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Turkey’s Erdogan: Syrian President Is “Terrorist Who Has Carried Out State Terrorism”

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Turkey's Erdogan: Syrian President Is "Terrorist Who Has Carried Out State Terrorism"

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

On December 27, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as “a terrorist who has carried out state terrorism” adding that “it is impossible to continue with Assad.” Erdogan continued:

“How can we embrace the future with a Syrian president who has killed close to a million of his citizens?”

The statement was made during a televised news conference with Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi in Tunis.

Turkey alongside with Russia and Iran is a mediator in the Astana talks on the Syrian crisis. Syria accuses Turkey of supporting the terrorism and describes Turkish forces deployed in the country as invaders.

Despite a close cooperation with Russia and Iran over the conflict in Syria, the Erdogan regime sends mixed signals that differ significantly depending on many factors. The level of the diplomatic and economic pressure faced from Russia is one of the factors that impact the stance of the Turkish regime.

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So, hi is the wise guy who supplied HTS with MANPAD’s to down the Syrian aviation.

888mladen .

I haven’t heard RU supplied its allies in SY with MANPADS. Why? That was the deal. Neither side would supply them to its allies. That’s why almost no MANPADS have been used.

Ishyrion Av

Erdogan still hopes for a piece of Syrian soil. If the war placing USA, Saudi and Israel against Iran will start, Erdogan will side with the empire, against Iranian-Russian alliance. Which will force Russia to completely and irreversible erase Turkey from the map.


He is only play acting ….
His concern is Syria team up with Kurds when the Kurds decides to ditch US .

Ishyrion Av

Possible. But he’s dreaming also. At the old good ottoman times.


Erdogan like sunnis is just a peice of shit.


And, of course, Pussin is delivering S-400 to Turkey but Assad is still wordering where are the S-300. XD. Did Turkey exploded a russian jet ???

Of course, these S-400 will be spied by CIA. Never trust these shit turks.

That’s full of shit. And if there is this situation now, it’s because Pussin didin’t supply the SAA with heavy and modern weapons. And Pussin always help Syria ennemies (israel, turkey, SA, …). Riding on horse and playing with tigers doesn’t make you a freat leader.


S400 can not be copied, Russian specialists knows it. And S400 in Turkey will make Turkey more dependent on Russia. And more close under Russian influence.
Also S400 electronics can send informations to Moscow. So Russia is spreading its migh and influence by spreading its equipment.
Russia is doing what is in Russian interest.
Russia saved Syria. Without Russia Assad would be dead just like Gadafi in Libya was.

You are twisting everything and blaming Russia as if it was Russia who staryed war in Syria. But it was Russia who saved Syria. And it was West and S. Barbaria, Turkey, Qatar and Israel who backed, funded and armed terorists to destroy Syria.

Putin is not helping Syrian enemies. Israel, S. Barbaria and Turkey wanted Assad dead, and he would be dead if Russia did not intervene and saved him and Syria. If Russia was helping them, Russia would destroy Assad.
But Russia did the oposite.

Bit your geopolitics reasoning is childlish and foolish, and is not true at all.

Russia sold S300 to Iran, and Israel and S. Barbaria were mad about it.

Russia can not sell S300 or S400 to Syria, because Syria simply has no money for it. And Russia needs to take care about money and its economy which is under sanctions.

But Russia gave many, many weapons to Syria. For 5 years already, ships with weapons and food and medicine and everything are coming from Russia to Tartus in Syria.


Total bullshit. Russia is not delivering S-300 and S-400 to Syria because Pussin likes a lot netanyahu and netanyahu told Pussin not to buy S-400 to Syria.

Normally Russia must give S-300 ti Syria for free regarding that Syria in providing to Russia influence in the Middle east and access to the Mediterranean sea. If he wants, Pussin can buy these things. XD


No, you are talking bullshit and lies. Russia saved Syria. Syria had NO chance surviving without Russia just like Libya had no chance.

Russia is doing everything good, and balanced, and as a wise man, or mature man in the room.
And of course Russia is looking for its own interest. Russia is not serving Syrian interest here. Russia helped Syria, but Russia must care about Russian interest in the first place.

