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Turkish Warplanes Conduct Air Raids in Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey


Turkish Warplanes Conduct Air Raids in Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey

Turkish warplanes have conducted air raids in the southeastern areas of Turkey and the northern parts of Iraq.

According to reports, Wednesday’s airstrikes in the Turkish province of Hakkari and at the border of Iraq killed 10 memebers of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

We remember, the Erdogan regime has been engaged in a large-scale campaign against Kurdish militants in its southern regions last months. The Turkish military has also been attacking the Kurdish positions in Iraq.

Anaka’s military operations has launched a, de-facto, civil war in Southern Turkey.



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  • New User

    Could the Iraqi govt commission an external powers air force to safeguard its airspace integrity, I wonder out loud?

    A substantial bounty given out for confirmed shoot downs from incursions by unauthorized warplanes. (such as Turkish F-16’s)

    • john doe

      In theory this would be a grand idea; yet Russia is unwilling or unable at the present time to address incursions within the Syrian borders. Where they have a semi-permanent base.

      This is a game of Chess and Russia’s growing influence within the middle-east will only grow..
      Hopefully to the point whereby they can retaliate without the backlash of the ‘western propaganda machine’ spinning some imaginary event, disguised as fact.