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Turkey’s Turn To Test Its Luck In The ‘Graveyard Of Empires’ (UPDATED)

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Turkey's Turn To Test Its Luck In The 'Graveyard Of Empires' (UPDATED)

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The article was updated with the following photos and footage of Taliban preparing for further operations:

Turkey's Turn To Test Its Luck In The 'Graveyard Of Empires' (UPDATED)

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Turkey's Turn To Test Its Luck In The 'Graveyard Of Empires' (UPDATED)

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After the Soviet Union’s failure in the not-so-distant past, and the United States’ failure right now, it is Turkey’s turn to attempt and ‘save’ Afghanistan.

The U.S. and Turkey have agreed to a plan for the Turks to continue providing security at the airport in Kabul, U.S. officials said.

Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, told reporters Thursday that both sides had made a “clear commitment” on the security of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

“We are feeling good about where we are in terms of the planning with the Turks on this issue,” Sullivan said.

“President Erdogan indicated he would need, as you said, certain forms of support to do that, and President Biden committed that support would be forthcoming,” Sullivan said on a conference call.

“President Erdogan expressed satisfaction with that, and the two of them tasked their teams just to work out the final details, but the clear commitment from the leaders was established that Turkey would play a lead role in securing Hamid Karzai International Airport, and we are now working through how to execute just that,” added Sullivan.

Turkey, whose forces in Afghanistan have always been of noncombatant troops, is reported to have offered to guard Hamid Karzai International Airport as questions remain on how security will be assured along major transport routes and at the airport, which is the main gateway to the capital Kabul.

Asked about contingency planning, Sullivan said the US is also mulling the possibility of using security contractors with “extensive experience” in Afghanistan at the airport, but maintained Washington is “feeling good about where we are in terms of the planning with the Turks.”

“But of course we are obviously also conducting contingency planning in the event that either Turkey can’t proceed, although we have every expectation they will, or can only proceed in a more limited fashion,” he said.

The Taliban have had major success in the weeks since the US withdrawal began. In approximately 6 weeks, the group has captured at least 30 districts, most of them in central regions.

Taliban, and other militants, have also conducted small-scale attacks in urban centers, including the capital city, Kabul. Casualties have occurred among security forces, government employees, civilians, and militants. Officials blame the Taliban for most of the attacks, as well as increased criminal activity and roadblocks. The security situation is certain to remain volatile in the coming weeks.

There is ample evidence of Taliban success on Twitter with various footage.

It is a mystery why Turkey plans to attempt another adventure, especially in Afghanistan. As, if its troops are combat ready, it would mean that they are subject to Taliban attacks, which received in an impetus in recent weeks.

Turkey doesn’t have the resources that the US had, but is still hopeful that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ambition. A success would be a big boon to his new-Ottoman plans, but a success in Afghanistan is quite unlikely.

The ‘graveyard of empires’ is still up-and-running and Ankara could be next on the chopping block.

It is attempting to get on the US favor, after various setbacks, mostly due to the S-400 missile defense system from Russia, but sacrificing immeasurable funds and likely soldier lives in Afghanistan is a questionable course of action.


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Almost hilarious. Turkey is currently fighting in the Jew controlled West induced bloodletting that is Libya. Turkey, at the same time, is fighting the Jews’ US Tyranny and European wardogs’ state-sponsored ISIS criminals in Syria. But wait! There’s more! Turkey is also in a forever war against same wardogs’ Kurd allies in Syria and Iraq. Despite all of that, Turkey is signing up to serve the same Jew controlled wardogs in the continued subjugation of Afghanistan.

Turkey must be on the receiving end of a ton of the Jews grift-dollars?!


Good. This will only drain Turkey in the long term, and they will one day have to withdraw from every adventure that they are currently in.

