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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Captures More Villages In Rajo district Northwest Of Afrin

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On March 2, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Mamali, Maskanli, Utmanli and Balal Kuy Hills around the center of the Rajo district northwest of the city of Afrin, according to sources linked to the Turkish-backed FSA.

Turkish sources also claimed that the Turkish Army and its proxies had launched their ground attack on the Rajo district center and had captured some positions inside it from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). However, these claims are yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Turkish General Staff said in an official statement that the number of YPG fighters and other “terrorists” who had been “neutralized” by the Turkish Army had risen to 2,295.

From its side, the YPG press announced that YPG fighters had repelled an attack by the Turkish Army and its proxies on their positions in the Jandaris district center west of the city of Afrin. YPG fighters killed 26 Turkish Army soldiers and FSA fighters, according to the source.

Turkish Army Captures More Villages In Rajo district Northwest Of Afrin

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YPG fighters also repelled a third attack of the Turkish Army and its proxies on the village of Umranli in the Shara district north of the city of Afrin, according to the Kurdish Hawar news agency (ANHA). The source said that YPG fighters had destroyed a vehicle of the Turkish Army during the clashes around the village.

Experts believe that the Turkish Army will focus on the center of the Rajo district in the upcoming days in order to force the YPG to withdraw from it.

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In the last two days ANF and Anha reported three clashes in which, alltogether, some 90 invaders were killed and many more wounded.This means literally hundreds of wounded in just two days. Turkish hospitals must be overflowing and likely soon more turkish forces will have to enter Afrin just to avoid attacking forces being depleted.


“rojava” is dead. Bye bye.


Never seen such a deadly and alive corpse.


Your friends are running. tell israel to give them Tel aviv.
Or, call USA to give them California.

You tought israel gave a fuck about kurds. XD.

kurds are shit and backstabbers. Fu..ing low life shit.

Rita Munson

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lmao do you believe your own crap?


Afarin Mamosta

22 u22 uur geleden
[UNCONFIRMED] YPG announce the liberation of the following 4 villages + town from the invaders: Bililka, Gilles Sheikh Khurars, Abadan, Khawam Kordo and finally Bulbul centre.

If correct, than the only little town taken by invaders and their bearded has been liberated.

Must be – if correct – a huge blow to the morale of these liars and chicken thieves.

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