If Putin likes Natanyahu Putin would not save Asad, because Natanyahy wanted Assad dead and Syria destroyed.
Also Putin sold S300 to Iran despite Natanyahu being mad about it.

You are lier without respect for what Russia did.

Also you are very childlish and foolish, you do not understand geopolitics at all.

It is you who is suporting Nayanyaho and zionist with your anti Putin retorics.
It is Putin who is hated the most and feared the most by zionist.
Without Putin ,Assad would be gone long ago. He would be easy target.

So it is you who is suporting zionists by your retorisc.
Either you are dumb, or you are doing it like a snake on purpose


Pussin didn’t let Syria fell because Pussin didn’t want his naval bases to be destroyed. Also, he has christian syrians are orthodox like christian russians.

The first that fought was Hezbollahg and Iran. And without Hezbollah and Iran, Russia would have been expelled from Syria.

Russia didn’t do everything to save Syrians. If Iran was as powerful as Russia, you would have seen the difference.

And, why isn’t Russia trying te recover golan height for Syrians pressuring the UN ?

So, I don’t talk shit. What I say makes sense.


Good job for Hezbolah and Iran. I suport it, but withiut Russia it would be useless. It is Russia who stoped USA military intervention in Syria, otherwise it would be finished by NATO just like Libya was.

Recovering Golan Hights can only be done by force, not UN. And Russia is not suicidal to start WWIII with Israel who controls USA.

Your talking is childlish.

As I said, just like Syrians from FSA who think they are fighting for Islam, bu in reality they are the traitores and usuful idiots for zionists and USA, the same case is with you. Your antiRussian, anti Putin shity rethoric is benefitiol only for zionists.
You are useful idiot on informational level.

And you said, Russia did it to save navy Base im Syria.
Of course Russia has its own interest. You talk like that is some kind of critic for Russia, as if that was wrong.
Of course it is not. Every country has its interest. Russia has it also, nothing wrong.

What do you think that Iran does not have its own interest in helping Syria?
Of course it has.

Are you idiot or what?


That’s total rubbish. You try to make me anti-russian or a zionists because I dare to criticize master Pussin. XD.

One day, I read that most Russians were with Putin and those who were not with him wanted someone tougher than him. I think that the proportion of people that want someone tougher than Putin will rise up.

Always this WW3 crap. USA will never start WW3. They will be wipe out by nuclear balst. And Europe will never follow USA. Drop just one missile into Europe and Europeans will kill their leaders. So, don’t try to make false excuses.


You sound as FSA, They say they are not Syrian traitores and are not working for zionist interest simply for criticising Asad, but in reality they are traitores to Syria and working for zionist interest as usefull idiots. Maybe they do not understand it.

The same thing with you. You are behaving like usefull idiot for zionists. You are like troll internet soldier who fights antirussian and anti Putin informational warfare, which is benefitial only for zionists.
That is how concept of usefull idiots work.

If you atack Israel there will be world war 3. If you atack Golan Hights Israek has nukes, and has Amerika suport.

Again, your reasoning is not mature.

Simply your judgment against Russia and Putin is not fair.
It is Putin and Russia who saved Syria in the first place.
You can not stop USA and others without Russia. It was Russian role that was crucial in stoping USA toatal and fatal intervention in Syria.


Rubbish reasoning.

Providing Syria with S-300 and S-400 is that impossible ?? XD.
Pressuring israel in the UN over Golan Height is that impossible ?? XD.

I think you are a useful zionist by letting USA taking half of Syria because either you rae traitors or either you have no balls and are afraid of the void.


S300 needs to be paid. It is nt cheap. Nobody in the world is giving such things for free.

Iran has Bavar air defence, they say it is similar to S300.

Why did not Iran gave Bavar to Syria?

In every vote in UN Russia always voted for Syria, and against Israel.
Again, you are not fair.

Fight in Syria is not a fight in the pub, there is no place for talking about balls here.
Millions and billions of lifes depends on Putins decisions. He neeeds to be responsible.
You can not directly fight with USA and Israel.
You need to grow up.
Russia will force negotiations, and will not let Kurds independence from Syria. So USA took nothing. Although for now USA is occupying some parts of Syria, but for now you can not force them out. You can not directly fight USA that is WWIII.


