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Turkish Airstrikes Kill Up to 200 Kurdish Fighters in Syria – Turkish GenStaff

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According to the Turkish General Staff, about 200 Kurdish fighters have been killed by Turkish airstrikes in northern Syria. As a representative of the Kurdish self-defense forces said, the Turkish Air Force has bombed Kurdish positions in the north of Aleppo province.

Turkish Airstrikes Kill Up to 200 Kurdish Fighters in Syria – Turkish GenStaff

Turkish airstrikes have claimed lives of about 160-200 fighters of the Kurdish self-defense forces in northern Syria, the Turkish General Staff said on October 20.

“Our Air Force as part of the Euphrates Shield operation carried out 26 strikes on 18 targets of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces – the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, killing 160-200 militants,” the General Staff said.

According to the Turkish General Staff, airstrikes have also destroyed arms depots, nine buildings, controlled by Kurdish units, and five vehicles.

Meanwhile, a source in the Kurdish self-defense forces said that positions of Kurdish fighters in the villages of Um al-Qura and Um al-Haush in northern Aleppo province have been attacked by the Turkish Air Force.

According to the source, Turkish aircraft “have bombed positions of Kurdish revolutionary formations in the villages of Um al-Haush and Um al-Qura to the south of the city of Mari.” According to preliminary data, at least four airstrikes have been carried out for half an hour that the warplanes were in the air, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

Earlier, a member of the opposition Syrian Democratic Council, Kurdish politician Reyzan Khedu, said that the Turkish Army allegedly covers attacks of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and other armed groups in the north of Aleppo province.

Earlier, on Wednesday, it was reported that Russia and Turkey have agreed on joint efforts to withdraw terrorists from the Syrian city of Aleppo.

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Marumiyu Moriame

death to turk invaders

Joseph Scott

Looking at the history of Turkish kill claims against the Kurds, I think you can call that 32-40 killed, rather than 160-200. Just divide Turkish claims on any day by 5 and it should be about right.

John Whitehot

I’m sincerely saddened by how is this going for the kurds. In the end, they have been exploited by the US and Israel and will end up as the faction who’s been sacrificed to other, bigger forces. They are the ones who fought ISIS since the beginning, and without them the calyphate would be much larger and I suspect, the “moderates” too would have been stronger. I don’t know what happened between Russia and Turkey, but it seems like Turkey has been given carte-blanche to destroy the kurds by the Russians and the Syrians, in exchange prolly of the interruption of support for “moderates” and ISIS. If they did not start to attack the Syrian army and its allies some time before the turkish failed-coup, maybe things would be different.

Joseph Scott

I suspect this won’t play out how people would imagine Syria has today threatened to shoot down Turkish aircraft in response to their recent airstrikes on Kurdish villages. https://www.sott.net/article/331690-Syrian-Army-threatens-to-shoot-down-any-Turkish-aircraft-after-airstrike-kills-150-civilians-in-northern-Syria

Marumiyu Moriame

killed by islamist whether FSA turks isis is all the same. they are terrorist. this should be a call to kurds around the world to fight for your people and prevent their destruction by murderous turks and wahhabis.


The new Ottoman Empire?


Turkey will never allow a Kurdish state on its borders. It has always meant this war would happen at some point. It will come down to the same thing, and Russia needs too consider this as things draw closer. Turkey will make its claim in north Syria and Iraq in order to prevent a Kurdistan. Iran not fond of Kurds is not protesting this now. However if and when the Kurdish issue is resolved if Turkey prevails then it will be Turks in north Syria, Turks in northern Iraq. Somehow I dont see the Iraqi Shia majority nor the Iranians sitting back and allowing the Turks to take this territory. Russia will not be able to play both sides when the Shia go to war with the Turk.


I despise the idea of an unfair fight – give the Kurds MPADs.

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