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Turkish Armored Vehicle Attempted To Pull Down Greek Border Fence


Turkish Armored Vehicle Attempted To Pull Down Greek Border Fence

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On March 6th, a video was shared on social media showing Turkish security forces use an armored vehicle, with a rope to pull down the fence at the Greek border and allow migrants to pass.

The vehicle, according to Greek media is one of the “HIZIR / ATES” type vehicles with daytime and nighttime border surveillance vehicles, which Turkey received from May to August 2019, financed by a program for which 75% were paid for the EU.

Furthermore, Turkish special police operations units were shown pointing their high-powered rifles at the Greek border patrol cars.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that the migrants that the migrants who cross to Europe would go above one million, which would cause the fall of European governments and destabilization of their economies.

Meanwhile, Turkey continues with its claims of rescuing migrants in distress.

A total of 60 asylum seekers, most of them children were rescued off Turkey’s Aegean coast, security sources said on March 8th.

Turkish Coast Guard teams said in a statement that a group of Afghans in a rubber boat, including 33 children, were rescued while attempting to cross to Greek islands.

It is also accusing Greek soldiers of opening fire on migrants, with a video purportedly showing specifically that.

On March 6th, Turkey’s Communications Directorate Fahrettin Altun slammed Greek authorities over the “ill-treatment of refugees.”

In a statement to the CNN International network, Altun responded to claims by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that Ankara is “assisting” thousands of migrants on its border to get into Europe.

“We categorically reject Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ allegations and we are deeply concerned about the ill-treatment of, and the use of lethal force against refugees by this country’s law enforcement and border security agents,” Altun said.




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