Simon Ndiritu

Low self esteemed Edorgan is seeking some validation from Western Zio criminal machine. He seems to show that his country is a worthy servant of the West.

smart punk

Sometimes I’m really amazed how clueless many commenters on SF are.
Turkey is not staying in Afghanistan to fight. It is staying in Afghanistan to help countries maintain diplomatic mission through Afghanistan’s airport. If no one secures the airport, diplomats will be unsafe going to Afghanistan. But once they leave the airport, Turkey will not guarantee the safety of any diplomat.
This assignment will be carried out together with Pakistan and Hungary. Erdogan likes the Taliban more than the Kabul puppets. Taliban’s spokesman said Turkey is a “great” Muslim country. the Taliban rarely issue praises.
Taliban won’t fight Turkey and Turkey have never and will not fight the Taliban. They are brothers in Sunni Islam and Erdogan would love to see Shariah implemented in Afghanistan.
Staying in Afghanistan will give Turkey plenty of advantages. First, Afghanistan in rich in rare earth minerals estimated to be worth nearly a trillion dollars. Secondly, Turkey will develop the Taliban’s military when Taliban finally topples Kabul. This will create a new strong ally for Turkey alongside Pakistan while benefiting the Turkish defense industries. Expect a future Taliban government to be armed with Turkish planes, drones, missiles, tanks, etc. A military pact can be reached between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, such that an attack on one is an attack on all. With America’s exit from Afghanistan, this is a very likely outcome in the next decade or so.
Imagine a modernized, better-trained, and better equipped Taliban fighting side-by-side with Turkey on several future battlefields to liberate Muslim lands. With Pakistan in the mix, nuclear deterrent is assured, and this means Turkey can readily engage a nuclear-armed country proving too stubborn to leave Muslim lands. With a successful defense industry, Turkey will raise the stakes for any aggressor.

Last edited 1 month ago by smart punk

You are right, Turkey being Muslim makes a big difference.


No it doesn’t. The Taliban don’t give a damn if you’re Muslim, they’ll still kill you for being in the way of their plans. Just like they kill Afghani military or how Turkey’s ‘Muslim brothers’ in Syria regularly attack and kill their soldiers in Idlib.

smart punk

The Muslims are divided between hypocrites and ‘true’ Muslims. Hypocrites are Muslims that are anti-Sharia (in other words, secular). The true Muslims are those who want a return to pure Islam as practiced by earlier Muslims. Hypocrites are worse than the disbelievers (non-Muslims). That is how the Quran describes them. Disbelievers have never had any say in Muslims affairs until when hypocrites take power. This is exactly what’s going on in the Sunni world – a fierce struggle between true Muslims vs Secularists(hypocrites backed by the West).
Taliban is killing these secularists. You and I know that Erdogan is not secularist. That’s why you guys call him Islamist.
I’ll give you one sign to recognize that Turkey is not in favor of Kabul: Turkey will never sell the Afghan military even a single riffle, let alone alone drones, tanks, etc. But they will eagerly give this to the Taliban as soon as an Islamic Emirates is established in Afghanistan. Just watch.


Turkey is in NATO and NATO is in Turkey. Is NATO “Sunni” military alliance and pro sharia??? Lolzzz….

Erdogan and multi-faceted snakes like you are hypocrites and liars.

Taliban agreed not to kill Americans rather Taliban are now fighting and killing Muslims, mostly Sunnis.

Almost two decades of fighting by Taliban was to become lapdog of America again like their fathers and grandfathers were against Soviets. Nice job.

Smart Punk

Didn’t you read my comment about two camps in the Sunni Muslim world? I told you how to differentiate between the two camps of Sunnis. Anti-Shariah Sunnis are outside the fold of Islam and they are only Sunni by name.

And about Turkey being a Nato member, I want you to know that it was the hypocrites who got Turkey into NATO. Erdogan was just about 5 years old when NATO was created. So you can’t blame him for Turkey’s nato membership. However, don’t forget that Erdogan is against everything NATO stands for except for containing Russia. This is the only use NATO “seems” to have for Turkey. Almost all NATO members are anti-Turkish: U.S.A, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, etc. Turkey’s exit from NATO is inevitable in the next one or two decades provided Islamists rule Turkey, which I hope they do. This will happen when the Turkish defense industry is fully developed and doesn’t need any help containing Russia (we are almost at that stage now).

