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Turkey’s ‘Drone Killer’ System Successfully Completed Its First Test

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Turkey’s ‘Drone Killer’ System Successfully Completed Its First Test

Fedai system launcher, source: aa.com.tr

Turkey’s new “Drone Killer” system had successfully completed its first test, Guray Ali Canli, head of the company developing the system, Transvaro, revealed on November 11.

The system, dubbed “Fedai,” was showcased during the SAHA Expo, a major Turkish defense event which began on November 10 in Istanbul.

Fedai was designed by Transvaro to engage and destroy all types of unmanned aerial vehicles. The system itself utilizes drone-like munitions. According to Canli, the system’s first test flight was in October.

“The first 10 specimens of the carbon-made drone-killer were manufactured through mass production,” the Anadolu Agency quoted Canli as saying.

Transvaro developed a five-vehicle concept for the system, including a vehicle for the control unit, another for the radar, thermal camera and jammer and three other vehicles for multiple launchers.

Fedai’s drone-like munition will be made 100% of carbon fiber and equipped with a day camera, a thermal imager and a laser rang-finder.

The Turkish system is similar in concept to the Coyote anti-drone system which was developed by Raytheon for the US military.

Canli said that the first deliveries of Fedai are expected early next year, in January and February. It remains unclear if there are any foreign customers for the Turkish system, whose unique concept is yet to be proven in real combat conditions.


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fantasy system this is as real as the concept of irans stealth airplane because turkey has that much capability to track and intercept actual serious war drones as iran had as the time to produce a stealth aircraft similar to su57 in fact even the best like russia and america will continue to fail to find sustainable solutions to the drone warfare turkey is pathetically outmatched in this issue to begin with it the abc of the whole issue is lacking and nato cant do the whole job for them it wont work and if its with the help of others like regional powers than turkey loses leverage meaning nato loses weight as threat against these powers basically turkey is not original its just a pawn

Last edited 22 days ago by farbat

its interesting how turkey seeks to copy iran miserably of course but still turkey seeks to copy iran not the other way around why would htat be maybe the whole idea of turkey being the powerful and leading power in west asia was always a delusion but whatever lets see how this clownshow of elham aliev and erdogrul ends

The Objective

You are just one big idiot.
don’t be in a hurry. At some point, these systems will be used to shoot down Iranian and Russian drones in Syria. InshaAllah, they’ll be as game-changing as the TB2 was. Turkey’s defense systems are tested many times secretly in real combat before the final copies are made. Thankfully, Syria provides enough testing ground.

Peppe il Sicario

Bring body bags, you’ll need them.

Lone Ranger

Lay off the glue its bad for you…


Thankfully? People in Syria are dying thanks to your psychopathic sultan, it makes you happy or something? You’re not just a idiot, you’re one big pile of swine excrement. Sub human turd. Why don’t you at least join your filthy jihadist boyfriends and see how “glorious” is to be shred into pieces for Erdogans mafia, instead of spamming worthless diarrhea from your mouth all day long, you pathetic Erdogans’ eunuch internet warrior. You’re not even turkish, just some pathetic braindead bitch from North Africa, traitor of your own people. Hopefully you’ll die soon anyway. Painfully.


hahahaha turks will find themselves back in central asia

Lone Ranger

Against toy drones…

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