Normally, Russia must give S-300 and S-400 to Syria for free regarding what Syria gave in return. The rent of naval base can paid those weapons.

Iran has just build Bavar last year I think. And they build it because Russia didn’t want to sell S-300 to Iran. Nobody know if Bavar works or it’s a myth.


Russia already gave to moch weapons and food and many things to Syria.
Russia owns nothing to nobody.

If you are from Iran, go give Bavar air defence to Syria.
Why dont you do it?
Iran said Bavar is working and it is operational.
Or Iran can give money to Syria to buy S300?

There is alway a way if you want. But you only know to criticise Russia. Go criticise your own government.


If Russia owns nothing, Russia can leave Syria and go back to Russia and let SA and USA rule Syria.


If Syria asks, Russia will leave. But Syria is greatefull to Russia and Syria will not ask Russia to leave the bases.

Are you from Iran?

Why dont you give more to Syria, give money for S300, or ypu could give many more weapons to Syria.

So it is ok to criticise Russia, but not your Iran?


I’m not from Iran.

Obviously you didn’t understand that’s not a question of money but a question on will. Russia doesn’t want to sell S-300 or S-400 to Syria.

Iran has done his part according to what they can do. israel was even bombing iranian installations in Syria and has threaten iran to cooperate with Syria. Who give weapons to Hezbollah ??? Iran or Russia ??? Who helped Russia on the ground ? Hezbollah or israel ?

Why blaming someone who did what he can and not blaming someone who did little compared to what he can have done ?

I will not blame Hezbollah or Iran? They did great job. Ahmadinejad has more balls than Pussin.


Russia did more then Iran. Russian position on Syrian issue since 2011 pushed Russia into confrontation with West. They punished Russia for Syria with Ukraine and war in Donbas. And with sanctions.

Russia already lost more then Iran because of Syria, because Iran had nothing to lose. Iran was already under sanctions, and already with bad relations with west.

Russia was not. Russia said NO to west in Syria, and that is when West started to atack Russia on many levels.

There are many things that Iran can give to Syria, many local air defence systems from Iran could be given to Syria, or many balistic missiles made in Iran.
Iran has a lot of them, and gave nothing.

I still see no reason for you to blame Russia.

Maybe you are not from Iran (maybe), but maybe you are Itan suporter from Iraq, or shite muslim somwhere from region.

Russia is not giving S300 for free to anybodymban maybe there are some more reasons why Russia is not giving it to Syria. Russia knows what Russian interest is, you do not.

Russia gave fighter planes and bombers to Syria, or sell, Russia sold or gar many tanks and armored viechles to Syria. And artilery, and munitions. And food, and medicine, And was bombing terorists.

And that is enough from Russia. Maybe in the future there wil be some agreement for S300, who knows.

Also Iran is arming Hezbolah not only because of Syria, but because of Israel, and Iranian influence in Lebanon.
It was Russia who armed Syria, not Iran.
I do not say Iran did noy help, yes of course it is.
But still your words and your judgment are not fair.


Total bullshit. USA is targetting Russia since always. When Russia will have no more allies, USA will finish with Russia.


Yes USA always hated Russia, but Russia was not target of sanctions, and target of wars like the one in Ukraine, as long as Russia was not stoping USA in their agresions.

As soon as Russia started to suport Syria, Russia was punished by Ukrainian crisis, by sanctions, demonisation, etc…

Russia will always have allies. Yhay is how world works. Somebody will alway have interest to be allie with Russia. As soon as you uave problem with west, you need allies, and you can not find stronger alli then Russia.

And even if not, still nobody can finish Russia, Russia is global world power, strong more then enough to defend itself.

Where are you from? Are you shite muslim?


Total bullshit. USA have a long term plan for Russia. USA destroyed USSR. Gave weapon to Talibans against Soviets. Attacked Korea. Attacked Vietnam. China is also a target.

So, please, dont tell me bullshit.


Are you retarded, I did not say USA does not hate Russians, but Russia would not be direct target of USA as long as Russia was out of the way for USA interest. And by engaging in Syria Russia again became problem for USA.