So, Turkey’s nato membership is only symbolic and very temporary. It opposes almost ALL nato policy in the Middle East.


religion always reflect national character….Sunni Arab Qatar lends money to Turkey and opposes Saudis. Egypt is hostile to Turkey, etc


turkey will be blown to pieces by taliban so keep dreaming you clueless fools have no idea and its just funny because there is this language barrier between both sides which deny you to be on top of things as you would have been in turkish speaking places XD

smart punk

Taliban spokesman calls Turkey a “great” Muslim country.
Taliban are in league with Pakistan, and Pakistan is in League with Turkey.
It was Pakistan’s idea for Turkey to maintain troops in Afghanistan.


Everyone knows that Turkey doesn’t do anything without the “idea” of the US. It can’t and won’t maintain troops in Afghanistan without American permission. That is why Turkey is negotiating the “deal” with the US.

Smart Punk

Quite the contrary. It was Pakistan that originally brought the idea of a Turkish presence in the country. The U.S is actually trying to convince Turkey to do that but Erdogan is making some strategic requests about the unofficial sanctions on Turkey. Add to that what Turkey stands to gain by building Afghanistan and making an ally out of a future Taliban military.

I wonder why you guys always say that Turkey is a U.S puppet on the one hand, and then complain about its involvement in Libya, its opposition to all U.S puppets (Sisi, MBS, MBZ, etc), its support in the Nargono Kharabakh war that got Western countries sanctioning it, Turkey’s purging and imprisonment of over 200,000 pro-Western Turks in the military, educational, political, and judiciary system. You also don’t mention Erdogan’s vicious war against the Kurds in Syria (SDF which we all know is a U.S puppet). You also don’t understand that anti-Americanism is at its peak in Turkey 80%+ under Erdogan and the AKP. This is not to mention Turkey withdrawing all its gold reserves in the U.S and calling for dedolarization, signing currency deals with China that no U.S puppet dares do because it threatens the dollar. I could go on and on but I think you get the gist.

I think this constant attempt to paint Turkey as another U.S puppet is aimed at tarnishing its image in the Muslim world. But guess what? Your propaganda has failed as even illiterate Muslims in the streets are becoming increasingly aware of the global war targeting Muslims and they are also getting more and more aware of leaders like Erdogan, Imran Khan, Qataris, Hashimites, Mahathir, and many more. That explains Erdogan’s soaring popularity despite the constant lies from you propagandists to make him look like Sisi, MBZ, or MBS.


your mothers spokesman claims black lies matter better sex than your father


so taliban basically already called turkey an occupying force which is funny because turkey claims that it gets along with both sides while both sides dont trust turkey even slightly and will treat turkey as they did with america germany britain soviet union etc pp the list is really long and your idea that turkey is islamic taliban is islamic so things will be different is the funniest thing on the planet if that was true than afghanis wouldnt kill eachother and believe me when they kill eachothers families than they will not care to not shoot at you in fact they will practice on you hahahahaha this is so funny you are so funny and delusional

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
smart punk

The Turks never fought Taliban for all the 20 years of war. Turkish soldiers played non-combat roles. Similarly, Taliban never attacked Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan. You also have to consider that it is Pakistan that’s arming and sheltering Taliban and Turkey is a strong ally of Pakistan. You’ll see what I’m telling you. There’ll be no fight between Turkish forces guarding the airport and Taliban. Also, the Taliban are friendly with Qatar and Qatar is another strong ally of Turkey.
No, you’re wrong buddy. These four will work together for a stronger Sunnis alliance (Qatar, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan/Taliban).


Stronger Sunnis alliance!!!!

Turkey is only allied with NATO, a non-Muslim non-Sunni military alliance.

Yuri asked you “how much crack do you consume?” I have same question. LOL!

Smart Punk

hey dude, read my comment above about Turkey and NATO. You’ll learn enough to make you rethink your position. Maybe some day, I’ll do a comprehensive article on this.

L du Plessis

Turkey against the undefeated Taliban!! 🤣

smart punk

Actually, Turkey in support of the Taliban. Watch how Turkey will develop Afghanistan as soon as the puppets fall. Erdogan would love to have Shariah rule Turkey. Surely, helping a brotherly Taliban achieve that in Afghanistan won’t be problem for him.


how much crack do you consume?


He has unlimited supply.

