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Turkish Airstrikes Hit Kurdish Forces In Iraq & Syria After Istanbul Bombing (Videos)

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Turkish Airstrikes Hit Kurdish Forces In Iraq & Syria After Istanbul Bombing (Videos)

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Early on November 20, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence said that it carried out airstrikes on Kurdish forces in northern Syria and northern Iraq.

In a statement, the ministry said that the airstrikes targeted bases of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which it said were used to carry out attacks on Turkey.

Turkey considers the YPG, the main component of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), to be an extension of the outlawed PKK.

The airstrikes were a direct response to the November 13 bombing that killed six people and injured more than 80 others in the İstiklal Avenue of Turkey’s Istanbul. Ankara blamed the attack on the PKK and the YPG, who rejected these accusations.

“The hour of reckoning has come,” the Turkish defence ministry tweeted after the beginning of the airstrikes, adding that those who had perpetrated the “treacherous attacks” would be held accountable.

The ministry said it was using “precision strikes” to destroy “terrorist hotbeds” in another tweet that was accompanied by a video showing a target being hit.

In northern Syria, Turkish airstrikes targeted SDF-held areas in Aleppo, Raqqa and al-Hasakah, including the town of Kabani, the main stronghold of the Kurdish-led group.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that six fighters of the SDF and six service members of the Syrian Arab Army, who is deployed in Kurdish-held areas to oversee a ceasefire brokered by Russia in 2019, were killed in the Turkish airstrikes. These numbers are yet to be verified, however.

“This bombing is not in favor of any party,” SDF leader Mazloum Abdi, said on Twitter. “We are making every effort not to cause a major catastrophe, but if war breaks out, everyone will be affected by its results.”

In northern Iraq, several parts of the Kurdistan region were reportedly struck, including PKK strongholds in the Qandil Mountains. No casualties have been reported, so far.

Around 48 hours earlier, the United States Consulate General in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, issued a security alert warning American citizens of a near Turkish military operation in northern Iraq and northern Syria. This suggests that Washington had advanced knowledge of Ankara’s military plans.

The Turkish airstrikes will likely lead to more tensions, especially if the reports of Syrian military casualties are true. Ankara is apparently planning to escalate against the SDF in northern Syria. Damascus has already warned against such a move.



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jens holm

I recently had sex w atilla

Tommy Jensen

Two small Kurdish villages with women, children and elderly were bombed to pieces as retaliation for Mi6/CIA’s bomb in Istanbul plus Erdogan refused to receive a wedding card from the US Embassy.

Take that one NATO. This is all upon YOU!!


the entire frontline has been bombed. From Syria to Iraq. The question is , will the Turkish army conduct a ground operation after the air bomb campaign?

Tommy Jensen

MI6/CIA bomb a market place in Istanbul and Turkey bomb two innocent kurdish villages in Syria in revenge.

MI6/CIA sink a Russian flagship in the Black Sea and Russia kill 1200 of their slavic brothers in Ukraine in revenge.

Can you figure out that riddle?

Last edited 2 months ago by Tommy Jensen

Kurdish terrorist groups and gangs aren’t any different than Wahhabis terrorist groups and gangs.

Kurdish are Wahhabis 2.0 that the US uses in the Middle East now. Remember people Kurdish people love to die for Zionists and the Western governments. Like how Zionists and the West used Wahhabis, they are going to do the same thing to these pigs.

Let’s remember what these “Kurdish groups” did and doing right now. They were getting killed by ISIL, and Syria, Iran, and Russia came to their aid, they were part of the alliance. The US came in and told Kurdish groups that if they ally with the US and Israel they would get land from Syria, Iraq, and later on from Iran. What they did do? They agree to become ISIL 2.0 of the West.


I remember reading a report that mentioned, the Kurdish gangs hold ISIL members to use them in Iraq, Syria, and Iran under orders of the US. How many times have we seen the US army air-dropping ISIL in Iraq and Syria? All Wahhabis hiding near the US bases and Kurdish-hold areas, crazy huh.

