Division when a convoy of the Turkish military passed by. The protestors blocked the convoy’s route forcing it to retreat. At that moment, a Turkish vehicle run over a child, injuring him.

Few of the militants attending the protests responded to the accident by opening fire at Turkish forces, which withdrew right away. Opposition activists said the militants were members of the al-Shamiya Front.

A few hours later, Turkish forces returned to Sudju, this time with a number of armored vehicles. The forces opened fire at the militants as well as on surrounding civilian houses. However, no losses were reported.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the incident, so far, nor its main proxy, the so-called Syrian National Army.

This was the first reported stand-off between the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies. The Turkish “attack” in Sudju was likely meant to intimidate militants and locals in Turkish-occupied area in northern and northeastern Syria.


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Mustafa Mehmet

very smooth propaganda by saa gang’s against Turkish army

Mustafa Mehmet

After you Ali.. listen I don’t you a s*** about any group

Mustafa Mehmet

Spelling mistake… Ali I don’t give a shit about any salafis group.

Антон С

If syrian army is a gang, then turkish army eve a worse gang, because they are trying to occupy and annex foreign land. Conducting of aggressive war is crime and one of accusations in Nuremberg against hitlerists.

Mustafa Mehmet

Yes they got… stupid molla who wear red tongs underneath then hezbullocks then Shia afghani then lot’s of mercenaries from different countries… how can you call them Saa army…. Charlie boy we have to protect our border which is saa couldn’t do the job.. so we come and do it ourself …. learn the history first


Fucking Turks and their bastard pakistani slaves.Blth sister fucking assholes.

Mustafa Mehmet

Paul Paul sissy-boy watch your language… you want Türk and Pakistani to fuck you tooooo naughty. Racist boy


Note: Turkey, and equally, Pakistan are nation states – so for someone to dislike them is entirely their prerogative, and is not ‘racist’ in slightest – as is a slur against nation state, not a slur against racial groupings.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So let’s get this straight, the SNA, which is one of the moderate opposition groups that Turkey officially supports, directed one of it’s member factions the 23rd corps to disband due to allegations of corruption and criminal activity, and when they didn’t do as they were directed, the SNA sent in another faction called the 3rd corps to disband them forcefully. But this story is saying it was actually members of al-Shamiya Front [3rd corps] who attacked the Turkish convoy, and yet they’re the faction the SNA sent in to disband the disloyal 23rd corps, so why have they turned on their Turkish masters, was it because the child was accidentally run over and injured, or is there something else that’s put them at odds with Turkey, it’s definitely not the fact they’re upset about the 23rd corps being disbanded, because they’re the ones who disbanded them. “Never bite the hand that feeds you” is a really good saying, but obviously most Jihadist have never heard it before, they lash out and attack the very people that are protecting them from the SAA.

And they think they’re clever enough to run the country, LOL, they can’t even work out their political differences with their own military allies, which means the Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government is doomed to fail.


With friends like that, who needs enemies.

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