USSR was not destroyed by USA, USSR was desteoyed by USSRfrom within.

Also, in Syria you can find thousands of people on the street waveing Russian flags and Putin pictures. You can see more Russian flags in Syria, from Syrians, then Iranian flags.

Obviously Syrians respect what Russia did, and what Putin did for them. So Syrians know better then you to whom to be thankfull in the first place.

Why dont you answer me, are you shite muslim, and where are you from, which country? Are you ashamed of your country?


USSR was destroyed thanks to Saudi Arabia by lowering oil price what causes an economic crisis in USSR which led to his death. That’s exactly the prupose of having allies.

But, if you think you don’t need allies. That’s OK. But, if you loose, don’t be surpirsed.

888mladen .



‘Normally, Russia must give S-300 and S-400 to Syria for free regarding what Syria gave in return.’

Since when? Name a previous ‘normal’ negotiated arrangement where the most advanced Russian military hardware and technology was transferred from the Russian Federation to the Syrian Republic for ‘free’. You are just making this up as you go along.


could you please check your own comments on UN from about a week ago?

888mladen .

Please quote.


OMG you are a retard!

888mladen .

It is RU who invited US to fight ISIS in Syria. That was the deal. US would fight ISIS to the East of Euphrates with Kurds and RU to the West with SAA. However US and NATO have no intention to create any sort of partnership with RU. Pusin and his Siloviki can continue dreaming about it.

Bill Rood

One reason Russia intervened was to preempt US declaration of a “no-fly” zone and “safe-zone” in Northern Syria. They successfully prevented a “no-fly” zone but were unable to prevent Turkey from occupying a large piece along the border. Still, Turkey will likely withdraw in exchange for assurances Damascus will not allow free flow of Kurds between Syria and Turkey.

888mladen .

He is an expert in positive thinking. It works almost like magic. However reality is not magic.


I like your passionate and clear-headed reasoning. We must remember that everyone has their own interest, yet the hope is that Syria and its allies can be reasonable between one another while protecting their core alliance. I feel that Putin (Russia) is working hard to be fair – also Syria, and Iran seem to be on the same page with them, but it is an intense war and things can become off-kilter from time to time. Now I feel that Turkey is suspect and dangerous, yet Putin has given them and their leader a chance to redeem themselves – yet I don’t think that their leader is up to it, which makes them (Turkey) a dangerous player that must be contained or expelled. One can only hope that I may be wrong.

888mladen .

What about womanizing? That makes him popular among women


with your statement mr.erdogan, then you officially support ISIS.

888mladen .

In principle he always does.


Erdogan says so? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


turkish FM is on a 2 days visit in Saudi Arabia. coincidence?


He is so keen on getting that flow of $US from the Gulf countries reinstating again, what better way to enrich ones family than stolen oil and weaponry to the gullible shepherds of the ME at the cost of millions of humans lives?


The little dog should learn to curb his mouth. Every time he opens his mouth, he gets in trouble. I never had any faith in this backstabbing worm to be any sort of ally to Syria. He thinks he’s smart enough to play both ends against the middle. Little does he know that he is the one in the middle….his own doing and will be the one who is dumped on. No one trusts him or believes anything he says, he has NO friends, only his ego.

Feudalism Victory

I guess thats the end of erdogan southfront love fest. Good. Pro turkish propoganda was getting a little thick and cloying.

Tudor Miron

This guy is a bit excentric, is he?


Methinks he has some serious mental disorder. He back and forth switch with Russia, Assad, NATO, USA, Europe, etc. signals something not quite right upstairs. Matter of time until he is taken out by his own countrymen.

