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Turkish And Russian Propaganda On Collision Course

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Turkish And Russian Propaganda On Collision Course

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Turkey’s Operation Spring Shield in the Syrian province of Idlib is ongoing amid an apparent increase of media hysteria. As the Syrian Army and Turkish-led forces are clashing in eastern and southern Idlib, Turkish, Syrian and Russian media release victorious reports and threaten rivals with casualties and geopolitical setbacks. This trend is especially strong in Russian and Turkish media.

On February 28, Mesut Hakki Casin, a member of the Security and Foreign Policy Board advising Erdogan, declared that Turkey is prepared to go to war with Russia.

“We have fought Russia 16 times in the past, and we will fight it again,” he said.

Casin also pointed to Russia’s sizeable Muslim population and claimed that Russia “will be shattered from inside” should an armed conflict break out between Moscow and Ankara.

Casin remarks were widely circulated by Turkish and Western maisntream media. However, they are only a part of the wider ‘war-time’ propaganda campaign waged by Turkish media in support of Erdogan’s Idlib gamble. In some cases, this campaign takes ugly forms. For example, Turksh Defense Minitster Hulusi Akar claimed that Turkey had started a military action in Idlib in response to the agression against its peaceful troops deployed there. Somehow, he forgot to mention that Turkish troops were embedded with al-Qaeda members and were attacking Syrian forces.

Reports in Russian media quoting some ‘experts’ are not much better. When the situation in Idlib started escalating, some Russian ‘experts’ started claiming that Moscow should consider arming and funding Kurdish armed groups (for example, the YPG in northeastern Syria) in order to instigate their conflict with Turkey.

These reports exploit the fact that the so-called Kurdish question is probably the only issue that may undermine the existence of the modern Turkish state. Such a Russian support will  put an end to any possible normalization of the Russian-Turkish relations. At the same time, any such efforts will not lead to gains for Russia itself. In the modern history, Kurdish groups repeatedly demonstrated that the only power that they are ready to threat as an ally is the United States. They see other players as a source of free resources that can be tricked and played. In particular, the Kurdish YPG openly demonstrated this during the battle of Aleppo city. Kurdish units were hiding the entire battle in the YPG-controlled part of the city. However, when terrorists were defeated, they immediately rushed to capture some new areas.

The Turkish Idlib gamble is a result of personal ambitions of Recep Tayip Erdogan that sees the region as an opportunity to turn into the reality his personal neo-ottoman dreams. This ‘personal jihad’ of the Turkish leader led to the ongoing escalation. Therefore, the conflict in Idlib is seen by Ankara as a place of geopolitical standoff while the Kurdish question lays behind the real red lines of the Turkish state. In fact, even a limited open military confrontation between Turkish and Russian forces in Idlib will not lead to such destructive events as the Kurdish issue can. Ankara and Moscow have a wide range of shared economic and political interests and they have repeatedly demonstrated that they can overcome the existing contradictions to achieve the economic and diplomatic goals.

In this light, the main question is what goals do pursue so-called ‘respected experts’ that promote the idea of using the Kurdish question against Turkey? The possible answer is that they prefer to use the existing hype for personal promotion rather than value the real and apparent interests of the state and international security.


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Legis Legis Juscius

Just remeber there are about 100 mln russains living outside russia, many of them in former USSR states
In russia there are just 6.3% muslims, many of them are loyal to russia


The Muslims in Russia, are not immigrants. They have been living there for thousands of years.
The issue with Muslims in late 90’s was an economic one exploited by the CIA. But they all feel Russian. Now with very good economic development, that problem is long gone.

Zionism = EVIL

90% of Russian military police in Syria are Muslims, mostly Chechens and Tartars.


facts also a lot in spetsnaz

Zionism = EVIL

I have read projections that Russia will be over 25% Muslim in a decade and most are Russian ethnic Slavs, same as in the Balkans.


in chechnya every were you go you’ll see big pictures of vladimir putin and kadirov muslims their are very loyal to mother russia yes there is a few extremits minority but the population there have great wealth and infrastructure thanks to putin

Zionism = EVIL

Grozny was rebuilt from ground up and looks fantastic.

Mack Dane

After Russia flattened it to teach those Chechen donkeys some manners.

Black Waters

It was young kids being recruited by force by saudi wahabists, the CIA took part on it too. Always the same people behind of such events.


It was an economic issue exploited by the CIA. Same recipe for all color revolutions. Russia won, they just forgot to use the same recipe in Ukraine (among other things)


In fact, in the last decade, with its peak in the immediate aftermath of the Beslan massacre, the population of Russia’s Muslims has been declining, not by displacement but by the conversion from Islam to other religions, predominantly Orthodoxy.


