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Turkey’s Operation Spring Shield: Declarations Vs Reality (Map Update)

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Turkey's Operation Spring Shield: Declarations Vs Reality (Map Update)

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Turkish officials, state media and affilated propaganda organizations appear to be trying to paint Ankara’s Operation Spring Shield in the Syrian region of Greater idlib as a ‘successful move’ that achieved all ‘declared goals’. So, this is a short reminder what goals Turkey declared and what it achieved employing its Armed Forces in an open military agression against Syria.


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If you think the drones were a game changer, please refer to these maps. Truth is, Turkey was humiliated in Syria and when their drones could no longer fly, Erdogan ran to Moscow

Ice Icegold


Nigel Maund

Well done to the Syrian Armed Forces. Turkey has received a humiliating defeat. Erdogan is a reckless gambler like Adolf Hitler was – and he not only lost – he commited suicide!


He at least managed to win a lot of his gambles. Almost all of Europe was under his control at one point, from Brest at the French coast to the Wolga at Stalingrad. What successes can that human piece of mulch Erdogan claim (no insults to human pieces of mulch intended)?

bouncer dogsly

Read real history and you will see Hitler never wanted war with anyone. His biggest mistake was making a deal called Havara with the Jewish Zionists. With Zionists every is inverted and they project their behaviours onto others who get to take the blame. Therefore if everything is inverted. What does that make Hitler, WHO HAS BEEN DEEMED EVIL – think about it. And now as truth tends to, it is wriggling out.

Wahid Algiers

You are a bastard. Hitler Germany fought the same bad elements which started the war against Syria.


It’s worse because SF forgot to add in that large area in the south that the SAA also managed to take.


They didn’t forget it, it’s shown properly.


Afis being the only slightly problematic territorial loss.

Ricky Miller

My suspicion is that this is the outcome that the Turks wanted all along. They really wanted to get back to the previous line of control and made that a public hill to die on but realistically were willing to settle for a re-freezing of the conflict in order to protect what’s left. The drone campaign was a speculative shot at producing a collapse among SAA lines and seemed to succeed at first, until Syria moved significant numbers of BUK launchers to the combat area and began to take a high toll of the expensive Turkish drones. From Turkey’s point of view it’s still a win because they caused the SAA a lot of pain and stopped an offensive that would have restored Syrian government control throughout nearly the entire province. The freeze also continues to enable Turkey’s thus far lucrative game of playing Russia and the United States off against one another for the benefit of Turkish influence with both.

klove and light

perfect..spot on


Fuck off animal.

bouncer dogsly

This not about Idlib. It is about what they would do with 20 to 40,000 Jihadis. Turkey did not want them pushed into Turkey. The war in Syria has been won by the SAA, it is just the haggling over what to do with Western trained Jihadi nut cases the West trained. They will likely be killed.

The West has moved on now and have lost interest in Syria, and they have left Turkey with it. Think about this. Turkey joined this Cabal and actually agreed to set alight its next door neighbours house. When you burn down your neighbours, you will tend to do a lot of damage to your own, and that’s what Turkey has done, and it will soon burst into flames.


If turkey are being smart they aid syria to attack those jihadist from north and let syria keep pushing from south . It would destroy the jihadist completely arter got sandwiches from both sides and he dont need to worry with 40.000 jihadist run to their country. But no they decide to help jihadist and now their army and jihadist got beaten together.

Wahid Algiers

Turkey’s Operation Spring Shield in real is Turkey’s Operation Sprinkling Shit.

Mustafa Mehmet

Wahid I turn the fan towards you enjoy it

Constellation 2023

Idlib is saved from the brutal regime and its terrorist militias. Aleppo is next.

Leroy Cox

MOREOVER, Syria will likely take control over the zone south of M-4, where Russian observers and military police will deploy. Or are we expecting terrorists to sit between Russian police around M-4 and SAA further south?


What does this map show: Turkey only wants more Agriculture land and to Hell with the desert. This is about food and further blocking access to the MED sea for pipelines/ports that do not run through Turkey. This is Geography 101

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