Gregory Casey

This is the man who with his (then) Prime Minister (who has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth) together with their sons, nephews and cronies shipped arms to terrorists inside of Syria, operated a system of ‘Open Borders’ to all those wishing to join with IS terrorists in the wonderful new fundamentalist state and enabled the terrorists to ship oil in tankers, by road, from eastern Syria to refineries in Turkey and to market through their Ports, all the while trousering tens of millions for themselves to their own private bank accounts in Switzerland, Bahamas and Cyprus. Erdogan was about to be removed in a coup by the army when tipped off by the Russians and for this, he has to be eternally grateful whilst continuing to babble, from time to time to his former allies in the desert in Riyadh and in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a pretense of his continuing to be their ally whilst, in reality, he now serves at the pleasure of Putin. As soon as Russia believes that Erdogan has served his purpose, he will be removed by the Turkish Army. erdogan is probably the most corrupt, dishonest and evil of all the Leaders of the ‘Sunny Alliance’ that caused the entire Syrian crisis but Russia has his measure because Russia can show to the world in glorious technicolour just how corrupt was and is his Administration and Junta in Ankara.That horse known as the ‘Sunny Alliance’ together with their equally corrupt and evil psychopath friend in Jerusalem, BiBi, met their match when Putin, together with Hezbollah and Iran decided that they neither could nor would allow Assad and the Ba’athist Party to fall and Syria to disintegrate. Riyadh, Jerusalem and Ankara now realize that they will not be allowed to topple Syria’s Government and Society and when the new Constitution is finally adopted in Astana, Syria will emerge as a secular Democratic State where the rights of all religions are guaranteed but subject to one overwhelming imperative and this, that Wahabi Sunny Islam will never again be allowed to plot to subvert the Peoples and State of Syria either under the guise of religious fundamentalism or otherwise. Russia and Iran together with the Shi’ite Government of iraq will guarantee the Syrian State in perpetuity and Erdogan’s Turkey will then be cast aside. Turkey can and will be co-Guarantors of the Syrian settlement but only following on the departure of Erdogan or with a gun pointed at the back of his head by Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq and Russia. America has been told, ever so politely that it has no role whatsoever to play in this and nor has it any such rold. Ditto, France and the UK. Good. The US, Turkey, France and the UK have wrought havoc on the Peoples of Iraq, Syria and Libya and cannot and will not be allowed ever again to do so.


Sad. Just sad.

Jaime Galarza

Russia should stop delivery of the S-400 until Erdogan, the Turkish terrorist enabler, learns to control his big mouth.

s Slippy

To all of you doubting Erdogan, your comments is null and void. He has made Turkey into the the worlds 16th largest economy, he single-handedly killed the dream of Rojova by operation euphrates shield, he procured S-400 from Russia which made the yanks piss their pants, he strengthed his ties with Iran while also welcoming 3 million SYRIAN refugees.

Not only did this man survive a US led coup he emerged as the new Ataturk, he managed to do the impossible, he unified the entire country and purged his military of any putschists.

Erdogan has won in every conceivable way. He has even become the spokesman of the muslim world.

To all of you doubting him in you are nothing more than brainwashed CNN toddlers who cry in their echo chambers. Keep crying here in the comment section it might change the mind of Putin and Rouhani about their allegiances (Sarcasm)

Mihai Mihaescu

Turkey has a 1000 years-long history of war against Europe.


i swear this guy wakes up everyday wondering “who should i piss off today, putin or the west?”


Assad has only himself to blame. He started again with making gross statements about Turkey and the US. So he shouldn’t be surprised that he is being paid back in kind. After a long time the US has once again started demanding his departure too.

If Assad wants to be recognized by countries like Turkey and the US as a statesman (and the leader of Syria) he should start to behave like one.

He could learn from Putin. Even when Turkey shot a Russian plane Putin stayed polite and didn’t make the kind of gross statements in which Assad seems to specialize.


Turkey shot down a Syrian plane, allows jihadis and ISIS oil to flow across its borders, and sent troops into Syria but Assad is unstatesmanlike for daring to object to Turkish BS?


He is unstatesmanlike for calling people names and insulting them. It is a better strategy (and more diplomatic) to be nice to people from who you want something.


Really you shit of Turkish dog, you are the evil of all, you play all the sides you scum. You let the weapons and terrorist from your country to Syria , you were training terrorist in your country and send them to Qatar for final exercises and then go fight in Syria, you miserable prick. If some of you presidents is Terrorist you are the Biggest one with that Kind Wahhabist.


lmfao every week he says something different, depending on the weather

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