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Turkey’s Syrian Proxies Are Ready To Take Part In Upcoming Attack On Kurdish Forces – Report

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Turkey’s Syrian Proxies Are Ready To Take Part In Upcoming Attack On Kurdish Forces – Report

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Turkish-backed Syrian militants are ready to take part in a new Turkish attack on Kurdish forces, Reuters reported on November 4.

A previous report by the news agency revealed that the Turkish military and intelligence are preparing for an attack on the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

A source in Turkish-backed factions in Syria told Reuters that they had received military supplies from Turkey and redeployed their militants to areas that are expected to be targeted in any new attack.

“Moving to a state of complete readiness now needs only a short period before any military operation is declared,” said Major Youssef Hamoud, a spokesperson for Turkey-backed Syrian National Army.

The attack will reportedly target several areas held by the YPG and the SDF in northern and northeastern Syria. The two most likely targets are the northern town of Tell Rifaat and the northeastern town of Kobane.

An unnamed senior Turkish security official told Reuters that the new attack will begin when all preparations are completed.

“We are in coordination with Russia on the matter. The issue was addressed with the United States already,” the senior Turkish security official said.

Despite these claims, both Russia and the US do not appear to be onboard with Turkey’s military plans. In the last few weeks, Russian and Syrian government forces deployed large reinforcements and held joint drills in northern and northeastern Syria.

On November 6, Turkish Presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın said that the attack on the YPG in Syria may begin at any given moment, confirming that Ankara is determined to go on with its military plans.

Any Turkish military move in Syria will likely be confronted by Russia. Some observers even speculate that such a move could provoke sanctions by the US.


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That’s exactly what they are there for, they are simple cannon fodder.

Chris Gr

Syria will take Idlib, Turkey will take Deir-ez-Zor.


DEZ what do ottomans have with DEZ? Ottomans cannot wipe their ass after shiting.


Ok you can do this job for them stupid ottoman leftover you can wipe their asses

Chris Gr

Haha funny, I mean they will invade and then attacked there by the Sufyani.


Russia and Us now and its small dogs feel the pressure, day by day turkey retake its natural rights and rise in power .

Peter Wallace

That sounds like a good fairy story book . What is it called ? “Turkish nights and other fantasy stories by Recep Taul Taleip


Are they really RDY

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