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Turkish Air Force Bombed YPG HQ, Positions, Media Center In Northern Syria

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Turkish Air Force Bombed YPG HQ, Positions, Media Center In Northern Syria


Early on April 25, the Turkish Air Force bombed the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) General Command HQ in the Mount Karachok near the town of Al-Malikiyah, according to a statement released by the YPG General Command.

Airstrikes also hit “a media center, a local radio station [Voice of Rojava FM], communication headquarters and some military institutions.”

The YPG Central Command also confirmed casualities among YPG members and civilians.

According to the pro-Kurdish media outelt “Kom News” some 18 persons were killed in the airstrikes.

Other sources provide a lower number of the casualties.

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Dustil schmit

Barazni won’t say a word since hes erdogan pet. Trump won’t say anything because of his nice shiny towers in Istanbul.

Bill Wilson

Trump may say something if the owners of the towers are only paying to use his brand/name. He should say something even if he owns them to provoke a reaction out of Erdogan to see what the fool does. He would be crazy to seize the towers since that would cause great concern with foreign companies and investors who own valuable assets in Turkey.

Pave Way IV

Re: Trump Tower Istanbul

“…A coincidence, however, it is not. Technically, neither Mr. Trump nor the Trump Organization owns the property (or most of the other buildings featuring the Trump name outside the United States). But in 2010, Mr. Trump allowed the building’s Turkish owners, Dogan Holding, to brand it with his name, in exchange for a sizable fee. The total has not been disclosed, but campaign records show that by July 2015, Dogan Holding had paid Mr. Trump between $1 million and $5 million for the use of his name…”


It’s kind of humorous in the NYT article that people they interviewed in Istanbul don’t seem to be aware of the brand name connection to Trump.

I see the Trump organization lists it in their ‘real estate portfolio’ anyway as if they owned it:


John Marks

Kurds – beware of American treachery.

Jonathan Cohen

Russia could buy influence with YPJ simply by giving them better woepons and gear then the Americans do. They deserve it and Russia has a longer history with Kurds anyway. YPG is not married to Trump yet. Putin should make them an offer.


This town is in the extreme northeast corner of syria. It was one of the few Syrian towns that was majority kurds before the war, and the first region to be incorporated into the Pentagon backed colony of Rojava.

Turkey could not strike this town without Pentagon looking the other way. Turkey chose this town, no where near isis, to tell the kurds they no longer have American support.

America is giving up on kurds and switching to an Arab army to carve out eastern syria with the help of turkey and Jordan. This may be the beginning of the end of Rojava.

Bill Wilson

Erdogan is just seeing what he can get away with. This should prompt the coalition to bring in antiaircraft missile systems to protect Rojava from further Turkish air attacks. The Russians should have those in place in Afrin where they’re building a base west of Azaz.

Jens Holm

More realistic then Xanatos.

Turks confirm they only listen to violence and even attack YPG again and again. My wildest dream would be that USA and supporters for USA in Syria flew in a complete radiostaion sponsered by us and some very stationary anti aircraft missiles.

Jonathan Cohen

Damn! abortion rights supporters need to be at peace; though with Erdogan now dictator, Turkey may ban abortion soon and Kurds will be doubly betrayed. Russia, USA, North Korea, Bahrain and Rojava could still make a global alliance for abortion rights though.


Can your post be aborted?
This would be nice.


Maybe he should have told his mother.

Jens Holm

You are an abortion ?


Maybe they should top it of with manpads, artillery and tanks for the YPG and a no fly zone over federal northern air space except for USAF, to be concluded by endorsement for the federal project.

Vain hope I think. Trump does not have the balls to do this.

Jens Holm

Yes, I feel like that too, but would prefare other solutions. I have now been in the region for 5 years – so to speak.

Turks has no ears or they are sitting on them.


:)) It will be a good cheesecake for Turkish Artillery :D

Will US support Russia as ypg/pkk ? : ))

Jens Holm

There must be very much cancer or inflation in Your estimates.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Finally Turkey does something decent. Kurd’s have up their attacks greatly on Iran as well.
Kurd’s are apart of the greater Israel scheme. US would never back stab Kurd’s, because that is like an octopus chopping off one of its own arms. Kurd’s and Deep State and CIA and Israel are all one and the same.
In the end it is not Kurd’s who are going to be back stabbed by Israel and the USSA, it is Turkey that is going to be back stabbed.

Dustil schmit

Yawn. Time to debunk you
Turkey sees no need for Cyprus to approve Israel gas pipeline
Turkey-Israel gas pipeline deal could be built through Cyprus’ economic waters even without Cypriot consent, a Turkish official said, dismissing what some experts see as a key obstacle to an energy deal between the two Mediterranean countries.

Jens Holm

And YPG is attacking in Iran and Turks help Iran. new to me.

jim crowland

I am not sure if it is the tukrs or just Erdogan that I would like to disappear

Jonathan Cohen

Just Erdogan. Turkish abortion rights would be safe without him. Rojavan too.


Good I hate the Kurds because they hate Iran for Israel zio bastards

Dustil schmit

lol they are cousins think.



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