Zionism=EVIL….Maybe in Bosnia, definitely not in Croatia. there is 98% Catholics living in Croatia, 1.5% orthodox and rest are Muslims and other ethnic groups.
There is only about 0.02% Muslims in Croatia. So regarding muslims in Balkan, Maybe other countries,in Croatia maybe for 200 hundred years but definitely not in a decate.


What about 30% of the orthodox population expelled from your country in 1995? Is this the civilized, human, internationally recognized, legally correct behavior of a nation. If so, does that mean that every nation is entitled to such a procedure? Does that mean you don’t mind having another nation expel your people from their country?


Chechen are very warrior type people. They are fearless. I respect them.




“thousands of years”? lol how many thousands? One? at max… Islam didn’t exist before the 7th century btw.

Zionism = EVIL

1400 years is over a thousand I guess :)

Al Balog

He’s probably referring to the ethnic groups within Russia, not just the religion.


The Muslims in Russia do not take orders from erdogan. Erdogan only wants division and to see Christians killing Muslims, just like erdogan has killed 500,000 Syrians.


Yes, Casin is right. They fought Russia 16 times and they were beaten 16 times. So… yeah, the 17th one will result in the change of name from Istanbul back to Constantinople.

Lone Ranger

Russian Muslims aren’t dumb, they know Turkroaches are working for the mossad and CIA.
Turkroaches lost another war, it’s ok, I’m more worried about hasbarats.
Poor things…
Free XXL Tampax to every hasbarat ?

Lone Ranger

SAA is gaining Turkroaches are draining ;)

Lone Ranger

Hasbarats will cry and rage ;)

Zionism = EVIL

Turkey says millions of migrants may head to EU if NATO does not help Turkey annex northern Syria

The Turkish president has warned that “millions” of migrants and refugees will soon head towards Europe.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was speaking after announcing Turkey could no longer enforce a 2016 deal with the EU to prevent migrants entering Europe.


Good, let the Europe deal with the migrant issue. Let the bombs go off in their nations.

Zionism = EVIL

They do deserve it as they started the Wahhabi terrorism in Syria and then outsourced it to Erdogan.


Erdogan is very strong leader. I don’t agree with everything he do but he is great leader and we turks like strong characters. Nobody can tell him what to do. He is no yes man.

Zionism = EVIL

I think he is a loudmouth idiot and will be killed in a coup as there are hopefully some adults left in the military. He will destroy your fragile country. Russia is a superpower with 6000 nukes and will not be pushed around. At the end of the day no Christian nation in the west will defend Turkey which is very despised in Europe. You guys are emotional and don’t understand real politik.


There will be civil war if anybody try to kill Erdogan. It won’t be easy to remove Erdogan from his seat.

Zionism = EVIL

That I agree with, last time Russia and Iran saved him as they find him a useful divisive idiot, but now they won’t. There are 1300 senior officers, mostly pilots in jail. Adnan Manderes was another demagogue and he suffered the same fate. Never underestimate the men with guns.


How did Russia save Erdogan? where did you get this from?

Zionism = EVIL

I can write a book on it, but google how Russia and Iran saved Erdogan mostly by providing intel.

Did Russia and Iran save Erdogan?

Western and Arab media outlets quoted diplomats in Ankara as disclosing that Turkey’s President Erdogan was alerted by Russia against an imminent army coup hours before it was initiated on Friday, while a western media outlet said Erdogan asked his supporters to remain in the streets after receiving advice from Tehran.

Several Arab media outlets, including Rai Alyoum, quoted diplomatic sources in Ankara as saying that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, known locally as the MIT, received intel from its Russian counterpart that warned of an impending coup in the Muslim state.

The unnamed diplomats said the Russian army in the region had intercepted highly sensitive army exchanges and encoded radio messages showing that the Turkish army was readying to stage a coup against the administration in Ankara.

Zionism = EVIL

lol, one of your own compatriots down voted you, that shows how divided Turkey is.

AM Hants

Trouble is, who have they lined up to replace him? Not keen on the crowd the CIA had in mind, post assassination attempt.


True, he only takes orders from the Seppoes and their zionist antisemite lickspittles.

AM Hants

How large is the population of Syria, specifically Idlib?

Wonder where Turkey will round up the mob from?

When Syria is at peace, won’t they wish to return home, if genuine Syrian refugees?


Idlib is the Syrian province with 10,000 hospitals and 50,000 animal rescue sanctuaries, AM.

The daily Telegraph front page at the weekend stated that a large corono virus outbreak in the UK could affect the population and that 10% of the victims would need to be treated in hospitals. Ergo 6.5 million in hospitals.

Statistics for UK hospital beds in 2017 totalled 264,500 beds + or minus a few hundred.

It appears that the UK is way behind Syria in hospital numbers , if Al Qaida and the BBC are to be believed:)

The Daily Telegraph reporter needs to buy a calculator I think, or will MI5 create a few videos of virtual hospitals in villages throughout the country if the virus hits the fan ?
Bellingcat and Porton Down could help as well.