A Clown like you

Taliban are friends with Pakistan – Gulf States. They told Turkey to fuk off with NATO and said “they are fellow Wahhabi Sunnis”. LMFAO
Turkey as poor as shit, Iran has more power in Afghanistan than Turkic-isis Zion.
Afghanis are not Turkic…Pakistan controls Afghanistan soon or later.

Afghan Sage

Pakistan has been dreaming of controlling Afghanistan since the early 70s when they lost Bangladesh but hasn’t been successful and will continue to dream. It will be only a nightmare! They have failed and will miserably fail again. Yes they have dogs that bark for them but sooner or later like all invaders those will be dealt with too.


turk mishe jek joft sago olagh hamin in shekli ke as doshmane khodeshun fekr mikonand khodeshun hastan va inha be hame dige sago olagh fosh midan in moghe ke doshmani kahmel shod hamin alan tue show e shakhsi hamin in shisa migan as hameh mah mikhandan va vekr mikonan ke mitunan maho solte gari konan walli in karo faghat balad hastan fekr konan shon ke tue dahani nakhordan hanus

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

fekr mikonan in saga e bi farhang ke afghanistan sanuh misane base asin bishuri e kahmel wali tike pare mishan

smart punk

We’ll see about that

A Clown like you

Well, guess what buddy, Pakistan funded and ship weapons to the Taliban for years…The afghani government doesn’t like the Pakistan government, do I have to say why? You know why.
The Afghani even know it is Pakistan that helps the Taliban…now tell me why would the Taliban give a fuk about Turkic?
Which side are you on? You sound like a supporter of the Afghani government if so you people have to fight the Taliban who are getting support from Pakistan.

When the yankees leave the Taliban will attack and try to take the control of THE country, they are bold now. We don’t really know who is going to support the yankees Afghani government.
We might see Afghanistan with different groups controlling different parts of Afghanistan…the Afghani Shi’a is not going to work with the Taliban who wants to kill them.

Smart Punk

I’m on the side of the Taliban just like Turkey is on the side of the Taliban and will NEVER militarily help the ANF.

“it is Pakistan that helps the Taliban…now tell me why would the Taliban give a fuk about Turkic?”
Your Answer below:

1) Pakistan will guard the airport alongside Turkish troops
2) Turkey is the best ally Pakistan and Qatar have, and the Taliban knows this
3) Erdogan is an Islamists that will welcome a truly shariah government in Afghanistan (The Taliban knows this too).
4) Taliban knows Turkey is no friend nor puppet of the U.S, otherwise why would Taliban’s spokesman call Turkey as “great” Muslim country? Note that this is a level of praise that no Muslim country except the Pakistanis and Qataris get from Taliban.
5) Last but not least, The Taliban knows Turkey, Pakistan, and Qatar are the only countries that will truly help them, especially if the international community rejects the Taliban government’s legitimacy. Turkey is the strongest scientifically, economical, and conventional militarily, and the Taliban would love to benefit from all of these, which Erdogan will eagerly give them with no strings attached. Why? Because he wants strong and independent Muslim countries. Turkey’s military expertise will be shared with all Muslim countries that are not puppets of the Kuffar, Majusis, and Hypocrites.


there is a competition for influence in Afghanistan between Pakistan, India, China and maybe Iran

smart punk

Iran has zero power in Afghanistan and it will be a suicide for the Iranian regime to even attempt what Turkey is doing. Zarif touted the idea of getting Shiite terror militias support Afghan forces, but now he’s quite even when the Taliban is steadily taking over Afghanistan. The Iranian regime knows who they can mess with and get without much harm. Taliban is not one of these. Missiles will fly into Iran, destroying oil fields and nuclear infrastructure, should the Iranian regime make the mistake of attacking the Taliban or even funding the Shiites to rebel. There’s no place for Shiites militias in Afghanistan. They either accept the new status quo or face hell.

