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Turkey’s Phony War And Partnership With ISIS – Report


Turkey’s Phony War And Partnership With ISIS - Report

Turkish Leopard 2A4 Battle Tank captured by ISIS at al-Bab

VeteransToday reports:

Turks relocating 950 ISIS fighters to Raqqah while ISIS “in place” in al Bab will suddenly become “FSA” and a victory will be declared

…by  Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini

(Direct from sources “on the ground” at al Bab)

Deals being cut, as we speak, between Turkey and ISIS, demonstrate how Erdogan has been playing Syria and Russia, no surprise there.  950 fighters have been withdrawn, aided by the Turkish Army, and are being rearmed and resupplied to be redeployed in Raqqah, according to sources at the front, to fight against the Kurds, an ISIS army still on the Saudi payroll and still being aided by Turkey.

The fight at al Bab has been a farce, we are told, as some fighters with ISIS who have always been controlled by Erdogan will be renamed “FSA” and remain, while the primary military force withdraws.

For weeks now, one of NATO’s most powerful armies, with nearly 8000 pieces of armor and over 600,000 including reserves, has been beaten to a standstill, or so we are told, by fewer than 1000 ISIS fighters in the Syrian town of al Bab.

None of this is true, as common sense would tell anyone.

This military force, as large as the one Hitler unleashed on Russia in 1941, isn’t really fighting ISIS at all despite the deals they cut with Russia and Iran. Erdogan is still only concerned about fighting the Kurds.



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  • Бакунин

    al-Nusra, Jaish al-Fatah, Sultan Murad, al-Zenki …

  • Brad Isherwood

    Any reports of Syrian or Russian Attack Helicopters or military jets hitting the fleeing rats
    Of AL Bab and the Forty CIA thieves?

  • PZIVJ1943

    “This military force, as large as the one Hitler unleashes on Russia in 1941” :DDDD
    Give me a fricking break! This force was in the millions.

    • El Diablo

      Journalist…they love to exaggerate

      • interesting

        2.2 million or something like that Hitler had, but he is SORT of right. Soviets had like 2.7 million or more. So if Turkey has 600k and isis had 950 that is a worse ratio right? OR am i really bad at math.

  • El Diablo

    Exactly what i thinked :D They have joined FSA

  • MeMadMax

    I have no problem with erdoggie fighting the kurds…

    Both are backstabbers anyways… Let em wipe each other out…

    • aurelius

      I really prefer that mass murderer assad and isis terrorists decimate themselves

      • VGA

        Mass murderer of terrorists? Because you mean the executions in the jails, right?

      • Bob

        Back again then, with literally the same sentence you repeatedly post on this site.
        No changes in your syntax then, eres muy perezoso y aburrido, Aurelius.

      • MeMadMax

        You STILL believe that shit?
        I got a bridge to sell ya.

    • jj

      But are they really killing each other much in Syria? Have there been many direct clashes between them which have taken a significant toll?

      • MeMadMax

        Yea, but neither side can land a knockout punch.
        Not because of numbers, but because of lots of other things.
        Kurds don’t want to fight beyond their “hometown” so to speak.
        FSA is worthless, and thats what erdoghan uses for “infantry”, causing his armor to be exposed. Also, neither side has air support(except where it’s benificial for the US), making it that much more difficult.

        • jj

          You think these areas are lost forever to Syrian government control?

          • MeMadMax

            Lost to syrian government control?
            What are you, nuts?
            They ARE syrian government lands. The SYRIAN government has invested significant infrastructure in the area: Oil, dams, roads, bridges etc… You think the syrian people shouldn’t have this shit because some asshole wants to build a pipeline going thru syria, oh and they are committing shia genocide in the process???

            You need to educate yourself… ur embarrassing…

          • jj

            Lost because the Syrian forces have no control in large parts of Syria, and how is Syria going to remove the Turkish and U.S. bases already installed in Syria?

          • MeMadMax

            Slow and steady is the SAA way…

          • jj

            Yet, the Syrian government often just buses rebels to Idlib. It negotiates a surrender (of some of them) and then sends them there. So they are still kept in Syria, and some wonder if the Syrian government has given up on parts of Syria like that.

          • MeMadMax

            You know little of war(or the current situation in syria, stop following leftard propaganda):

            Sun Tzu said ‘When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard”

            What he means is: If you have someone surrounded with no option to escape but death, then they will fight to the death… This ends up drawing the war longer with more of your own losses.

            Assad has demonstrated time and again that him and his generals have at least a rudimentary knowledge of warfare, even more than we know.

