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Turkish Armored Vehicle Attempted To Pull Down Greek Border Fence

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Turkish Armored Vehicle Attempted To Pull Down Greek Border Fence

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On March 6th, a video was shared on social media showing Turkish security forces use an armored vehicle, with a rope to pull down the fence at the Greek border and allow migrants to pass.

The vehicle, according to Greek media is one of the “HIZIR / ATES” type vehicles with daytime and nighttime border surveillance vehicles, which Turkey received from May to August 2019, financed by a program for which 75% were paid for the EU.

Furthermore, Turkish special police operations units were shown pointing their high-powered rifles at the Greek border patrol cars.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that the migrants that the migrants who cross to Europe would go above one million, which would cause the fall of European governments and destabilization of their economies.

Meanwhile, Turkey continues with its claims of rescuing migrants in distress.

A total of 60 asylum seekers, most of them children were rescued off Turkey’s Aegean coast, security sources said on March 8th.

Turkish Coast Guard teams said in a statement that a group of Afghans in a rubber boat, including 33 children, were rescued while attempting to cross to Greek islands.

It is also accusing Greek soldiers of opening fire on migrants, with a video purportedly showing specifically that.

On March 6th, Turkey’s Communications Directorate Fahrettin Altun slammed Greek authorities over the “ill-treatment of refugees.”

In a statement to the CNN International network, Altun responded to claims by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that Ankara is “assisting” thousands of migrants on its border to get into Europe.

“We categorically reject Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ allegations and we are deeply concerned about the ill-treatment of, and the use of lethal force against refugees by this country’s law enforcement and border security agents,” Altun said.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

I don’t think it is too fanciful to think that this could all go very ‘hot’ very quickly with the history between the two countries.


Surely Greece has had enough shit thrown at them from Erdogan.


day after day Turkish forces escalate their provocation levels. did you see the incident with the Turkish coast guard vessel charging at full speed at the Greek one? the armoured vehicle incide the dead zone of the border trying to breach the wall is what?how long do yopu think it will be until a breach is achieved?then what?we have a mob of Afgans etc mixed with Turkish SOF invading….

Simplekindof Man

They problem with turkeys is that they don’t have “fresh” memories of the horror of war. They think war is paintball. Our fathers were kids in WW2 and grandfather fought and some lived to tell the stories. At the same time turkey was chicken.


I do hope it does :) The Turks in Cyprus need evicting.

Simplekindof Man

Constant years of provocation is of the norm and had Greece not shown restraint over the years war would have broken out decades ago. It seems Greek patience has sort of played out exposing the depraved Turks on the long run. Interseptions of turkey jets violating Greek air airspace is a daily routine for Greek pilots.

Rafik Chauhan

Greece should deploy armoured and tank at the border to shoot at turkis armoured vehicle if they they try and destroy border fence.Greece ahs legal authority to attack turks if they damage anything of Greece.


that fence is on the turkish side,


Stupid Turk.


idot mike. read the original greek statement!!!!!!!!!!

do not trust russian sites :P


Greece already has armoured vehicles in the border, you only see a small part of the line, there is a 212km land borders between Greece and Turkey and most of that line is separated by a river, the Evros river. While Greece has a large number of tanks(more than 1300) in which 500 at least are in bases close to the borders, there is no need so far to send them out to the border line, light armour vehicles doing patrols are enough for now.

There is thousands of soldiers deployed across the Greco-Turkish borders already, some units also are special ops, there is night vision and thermal cameras all over the place and drones flying day and night patrolling the line, also more than 60 vessels of the Hellenic navy and coast guard patrolling the border lines in the Aegean sea. Also the Greek gov keep expanding the fence as we speak across the entire border.

According to the Greek minister of Immigration, because of the tight and strong deterrence, in the last 3 days there was zero flow both in the land borders and in the sea.


Illegálisan csak ugy mi se mehetnénk át ott a törökbe mert nem tartozik senghenhez..és különben is 2015 óta csak rablásból és eröszakból éltek európában köszönjék a társaiknak nem kérnek belölük többett! Menjenek haza és kérjék a pénzt az ujjáépitéshez akik lebombázták öket!. Mi is két kezünkkel épitettünk ujjá mindent MOn!!! Ez a mi hazánk és repüljenek vagy menjenek haza! itt se fognak átzuduéni mint 2015 ben tették!!!Röszkén. (HUN) –Hála a görögöknek a harcért!–


Not everyone here is speaking Magyar/Hungarian. Can you bring this message in English, German or French?

