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Turkey’s Territorial Claims to Bulgaria

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“Wherever the Turkish language is spoken, for us, that place is part of our homeland.”

Turkey's Territorial Claims to Bulgaria

 (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Originally appeared at Memoria, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The words of Semir Yalcin – one of the leaders of the Turkish far-right nationalist Nationalist Movement Party – pronounced officially at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, at the establishment of the Lyutvi Mestan’s party – DOST. Just to remind that the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party is associated with the terrorist group the “Grey Wolves”, whose member Alpaslan Celik boasted a few months ago, live before media cameras and at the scene where it happened, that he shot the Russian pilot after the downing of the Russian jet at the Turkish border.

Before the blunt statement of the leader of the parliamentary presented Turkish party, the Bulgarian services responsible for national security should have already been triggered. Moreover, these words containing unambiguous territorial claims towards Bulgaria, were spoken in the presence of the Turkish ambassador to Bulgaria – Suleiman Gokce, as as the deputy chairwoman of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party – Fatma Bethune Seyankaya, who conveyed greeting from strategic depth expert Ahmet Davutoglu toward the attendees in the hall and even applauded all Bulgarians. She said : “DOST will be one of the strongest bridges, for the development of relations between Bulgaria and Turkey.” The same veiled persona marched on stage and shone on the platform with a green hijab, praised Mestan for his protection of minorities in Bulgaria and stated that she will support him for the declaration, that a few months ago caused him to be ousted from the leadership post in DPS and to be expelled from the party. Mestan on the other hand stated how proud he is to have defended Turkey, and to have fulfilled his political duty.

Reaction from the special services or the Bulgarian government – none. A note of protest from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – forget about. Everyone has hid themselves in their hideouts and does not dare raise their voice.

Yup, nothing new. As we know, the Bulgarian political caste is composed mainly of laboratory mice, national traitors and cowards. But the lack of reaction to today’s diplomatic scandal passed all limits of subservience to our southern neighbor and displayed to the remnants of Bulgarian society, that Turkey is already waving their flag in Bulgaria as it wants, when it wants, and no one can, nor wants to stop it.

And yes, Turkey will not only defend our skies from “Russian aggression”, with the courteous assistance of the Bulgarian parliamentary rats. Today it became clear that Turkey intends to defend our own land from ourselves because it, our land, is their homeland.

Karakachanov dared to speak like an official chieftain and to point out the Bosnian scenario that is agitated in front of everyone’s eyes. Political Party VMRO urged the court to not register Mestan’s party. “Mestan’s DOST leads Bulgaria to a Bosnian or Macedonian scenario of a religiously and ethnically divided society. DOST is not Euro-Atlantic but pro Turkish. It is not democratic, but Ottoman. Its not liberal but pro-Islamist.” So stated the commanders.

Well?! …

Do you dear chieftains believe that the court will stop them?! Does such a thing as a court in Bulgaria even exist? Why not say something to our Prime Minister with whom you are firmly embraced? Say something to the people running the country as you are part of it. Say something about it’s anti-Bulgarian policy and the betrayal of country into the hands of foreign Euro-Atlantic and Ottoman interests?

Well there’s at least Angel Djambazki, to sometimes wash the shame away.

But one birdy, a spring does not make.

And the Bulgarian population is snapping the keyboard all day in another Facebook revolution, and is preparing to celebrate the April Uprising with revolutionary songs and theatrical reenactments the anniversary of – becoming a helpless tribe, guarding the past at all cost, but unable to take care of its present, let alone future.

There’s no new revolutionaries, but everyone expects one to jump out of a corner and take the situation into their own hands. But no one asks – is there in fact someone who can lead them to plowed away the political ilk that in the last quarter century sold Bulgaria to Turkish and Euro-Atlantic interests.

The news started on BTV . First news – a disco with drugs featuring pop-folk singer Constantine, followed by another drunk driver, and the third headline – the case of another fight on the highway.

Enjoy watching, my dear compatriots.

And as they say, long live Bulgaria.

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Turkey uses Bulgaria as a main route for arm supplies to Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq. There is obvious complicity of the Bulgarian government. Love of money is the source of all evil and those who cherish it. Nearly all the governments in the world today are representing special interest groups instead of their electorate.

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