Last edited 1 month ago by smart punk
A Clown like you

Suck my dick bitch, I for one have been to Iran and Afghanistan moron.
I have Afghani friends that came from Afghanistan, STFU about things you don’t know about.
Fuking Pak-isis-Turkic-isis bitch go jerk off to your mother pig.

smart punk

The typical Shiite reaction when cornered. You are the real fool dude. You fail to see the power slides in the Muslim world. You think everything is transnational and nationalism. It means you still haven’t understood why there’s so much opposition against Turkey. You Shiites know Turkey is the only Sunni country that can fuck Iran in the Middles East. Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, etc are bullshit.
Having friends in Afghanistan and Iran means nothing if you cannot diagnose the situation between these countries. I’m gonna ask you to tell me what happened to Zarif’s offer of free Shiite militias to the Afghan military. Surly, Ghani would welcome such a help now that the Taliban is taking district after district. They took 10% of Afghanistan in 45 days!
Well, you’ll see what I’m talking about idiot.

Last edited 1 month ago by smart punk

Dude your “power slides” are typical fairy-tales of MB Wahhabi terrorist sympathizer.

The reality is that if Taliban militia continues its path of destruction and killings, Afghanistan would go back to the same chaos that engulfed it 20 years ago.

It will be divided into sphere of influence of different militias and unfortunately bloodshed will continue all because of the insistence of Taliban militia to terrorize and impose its will on the population of Afghanistan. A good idea would be for Taliban militia to start talking with other Muslims to bring peace to Afghanistan. But it won’t happen as Taliban militias has agreed to not kill Americans and now Taliban militias will only kill Muslims. But they will face the reaction and this cycle it will continue.

After Turkish involvement, one can “see the power slides” of more killings of Sunnis, unfortunately this has been the reality in Syria, Libya and now it is coming to Afghanistan thanks to non-Muslim non-Sunni military alliance of NATO and its member Turkey, your beloved Sunni country.


“Hunter” find your answer at this link. Any direct answer I post for you gets blocked which makes me wonder if you are one of the team at SF and don’t want any challenge to your false naratives.

Last edited 1 month ago by SmartPunk

punk not smart–stupified

Afghan Sage

Turkey has already made the mistake of including Pakistan in the proposal to safeguard the Kabul Airport. Afghans won’t let that happen. Pakistan had been fueling the conflict in Afghanistan for decades and have blood of thousands of Afghans on their hand. They have no place in Afghanistan. Sooner or later they will have to pay the price.

smart punk

“Afghans won’t let that happen”
Which Afghans? The Taliban took over 40 districts in 45 days. That’s roughly 10% of Afghanistan’s landmass. Imagine taking 10% in 45 days! These guys own Afghanistan and not the other way round. More and more districts are falling to Taliban EVERY DAY. If it continues like this, The Kabul puppets may not survive until next year.
Your boss (America) has already given up and abandoned you. In fact, the latest report has it that America won’t even conduct over the horizon airstrikes to support ANF. U.S aircraft engineers will even leave Afghanistan and this will cripple the air force (ANF’s biggest advantage against the Taliban). Without air support, watch ANF collapsed rapidly across the country. Their morale is low and they are switching sides, joining the Taliban or surrendering, in hundreds.
I think it is you guys who will pay the price sooner or later and not Pakistan.


The US may not have much interest in supporting the Afghan government. They seem to like the idea of Taliban becoming new puppet of America in Afghanistan as Talibans are very good at killing Muslims.


Turkey has long since been a pawn for the western imperialist zionists. Erdog is just the most extreme case so far of a zio-bitch. He is completely insane. Hopefuly Taliban get to kill some of the turkoid invaders among other invaders.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ivanus59

Both US and Turkey may think Turkey has better chance of some kind of informal security accord with Taliban, to keep the capital city airport operational (at least in short term), due Turks being both Sunni and sponsors of Islamist’s in Syria and Libya. But should Turkey get any bright ideas about expanding their influence in Afghanistan – can absolutely guarantee Pakistan will work behind scenes, and with Taliban, to undermine them.

Last edited 1 month ago by VaporTrail

After Alexander The Great, the British, the Soviets, the Americans left defeated, here comes Erdo. What could possibly go wrong?


Soviets were not defeated–USSR obliterated muhjadin–USSR voluntarily withdrew from Yugoslavia, Austria and Afghanistan….USA withdraws after 20 years defeated. Turk troops only at airport cannot be conflated with a full scale invasion or occupancy

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