Pave Way IV

Google Translate:

Illegally, we wouldn’t be able to go to Turkey because they don’t belong to senghen..and anyway since 2015 they have been living in Europe only for robbery and violence. Go home and ask for the money to build those who bombed them. We also built everything with our two hands MOn !!! This is our country and fly or go home! they won’t be sweaty here as they did in 2015 !!! Röszke. (HUN) – Thanks to the Greeks for fighting! –


Thx a lot. I am obviously not as smart as others are who use the translation tools :) but next time I will, promised! So with some delay I can give my thumb up for this nice and correct patriotic statement from Kékavian! And my wishes go the same way down (from Austria, neighboring “Magyaroszág”) to Greece: STAY YOUR GROUND! Godspeed! Show them invaders their limit! Their journey ends at this Greek barrier!

Pave Way IV

Well… I’m not a sleaze-bag NATO attorney, but this kind of looks like a direct attack on a NATO ally to me. Greece has been a member of NATO since 1952. Turkey too, but they’re obviously the aggressor nation here, intent on sending their al Qaeda prisoners and/or employees to the EU.

Shouldn’t this trigger an automatic Article 5 response against Turkey by the other cowardly NATO cabal allies? What – is Greece somehow less of a member than, say, Estonia? Why the fuck do U.S. taxpayers fork over $7 billion a year for direct NATO support and $24 billion a year for European NATO U.S. bases and troops if we sit on our asses when Greece is attacked?

On top of that, U.S. taxpayers got ass-raped for another $6.5 billion in 2019 for our ‘European Defense Initiative’ against an imaginary European invasion by Russia. FFS, how much of that cash really went to arming and paying for the head-choppers in Syria, now fleeing through Turkey to NATO member Greece? U.S. taxpayers should be sending that $6.5 billion to Russia for killing those head-chopping bastards for us.



every day Turkey is escalating its actions. invading the neutral (dead) zone of the border with armoured vehicles and trying to breach the ‘defences’ is a plain and simple act of war……but all the EU and US as well is trying to persuade Turkey to behave correctly…just like a small kid….stop what you are doing or no candy for you….lets see if this way of diplomacy works…(i cant stop laughing…)

Lone Ranger

Time to take back Constantinaple…


Well an opening on Cyprus could certainly arise.

Lazy Gamer

Turkey has no right to transfer responsibility or expect Greece to do the things it could not itself extend. Perhaps the EU could imitate Turkey by obtaining a 30 km safe zone within Turkey. lol

Simplekindof Man

Greece has to show restraint to keep exposing the turkey. Turkey must expose itself as the aggressor if you want the slightest possibility of outside support. Just like Russia has been doing forever and basically it is to their credit the world is not a meta apocalyptic hell hole.(Cuban missile crisis springs to mind but there are countless more -USSR era)


For nine long years the EU has been cheerleading from behind as Turkey invaded Syria with proxy Jewhadi’s employed and armed by the US Coalition of Terror.

Erdo was personally profiting from the import of oil stolen by ISIS and the Jewhadi gangs literally stripped and plundered everything they could from Syrian business’s and civilian homes in the areas they controlled. by brute force.

I would welcome an internecine NATO war, especially if the US is backing both sides as is normal.

Simplekindof Man

As long as the one side isn’t Greece I don’t care either. “War is delightful to those who haven’t seen it” Now if push comes to shove…

NATO and EU are hypocritical entities and elite interest supporters. Erdogang might be plundering but innocent are dying- either side.


Wtf is mad Turkey doing, a blatant blackmail to back its invasion war or war with Greece? Sure all Nato members can group up to teach Turkey a lesson, starting from complete trade embargo, and reinforced Greek military.

Greece should seriously talks to Syria, Russia, Iran, Libya & Egypt how to round up Turkey. 6 vs 1.

Burka sa Blizi

Respect for Greeks that they (finally) defend their (and EU) borders. They definitely have support of most EU citizens. Also, this is a great opportunity for EU to finally stop the nonsense sanctions against Russia and start to cooperate (because Turkey wouldn’t dare this if Brusell hasn’t regarded Russia as an enemy).