The US stealing Syrian wheat and oil with the help of Kurdish gangs, let’s just be real for a sec, how much land do the Kurds own in Syria – not even 5%. So, what the US did? Creation of the SDF, which is funny because it is run by the US, and the “leaders” of the group are Kurdish terrorists and gang members.

Kurdish people are Wahhabis 2.0 and they are nothing but tools for the US and Israel to be used like Wahhabis in the Middle East. NEVER believe a word of the groups that ally themselves with the US and Israel.


During the Iran riots, Kurdish terrorist groups and gangs try to invade Iran – which they failed to even enter Iran. I’m not even joking these Kurdish pigs openly said, “Yes, we are supporting the riots in Iran and our underground groups are in Iran with the rioters.” They openly said that they are part of CIA, MI6, Mossad, and Wahabis groups.

The West MSM said Iran’s attack/killing of these sub-human pigs in N-Iraq was uncalled for.

Let’s compare, can you drink alcohol in American public areas? NO. Can you break the hijab in Iran’s public areas? NO.

That ugly pig was a Kurdish “woman” if you guys didn’t know. I don’t fuking buy it, they planned this out and they were really hoping to achieve regime change in Iran.


Regime change 101, dehumanize the country/people – (Iran supporting Russia in the Ukraine war for the Westerners).

Fake News, (West/Zionists/Wahhabis none stop BS reports/claims about Iran).

Riots/Protests like how they did it with that BS Arab spring (Iran riots started after the death of that ugly pig) E.g. ABC News “Iran’s women want a revolution, and this time the protest is driven by a globally connected movement”. <- Fake news.

Terrorist groups attacking government buildings and law enforcement, (MeK, Kurdish gangs, Pakistan Sunnis terrorist groups, Azerbaijan gangs in N-Iran). Still ongoing.

Military intervention (NATO, US, Zionists, ISIL, Kurdish gangs, Wahhabis).

The West wanted this so badly to happen in Iran, they are still trying to make it happen. I believe it is because they think Russia now is "weaker" in the Middle East and Asia. The West, Wahhabis, and Zionists failed again.


ur right, but Turkish soldiers also wanted to kill us on the border…


Please don’t get me wrong, in no world do I support the Turkish government’s actions. Turkey was supporting Wahhabis and before the US stealing Syrian oil under the Kurdish gang, Turkey was stealing Syrian oil under Wahhabis gangs.

Any countries/groups that undermine the Syrian government/statehood and stole Syrian wealth is not welcomed.




I’m not a Turkish buddy and nor do I support Zionists and Yanuqis gangs, such as Kurdish terrorists or Turkish terrorists. Both of these groups are undermining Syrian statehood.

Look up Greater Israel and Greater Kurdistan, what’s funny about those two terrorist groups they border doesn’t cross each other. Crazy huh…


Lets wait and see if the Turkish army will conduct a ground operation after its air-operations.


Turks are so scared of Greece now that they are puting a show on Syria bombing empty houses..LOL so patheric!! they know what is coming for them in the Mediteranian!

Mr cotton

Turks are so scared of Greece ????????? What a joke 🤣 Because Turks are scared of Greece they bombing Syria … What a logic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you won a medal 🥇. I’m sure you are a greek.

Peter Jennings

Thanks to warnings from the US, probably noone was hurt because of these attacks. 48 hours is enough to move personnel, weapons and equipment out of harms way. The Turkish admin and military is being thwarted by a fellow member of nato. Yet nato reckon that they are rock solid. Go figure.

Bomb them iraq and syrias kurdistan

now Russia has alot of problems in Ukraine and Iran has problems inside. Its a good time the contunie the major military incursion in Syria and lraq. Greece also have to stop deploying heavy weapons on the Greek island and military educations on the islands

Last edited 2 months ago by Bomb them iraq and syrias kurdistan
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