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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Approaches Centers Of Shara And Jandaris Districts In Afrin (Videos)

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On March 3, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Hemelke and Ramadiyah east of the Jandaris district center in the area of Afrin, according to sources linked to the FSA. The sources also announced that the Turkish Army had advanced east of the Shara district center and captured the village of Bafliyun.

Meanwhile, the France Press Agency (AFP) reported that 36 fighters of the pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF) had been killed in a Turkish airstrike. According to local sources, the incident took place in the village of Kafr Janna in the northwestern part of the Afrin area.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) repelled an attack by the Turkish Army and its proxies around the center of the Jandaris district, according to the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA). The ANHA said that YPG fighters had destroyed 4 vehicles of the Turkish-backed FSA.

The YPG press also reported that YPG fighters had repelled two attack by the Turkish Army and its proxies on their positions around the villages of Bafliyun and Cema in the Shara district. Two armored vehicles of the Turkish Army and 16 FSA fighters and Turkish Army soldiers were reportedly killed by the YPG there.

The Turkish Army will likely launch an attack on the center of the Jandaris district in the upcoming days. Earlier on March 3, Turkish forces established control of the Rajo district center.

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Richard M

Ottoman Wehrmacht and Waffen SS Division Handschar up to their usual terror tactics against civilians.


Sunnis have read only one book : the quran, americans only one book : the bible and you only one book : the WW2 war. XD.

George King

The dying Empire is not run by Christians but Satanist. It is (metaphorically speaking), “The Battle of Sinners and Saints”.

Ferhat Şah

lol , when you said “it is stalingard” i said to you “nope it is like soviet advanve to Berlin” now you start crying :'(


YPG has taken people in Afrin hostages and allow Turkey to invade Syria.

You can call me Al

“Meanwhile, the France Press Agency (AFP) reported that 36 fighters of the pro-government National Defence Forces (NDF) had been killed in a Turkish airstrike.”…………

Well, if the above true, the Yanks have their wish. Damn it looks true – https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-scores-syrian-troops-killed-turkish-airstrikes-ex-russian-base-afrin/

Now what then ?


They’ll activate the AD ?

You can call me Al

AD ? – help me out please.


Air Defense.

You can call me Al

OH GOD – I am sorry. I had a senile moment !!.


The kurds need to hand over their weapons to the Syrian army and surrender.


Yeah i think the NDF sent there as an assurances to convinces whatever YPG leader that stuck in Afrin. Though so only if the YPG Afrin agree to hand over the whole Afrin that they’ll activated their AD battery.

George King

Yanks wish? Reminds me of a joke, if you have two pieces of bread and no meat what do you call it? A wish sandwich!

Lelouch Vi Britannia

They shouldnt help Us backed terrorists. Everyone who supports Ypg will pay in with their lifes.


I think that some part of NDF are kurds that support Assad. They go to try to fight Turkey but it was a bad decision because no air cover = chicken.

Promitheas Apollonious

And I say, anything is not SAA, is an enemy of Syria and must be either abolished from Syrian ground or die.

İbrahim Çetin

Picking on Turkey while SDF is occupying literally half the country isn’t very smart. Turkey can mobilize millions of soldiers. Be our guest.

Promitheas Apollonious

Yes……….. I dont have to, Syrians will make you their guests, is in their country you invading not mine.

İbrahim Çetin

lol, just lol.
if it’s their country we’re invading why are we constantly killing KCK members? It’s like we’re fighting an invasion force of it’s own.

We’ve been invading Syria for almost two months now without killing a single SAA soldier. It’s a bit strange isn’t it? :D

This retarded chest pounding isn’t going to magically make SAA a threat to Turkish Armed Forces, they can’t even control their own country the idea that they may pose a threat to Turkey is laughable.

It’s as dumb as Saddam threatening America.

George King

Not strange at all, there is a Syrian Alliance and all is according to plan. The NDF out of the 2 of 3 Kurdish areas of Aleppo Kurdish (gangs) areas who have enforced local rule versus nation state rule of law and order. This issue is being eliminated as well as Kurdish rule of Afrin instead of nation state control of law and order. SAA has not supplied soldiers to block Turks and in fact has facilitated the movement of the fore mentioned NDF (Kurds) to their demise in Afrin through SAA held Commons.

İbrahim Çetin

That’s what I was trying to convey to the dumb griko


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A massive turkish invasion, and the great powers (Russia most certainly included) say nothing. The turkish ATROCITIES in Syria match the jewish atrocities in Lebanon, when the depraved racist state of Israel invaded that helpless nation and destroyed it.

Russia backed the jewish monsters when they invaded Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank. The turks are exterminating kurdish ‘rebels’ with Putin’s explicit permission.

Of course, foolish cynic Putin thinks once the kurdish alphas are all murdered, the kurdish leaders that remain will choose to be happy to allow the official syrian government to take full control in ‘kurdish’ regions of Syria. The opposite is true, as sectarian violence in that region is guaranteed to explode over the next few decades as the exposure of young kurds to massive amounts of military violence leads then to a guerilla mindset- with access to many of the remaining tons of weapons currently dumped into the region by all sides. It won’t be long now before the kurds start adopting ‘suicide’ bombings.

Putin is 100% to blame. Putin invites the jews, turks and yanks to operate in Syria and cause hellish chaos. He does this in the name of Israel and KSA. Assad lacks the authority to throw foreign forces out. Putin does not. Legally Putin can go to the UNSC and immediately demand all univited foreign powers leave the sovereign territory of Syria. But he actually does the opposite.

Turkey, Israel and America have Russia’s EXPLICIT permission to operate in Syria- Putin’s stated policy. And how do the jews reward Russia? Sanctions against Russia extended for another year.

Remember- PNAC- the fabian document that detailed the need for a new ‘pearl harbour’ shortly before Tony Blair’s false flag called 9/11- had a collection of nations to be destroyed by the USA. Syria was on the list- and Putin has allowed Syria to be destroyed- set back many decades just as the jews wanted.

Iran is the final target from that list. Putin is doing everything in his power to groom insane military arrogance in the USA by letting that bully strut across the world terrorising and abusing the weak and helpless.

Blair’s invasion of Iraq made no sense, and would cost more money than any of you can imagine (it led directly to the world recession that followed) – yet it happened. What the demons of the Deep State want, they get. And Iran is their next target. And far from acting against the Deep State, Putin grooms the Deep State war mongers to think they can get away with anything.


Putin, Putin, Putin, blame Putin.
You write the same comment day in, day out.

Horo Mahmoud

Bob :Yes. You need to be agree! yes he is the designer of this war 100% https://twitter.com/CivilWarMap/status/954852712490946563


Great – more Google translated drivel. From another Salafist.


Are you wahabbi or salafist terrorist supporter?

George King

I think you missed the memo, “Maybe you will listen now!” Putin.


I have to say either the Turks have improved their game, or the Kurds are worse fighters then ISIS, because ISIS seems to have put up a better fight during operation Euphrates Shield.

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