AM Hants

But, I thought all those hospitals were taken out on a daily basis from 2012-2016? Gosh, did not realise the rebuild project was so advanced. Have you thought of checking out horse facilities in Idlib? No doubt they have better than the best, if the BBC and Telegraph say so.

With the C virus, and media hysteria, questions that come to mind, why do more die from your standard strain of flu, than the C version?

How long does the virus hang around for?

Remember Gordon Brown forking out around £10 million, to purchase was it ‘bird flu’ vaccines? Tax payer’s money (but he did have form, raiding pensions and flogging the gold to the lowest bidder). Buying Bill Gates vaccines, recommended by WHO and no not Dr Who. Preventing poorer nations receiving them. However, once the vaccines were purchased, with few being used, the virus worked itself out.

How many healthy victims have died from the C virus?

How many with other health conditions and a compromised immune system have died?

MH17, the virology experts on board, due to attend an Aids conference, around the time they were trying to make ebola fashionable. The last year they tried the annual virus script on us.

How many bio-weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity, besides the 13 in Ukraine and 1 in Syria have popped up near nations the US is upset with?


Fortunately, AM, the White Helmets hospital repair units were able to rebuild all the hospitals bombed by Russia until they got bombed again , and the Jihadi head choppers volunteered in their days of from raping and pillaging to help. God Bless the Crusader spirit of MI6

As for the virus, the hysteria is evident even now in the media and that suggest to me that certain interests have invested money somewhere.
If it happens that the annual flu deaths of circa 17,000 in the UK are doubled or even 200,000, that is still a one in 325 chance of death.
That’s life.

AM Hants

More of a gamble crossing the road. When my dad died, bearing in mind my parents were/are, 7 members of their parish (They lived in a small town) were admitted to hospital, in the same week, with flu. 3 of them, including my dad, died on the same day. You never got the media hysteria or the ready to run stories, which go with false flags or globalist scripts.

When was Davos? What went down? Did the US run out of cash on the 16th Feb?

With regards White Helmets, walking on water and managing the Syria medical centre rebuild, guess they slowed down after James found his Turkey stuffing and failed to share it with his team.

Wonder how many of the White Helmets are holding children over fires, trying to manipulate tears and bad cough scenarios, over on the Greek borders.

Must admit the irony of the White Helmets turning up in Lesbos, heavily made up, wearing standard NATO stilletos, crimpolene frocks and smudged puppy, somewhere close to the facial hair.


I have just seen the BBC news and is all about the corona virus that now has 51 in hospital :)

As you alluded to, there has to be more to all of the irrational hysteria about an illness that is common every winter and that the vast majority shrug off.

The general air of panic within Western nation Elite’s suggests that there is more in the air that flu. But what ?
Is it a revelation of some sort of undeniable truth that will cause a domino effect of some kind in Western nations?

AM Hants

Allegedly the US ran out of money on the 16th February 2020, so not in a position to pay their bills. How long have the media been hysterical about this virus, which has put 51 in hospital?

Cruise Companies, stranded at sea – nice take down of the Cruise Liner industry.
Empty passenger jets – what little Greta has dreamed of.
Industry – unable to import components.
US Forces – one member has come down with it, but, will it have a knock on effect, on keeping them home?

Look at all the legislation that is coming in on the back of the virus and not just in the UK.

Did Orwell ever have a virus that caused riot through the ministries of Oceana?


Its certain that something is going awry and whatever it is will be serious.
The Federal Reserve has been creating billions of dollars every night since Sept 2019 in order to stop the ‘Repo’ overnight interest rates from inflating hugely . This happens when banks fear the bad credit score of other banks.

A pandemic would also be a dress rehearsal for martial law.

AM Hants

Martial law, sounds like just what they are aiming for. Before the masses wake up.

Wonder what was discussed at Davos, in January?

Another thing, something big is due, which they wish to hide, so WHO hysteria will be a good way to cover it up. Why is Turkey kicking off in Syria at the same time the media is obsessed with Coronovirus?

Remember when Israel went crazy in the Golan Heights (I think it was), when the MH17 was taken out and kept the media busy?

9/11when the US had to explain the debt and overspend and not as much as the debt they have now stockpiled.

Read an article on Millennium Report, which has stated the coincidence of 5G networks and the virus. Now who is cheesed off the Chinese are more advanced with the 5G roll out? So with that theory, have absolutely no idea and no instincts asking questions.

AM Hants

Left out heavily religious, explaining 7 members of the parish being hospitalised, same week, with flu.

AM Hants

Syria, oops, should be Georgia, haha.


South Georgia :)

Mack Dane

Not news. Everyone knows that 90% of everything that comes out of Russia or Turkey is propaganda.


The eye is quicker than the fist,flogged!