Hoards at the border are not Russian. Time to put all those NATO exercises into gear against Turkey.


Correct. The “Defender 2020” war games in the Baltic states should take place under real conditions here near Evros rivesr where the future of Europe is at stake. And on the Mediterranian Sea where soon will be reports about the new “boat people”… Maybe very soon there might be attempts of more “technical violations” (as described above) on the fences and the hoards of former shitholistan citizens will pull into “promised land” Europe and especially Germany-Austria-Sweden-Switzerland where allegedly milk & honey is flowing without limit. As they have obviously been told by the globalistic and Leftist liars

Prince Teutonic

Funny, both countries are members of NATO alliance. So who will trigger Article 5 and who’s side with will NATO allign?


That’s a very good point :)

Xoli Xoli

Both have trigger article 5 there wont be war.Erdogan is the accuser of all friend to Trump,Pompeo,Merkel and Putin.9f usa drops him Putin will safe his economy and patrol with Erdogan Greece borders.


Greece is member of EU. Turkey would be at war with the whole EU. Independently upon NATO.


soros dollár!!!!


who are you?


Not a stupid Turk like you.


thats why USA pretends that does not see what Turkey does for 40 years against Greece.

Assad must stay

Wow turkey making friends left and right hahahaha, erdogan is doing a great job running his country and economy into the ground

Gabriel Hollows

He’s just being a turk.


So then its not his fault and whichever government comes to power in Turkey, same things will happen


Yeah because Turks have a stupidly and arrogant inflated sense on themselves.

Bill Wilson

Bozkurt sounds like a first class dumbass because the EU would have an easier time ruining Turkey’s economy while absorbing another 1 million refugees by stopping all aid Turkey receives for the refugees and civilians in Idlib.


Total EU embargo of goods, services and especially money being sent home by Turks living in the EU would do that. Also, since SWIFT is located in Europe, if the EU were to shut Turkey out of the SWIFT banking system Turkey would get to experience the same kind of fun that Iran has, minus that Iran at least has had decades of learning to cope with various Western sanctions.

As usual yet another Turkish politician/windbag that loves to spout crap. Until the shit starts hitting the Turkish fan, then they’ll wage a victorious retreat.


EU=Germany and Germany has huge economical interests in Turkey. If you see history Germany always was behind/next to Turkey .


What is going on with Turkey??? i am lost for words.


You know who is in charge of that country, right? That should explain everything.


Its hilarious :)

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is madness vïrus infected floppy drive.


financed by a program for which 75% were paid for the EU.

Talk about ironic blowback. And also shows why Europe and the US should stop giving Turkey free stuff/handmedowns.


Just nuke turkey and its muslim hordes who’s going to cry over dead dog shit


And it looks like it didn’t work. Erdogan is insane. All bets are off with him, as far as I am concerned. In previous opinions I didn’t take into account that he just might be plains nuts. None of it will matter in the end, fore he is pretty much done.

Pave Way IV

I really wish this was the way it worked, John. Unfortunately, insane Erdogan’s career doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘pretty much done’. No credit to him, of course. He is kept in power by the US and ZATO. And why is that? It’s for the same tired, old reason used by the west since WWII: the degenerate psychopaths running the US and ZATO were obsessed with beating down an antagonistic communist Soviet Union, and now destroying an unsubmissive, resilient and defiant Russia.

England back-stabbed the Greek partisans in 1944 and re-hired all the Nazi collaborators to run the corrupt, tyrannical Greek government, police and military. Oddly enough, they were big fans of black sites, torture and beheading. All from English paranoia about some ‘communists’ among the partisans having influence and the possibility of Soviet access to the Mediterranean Sea. They destroyed Greece and the birthplace of western democracy in order to save the Greeks from the (imaginary) threat of ‘communists’.

Same playbook used by the U.S. since WWIi. The only twist with Turkey is that we’ll tolerate Erdogan as long as he can be used to further US/ZATO interests against Russia. I mean… at least since the CIA failed to kill him in the coup and replace him with a more submissive puppet. Of course Erdogan hates us, but he knows that playing both sides keeps him and his criminal clan alive for now. Without a corrupt, megalomaniac leader, Turkey would collapse. Nothing against Turkey – it’s the same for the US and cronies.

