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MARCH 2021

Turkey’s “Syrian National Army” Confirms Deployment Of Its Members In Azerbaijan


Turkey's "Syrian National Army" Confirms Deployment Of Its Members In Azerbaijan

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“General” Ziyad Haji Ubeyd, one of the leaders of the pro-Turkish coalition of militant groups known as the Syrian National Army (SNA) confirmed that the group had sent its fighters to Azerbaijan.

“Fighters have to go to conflict in Azerbaijan to provide for their families due to bad economic conditions. “The economic situation in Afrin, Sere Kaniye and other regions is very bad and they cannot support their families,” Ubeyd told in an interview with Rudaw TV.

“We are ready to fight anywhere in Turkey’s national interests and security. We’re defending our interests to realize our goals.”

The SNA commander claimed that there are 70,000 SNA members that are ready to participate in Turkish operations anywhere around the world. Ubeyd emphasized that they are ready to go to support the Turkish Army in Azerbaijan or wherever it is, if requested.

Earlier, Armenia claimed that at least 4,000 members of Turkish-backed Syrian militant groups were deployed in Azerbaijan.




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