            Did you know assad wasn’t even the first pick for the syrian presidency?
            Nope… He was considered “too nice”, a day-dreamer… a brain with no brawns.
            His older brother died, so bashar was named president…
            His younger brother hafez is the hot-head. He was in charge of the north end of syria, the same area that is most in terrorists hands. He is also the one that had police kill protesters that bleeding hearts cry over so much.

            Didn’t matter, all was a setup from the very beginning: There were foreign fighters in aleppo on day 2/3 of protests…. Plenty of vids out there…

            Get off your ass and do some research for a change.

            Good bye.

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    then who blew up 15 turkish tanks?

    • Chevalier Aka

      You have a good point, I remember south front was mocking TAF and FSA when they were having failed attempts to take al bab. Now what happened that, makes sf think Turkey is in a collaboration with isis; and, if there were a collaboration between them, taf and fsa wouldn’t give that much casualties. It is a shame that these people say taf works with isis. At least have some respect for those who gave their lifes for cleaning that area from those terorists.

      • AMHants

        What happened to the Erdogan Family Business, transporting black market oil?

        • Chevalier Aka

          i don’t think those were even real. if they were real, isis would use that against erdogan long ago as a tool for stopping euphrates shield. That means either isis is a fool that doesn’t know how to play his cards or that illegal oil trade story was a hoax. Another think that we should consider is the oil production capacity of northern syria, total production there, is less then a few thousands barrels, turkey wouln’t even consider such thing while it has steady supply of oil from northern iraq.

          • PZIVJ1943

            The black market for oil WAS real. A couple of thousand oil trucks have been destroyed by air? The refinery is in Turkey. You figure the numbers.

          • Chevalier Aka

            thousands of oil trucs!!! where are you getting this numbers from?, turkey has many rafineries and none of them can process that much crude oil. It is like you are saying whole air and dust in syria is oil.

          • PZIVJ1943

            Deir Ezzor province is the prize. This is why ISUS has launched their greatest offensive here. Notice that they are lacking troops on other fronts. Has Erdogan made a deal with them at Al Bab? It does not matter.

          • AMHants

            Thanks, I wondered why the story disappeared, after the failed Turkish Coup.

            I have just been reading three articles, from a link given to me, in reply to a previous comment. They are seriously interesting and well worth reading.

            1. http://journal-neo.org/2016/04
            2. http://journal-neo.org/2016/07
            3. http://journal-neo.org/2017/02

          • Arthur Smith

            Be more careful, copying links here, you only got months, the rest was cut and hidden in the original comment.

    • Bob

      That’s called hardball negotiating between business partners…when you make alliances with extremist Islamist militants, you gotta be prepared for some rough and drawn out deal making with brinkmanship before concessions.

    • Ronald

      Not to hard to blow a tank with no one in it , and make a video ,

  • Daniel Weber

    Frontline strength (initial)

    3.8 million personnel[1][2]
    3,350 tanks[3][1]
    2,770 aircraft[3]
    7,200 artillery pieces[1][3]
    Frontline strength (initial)

    2.6–2.9 million personnel[4][5][6]
    11,000 tanks[7][8]
    7,133–9,100 military aircraft[9][10][11]

  • Daniel Weber

    Germany launched 3.8 million troops against Russia in 1941. I questioned South Front’s facts previously but this comparison they have regarding Turkey’s strength in Syria is laughable.

    • PZIVJ1943

      It is a Veterans Today article (they seem to lack good quality to say the least!)
      Thanks for the numbers breakdown. Also:
      Army group north- 29 divisions
      Army group center- 50 divisions
      Army group south- 42 divisions
      Let’s not forget about the 700,000 horses used for transport, most German units where non motorized infantry divisions.

  • AMHants

    Funny how McCain went to visit his friends in Syria, Turkey and Saudi?

  • interesting

    Either way, 600k versus 950 is pathetic am i rite?

  • cock jesus

    Turks r like prostitutes they sell themselves easily for small money

  • cock jesus

    Russians must give weapons to KURDS.
    Kurds fighters fuck cheap turks very well

  • cock jesus

    Arab terrorist have threatened Turks again.

  • cock jesus

    Arab Terrorist will explode Istanbul in the coming days,

  • Battal

    It’s bullshit.

    The Turks are fighting against Daesh from 3 months in Al-bab.
    Why did the Turks wait 3 months for this move?

    You were happy when every Turkish tank was hit by Daesh. Now you say Turks help Daesh / ISIS.

    This news like southfront only contains hostility to Turkey.

    Continue to be happy with the lies.