Romeo Pesiao

Turkish people are not mad, only a handful Turk’s leaders are mad…

good american

Poor Turkey. Nothing is going their way, not even fences can they conquer. ALMOST makes you feel sorry for them, but not quite. More like schiedenfruede!


Almost sorry for them is right, the US/UK, Saudis, Qararis all had an equal hand in the war on Syria, Turkey got stuck holding the bag.


Never forget this, Greeks, the same force behind erDOGans war against Syria, etc, witch have created an massive amount of refugees, to other wars, incl Afganistan, and now an horde of Africans, and the same scums have their fake NGOs running around to help this invasion army to how to lie to our Gov about docs and tels them what they can have just cross the border, and no wounder they do what they can. Again, the Greeks should not show any mercy with the western NGOs rat packs, just kick em out and burn down their stands, and so far, despite the faking etc and the rotten western MSM whom do what they have done for years to undermine our nations and our people, with refugees, where most of them comes because of economic issues, incl unemployments etc.

The same faking have been done for years, and I even remeber an episode where the western MSM aka BBC showed an million march of people, witch they claimed was taken in Tripoli, Libya, and when the facts where pointed out, that the flags they where waving was Indian, they just claimed it was an video they wanted to show us where eh…. representative, but they never admitted it was fake, 100% fake, then we have all the fake NGOs whom reported atrocitys, etc, to viagra, and Amn. In to HRW all lied about everything, and this f…. are stil been used as an “credible source”, witch is nothing but lies, and the Greeks have finaly even gotten that, and I hope the european people finaly realises the scale and scope of this war on europa and white people.


And for the first time in years, everybody in Norway agrees, on this, that we all backs the Greeks, the only one not doing that is the same NGOs and Gov officials whom have been lying to us about wars and their reasons for decades, future wars because of resources, hell where have they been, its always about resources, and non of this f…. admits that THEY are the reason for millions of refugees, since THEY where backing Obamalama etc, all the way back to Bush, because of WMD, etc, and all this wars was about resources. WE should kick out the Turds from every european nation, just throw them out and tell em, here you have your f…. empire and sultan, and start to boycot the Turds back to the stone age.

WE are behind you Greece.


good american

And don’t forget what the EU and the banking cartels did to Greece…….. the Greeks should kick ALL of them in the face.


csak 150 éven át rajcsuruztak Hungaryan! Sulejman…. Hunyadi kéne ide kiverné öket görögöktöl is… Déli harangszó a Nándorfehérvári törökök elleni gyözelem!!!

Usa a fehér fajt akarja lecserélni.

Romeo Pesiao

It was turkey created this migrants, however turkey want to share the burden to the EU, where’s the justice?

good american

Justice for who? The EU? Aren’t their dirty little hands in the creation of this mess, too? If they didn’t support all this military adventurism, supported the sovereignty of Syria, Iran, etc. etc., none of this would be happening to them. Societies would function and there would be normal movement of people, not this chaos. The stupids made their bed and now they are crying about blaming Turkey as if it all because of them. Quadafi warned all of them, but they didn’t listen, did they?


Kadhafit a franciák ölték meg..hülye banda.


Nem kell más hazáját bombázni…ennyi!!!! 1960 görög harc is volt jöttek hozzánk de nem volt eröszak! Sok görög ma is itt él! Kaptak falut: Ivancsa budapest környékén.

good american

Igen, a gyilkos banda egyik tagja. This is for the other comment, actually. Wrong reply button.


So all this shows that the human trafficker Sultan Erdogan is declaring war on EU. Also if I don’t like the terrible EU project an never voted for it’s installation I still am European citizen and I reject this behavior of the terroristic and warmongering Turks affecting European countries. Take these hords back from the border, bring them to where they belong (AFG, Pakistan, Africa e.g.) and do not expect the European peoples to accept any further invasion.

Ice Icegold


Not Amused

Time to bring back land mines.


Turkish Militia forces migrants to get off bus and cross the border at gun point. Yet at the same time, Erdogan sheds crocodile tears for the “poor migrants” and wants money to “save” them…



Time to kick Turkey out of NATO. Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has declared war against Grece and Europe.

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