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JUNE 2021

Turkish Army Advances On Two Fronts In Afrin, Captures Many Villages (Map, Videos)

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Turkish Army Advances On Two Fronts In Afrin, Captures Many Villages (Map, Videos)

Map by: qasioun-news.com ,click to see the full-size map

On March 15, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Miske Fwqani, Miske Tahtani, Baraka, Gumazanli, Ali Jaro, Zarka, Jalur and Hamorajo in the western and northwestern parts of the Afrin area, according to sources linked to the FSA.

Additionally, the Turkish Army reportedly advanced in the northern part of the Afrin area and captured the villages of Mahabiyah, Qutan, Berkshli, Jalaki, Maydankiand, Kurseli and the town of Maydanki.

The Turkish Air Force (TAF) continued its heavy bombardment campaign on the city of Afrin for the second day in a row, the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported. The ANHA claimed that 13 civilians had been killed and 23 had been injured in the TAF bombardment during the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that their fighters had killed 25 Turkish Army soldiers and FSA fighters in the northern and western parts of the Afrin area.

YPG fighters also destroyed a vehicle of the Turkish Army with an ATGM in the outskirt of the city of Afrin, according to the YPG press.

Currently, the Turkish Army is working to capture all the reaming YPG positions in the northern and western parts of the city of Afrin. On the same time, Turkey is allowing YPG fighters to flee the city via the remaining open route. The Afrin city itself may become the next target of the Turkish Army. However, some Kurdish activists doubt this possibility.

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Michał Hunicz

“The Afrin city itself may become the next target of the Turkish Army. However, some Kurdish activists doubt this possibility.” They probably mentioned dutchnational, LOL.


Dutchnational perished in a recent Turkish arty strike NE of the city. RIP :D


This was an insanely mountanious area and despite this advantage YPG is losing ground so fast. Seeing their failure to put up a fight i’d say Manbij would fall in like 2 months.


They have no manpower. Despite they have built themselves defensive emplacements with advisor.

Pave Way IV

Which is exactly why I distrust 1) generalized battle maps of Afrin with solid colors and distinct LOCs, and 2) the whole execution of this campaign by Turkey and the YPG. Something is damn fishy here – even moreso than at the beginning of the Turk invasion.

Surely there are plenty of Kurds (or YPG or SDF or whomever) waging an intense guerilla-style war against the Turkish invaders. Civilian Kurds may have moved out of ‘Turkish’ controlled areas, but that does not mean the YPG has left. I can’t understand how a single supply truck even makes it to Turkish positions deep inside Syria. The Turks can always call in artillery if they are attacked by YPG vehicles or a sizeable unit, but that has to be useless for dismounted, two- or three-man TOW crews picking off Turkish armor or YPG snipers perforating head-choppers.

Turkey has been unusually quiet about resettling the hundreds-of-thousands of Syrian refugees in camps bordering Afrin. Are they doing this now, or are they intentionally delaying it and giving the Turkish-friendly head-choppers first choice of ethnically-cleansed Afrin homes and farms?

CENTCOM previously said any SDF going to Afrin to fight get kicked out of the SDF. Then they announce that the Deir EzZor Military Council is ending their fight against ISIS on the east side of the Euphrates and hundreds of SDF ‘Arabs’ (presumably DEMC) are heading to Afrin.

Is the US planning on completing the old Kurdish Arc from Iraq through Syria to the Mediterranean by substituting the last piece – Afrin to the sea – with some kind of Arab-Turkomen Head-chopper SDFistan?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I suspect the Kurds are already secretly negotiating with Assad and Russia, but are delaying, and or avoiding, any major military encounters until they work out a satisfactory outcome for all parties.
If the Kurds aren’t doing this, the alternative will be, a Turkish administered occupational government for them to contend with. The US has already stated it won’t work against Turkish interests on behalf of the Kurds, and Erdogan has stated many times recently, he intends to go all the way to the Iraqi border before he’s finished. The Kurds know exactly what this means and won’t allow it to happen, so without the US.s help, they have no other option than to renegotiate with Assad.
What should be happening now is this, Assad should be secretly granting the Kurds full autonomy, not sovereignty. Then the Kurds should then rescind all ties to the US, but at the same time, allow SAA forces to move secretly but quickly into strategic areas they were previously controlling for the US, allowing those areas to return to Syrian government control without any combat having to occur.
Then the Russians should arm the Kurds to the teeth with heavy weapons and MANPADS, provide supplies and medical care, but even more importantly, good intel.
Then it would be a fair fight between the Kurds and the Turks, and I’m sure the outcome would be very different from the one we’re witnessing atm. the Kurds wouldn’t have to worry about the US or NATO coming to Turkey’s aide, unlike the SAA, Russia or Hezbollah, who would get their butts fried.
This would leave the SAA, the Russians, Hezbollah and all the government militias to fight and KILL everyone else.


I am quite sure that the Turkish Government is currently negotiating with the US about YPG surrendering in Afrin and withdrawl from Manbij. A close house combat in Afrin would result in heavy losses for both sides. Better YPG would give up to save lifes of soldiers and civilians.


They’re on it right now even if they’re bitter about it. They’d accused Russians of betrayal but nothing of the US.

man on the moon

If us strikes syria again it will leave the door open for russia to use iran, hezzbalah, agianst isreal , kurds agianst turks for self purpose. Russia to strike us. It will be all coordinated. Its a big risk but hit hard win fight. Its just who hits harder and moves faster.


Russia didn’t and can’t control Hezbollah and Iran about Israel. They’ll fight Israel even without Russian help as well as with US and co helping them.


It´s disgusting how the left-wing media is protecting their commie-brothers and sisters from the YPG. Till now no reports on YPG preventing civilians from leaving the City of Afrin. Everybody knows they will use the civilians as human shields against Türkiye and the FSA. And after casualties they will cry, and the left wing media also. Morons


but you, turks belong to area around ankara. so, you shut up!, too.


hey buddy, why so angry? thats correct Turks belong to Türkiye. But if Türkiye ´s safety is in danger than believe me you can expect us everywhere in the world.


You do understand Ataturk and the kemalist are commies right?


They are social nationalist you retard


Please explain your outcome that I had said Mustafa Kemal Atatürk or the Kemalists are commies ?????!!!!!!


The pic you using


Your comment makes no sense. Where is the link between my avatar and your comment above ???????


I have never understood the difference between the left wing medias and the right wing medias.


And, I think that it is the “right wing medias” which support kurds.


I don’t think so. Its the left-wings media which sympathasizes with the YPG commies. They say Rojava is a democratic federal system. Only lies. PYD / YPG is strict commie minded. They forced the Arabs and the Turkmens to leave their land and call themselves democratic. Hilarious


It’s the opposite. The right-wings media love kurds and the left-wings medias support the White Helmets.


Actually both love the Kurds. The right because they are America’s boots on the ground against ISIS and the evil Assad. And the left because the YPG wants to implement everything that social justice warriors get their little clits wet over. Have you ever been to a radical left wing community? The place is literally covered in pro Rojava propaganda.


Military sound would be to divide the Kurdish held areas and isolate the western part of Afrin. This could have been done already if Ankara wanted it. That it hasn’t happened can be interpreted as Turkey wants to ethnically cleanse Afrin.

Conrad Hunte

I hope Turkey clears the YPG from all parts of syria.

John Brown

The great kurdish army soldiers are shaving off their beards, putting on womens dresses and running away faster then the Turks can advance.

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