You are another dual propaganda hasbara I suspect, mack Dane.


Angry Guy



Angry Guy




Tim Williams
Dušan Mirić

Come on! Who are those Russian “experts”? Even some average by stander like me must hear for some of them if he (or she) was following this tragic events created by monstermind in the head of Erdogan. I was reading some articles in Военное обозрение or gazeta.ru (Mikhail Khodarenok) and they were fair to me.


turks national sport …maybe erdogan can try bringing theses guys in the front line they seem to have deadly tactics to neutralize saa

comment image comment image comment image

Toni Liu

HhHhahah neutralized saa by dick gripping


LLOL. Turkish culture at a glance.

“It’s not homo if you win”

Tim Williams
Zionism = EVIL

Libya and Syria have signed a defence pact too.

Tim Williams

rat forces in propaganda over drive … claiming victory after victory


Zionism = EVIL

Russian Air Force not backing down in northwest Syria as they intensify strikes and cause heavy Turkish casualties. Some Tupolev 22M are flying from Iran.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams

no ceasefire …. kill them all … kill all the invaders



Probably nothing could be further from the truth, as in fact it might just be that Russia and Turkey are in Bed with each other making love behind the scenes!! Hidden agreements we are not told about, hidden obligations we are not allowed to know about, hidden restraints coming from the West = If you don’t do as we say, we NUKE you mother!=/%-ers!!!


Flaw thinking: in the event off a clash the Kurds will receive with pleasure any possibility to get a respected and independent state who ever support them. And about 50% off all Turks will enjoy to resist the Erdogan gang and a about 30% off them will practically fight the regime. The west, certainly Europe, preach that support for the new tyrant but when the opportunity is given we will do or very best to oust the bogy men Erdogan. Do not forget if a nation is attack Turkey on his territory, to have Nato defending Turkey 2/3 CONDITIONS must be met: 1) Turkey may not be the cause of that attack (if Turkey as it first enters the country, Nato has no commitment to join ). 2) it must be a unanimous decision of all Nato countries. 3) without the support of the European national population, no country will accept the NATO commitment in favor of Turkey. Like Erdogan has been Europe bulling for years, some countries even individually attacked (Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, etc.) I estimate his chances of support as good as zero.


Erdogan is whining and begging, he is losing his feathers, he is in desperate needs for friends, he is isolated international and national. Erdogan is done, he is making his own pilgrimage to Canossa/ Moscow. An advised; do it bare food Erdo or you must do it again.


As allways Sultan Erdogan overestimates its importance: as if he is the center off Islam, the Mahdi. Erdogan ; “ the rest off the muslim world spit you out and even a big part of Turks pisseon you” you are a paria, as was the Ottoman dictatur for the world included islam world, a tyranny.


In german they say : he went as a Turk ( to Germany ) and came back as an German; meaning he went as a bully, uneducated, erratic, untrustworthy, unreliable nitwit and came back civilised, educated, not tempered personality. Maybe sent Erdogan for some years working bottom up in a civilised country.


You really don’t see a reason to arm the Kurds?
Here’s a reason: afrin.
Arming the Kurds there will make the Turkish occupation of Syria more costly, and less in their interest.


Kurds need to join the SAA and show their commitment to Syria, not the USA, then Afrin becomes feasible.

Tudor Miron

Who’s the author of this errr… article? If we peel off all the nice “cover words” we’ll see that it concentrates on idea that helping Kurds against Turkey is very bad.


Russian – turkish joint patrols,this not involves cias/gulen mugs.


You surely are right IMHO. And it distorts the fact that Russia has build up relations with Kurds for decades and sees them as relyable partners for the future of Syria.
And ofc, this is always a looming option for Russia, ever analyst that is not blind is seeing that.
Just another sign that the economic interests of Russia in Turkey are the major deciding point.

AM Hants

Soft psy-op, came to mind, whilst reading it. Was waiting to see it being sourced to SOHR.

Tudor Miron

How things are going on your side, Anna Maria? Hope this message finds you well.

AM Hants

Hi Tudor, hope all is well with you. Apart from serious frustration, regards politicians and the density of the masses, things are fine. Mega apologies that are politicians have no conception of World peace or basic diplomatic skills.


It is bad,, Erdogan is being shown to respect Syria’s territorial integrity by Russia, Lebanon and Iran, it is counter productive to try to destroy Turkey.
The US does that, Russia is not that low.

Tudor Miron

I agree to that. Russia is not up to resort to this kind of behavior – seeding havoc in foreign countries by arming terrorist groups. Surely not a normal way of operation until there’s a real war and Russian land is endangered. But I was posting about obvious inclination of that article.


Looking at Vesti in Russian I think the problem in Russia is NOT ENOUGH coverage of Syria.

Saif Imam

Smell of roasted Turkey every where. ??

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