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Turkey’s Budding Amphibious And Landing Ship Force

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Turkey's Budding Amphibious And Landing Ship Force

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Turkey, despite all of its military might, in terms of ground forces, UAVs, aircraft, Russian missile defense systems, and Air Force, has a very limited force of amphibious and landing ships.

In total, it has 10:

  • 8 of them are Fast Amphibious Ships, with following specifications, have been designed and constructed for the Turkish Navy by ANADOLU Shipyard. They have been operational since 2012. LCT platforms are equipped with 2×25 mm Stabilised Gun and 2×12.7 mm Machine Gun. Performing 1,200 Nm endurance at full load with 16.5 Knots economical speed, LCT platforms have 400 tons mixed vehicles (3 Main Battle Tanks) or 260 Marines transportation capacity.

These ships are generally used to conduct amphibious operations, transfer cargo & troops and humanitarian aid to disaster areas.

  • In order to command and control amphibious operations and provide humanitarian aid to disaster areas, Turkey has 1 Bayraktar-class Tank landing ship, and 1 Osman Gazi-class Tank landing ship with following specifications, have been designed and constructed for the Turkish Navy by ANADOLU Shipyard. They have been operational since 2017.
Turkey's Budding Amphibious And Landing Ship Force

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Turkey's Budding Amphibious And Landing Ship Force

Click to see full-size image

Finally, it’s hard at work on its TCG Anadolu Landing Helicopter Dock is built at Sedef Shipbuilding INC. The ship will be used in the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean fields of operations, as well as the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, to support amphibious operations, administrative and logistic task functions of the Turkish Naval Forces.

The platform will be one of the representatives of the Turkish Naval Force in the world with its vehicle and personnel carrying capacity, command control capability, day/night helicopter operating capability and a complete hospital.

The LHD can be used for medical purposes as part of natural disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and refugee evacuation operations thanks to on-board complete hospital and operating theatres if necessary.

The ship is 231 metres long and 32 metres wide. 4 LCMs or 2 LCACs can be transported along with tanks on the deck, Armoured Amphibious Assault Vehicles and other wheeled vehicles to the operation zone. The well dock will be 70 m long and 17 m wide.


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This is quite a limited force, and it is likely why Turkey failed to mount an effective offensive of any sort in Libya against Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

Effective shore control proved that the limited number of amphibious ships made it impossible for Turkey to land any significant forces, and instead deployed limited numbers of militants through the air.

Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) Chairman Ismail Demir, in September, said that Turkey was working hard on improving in those aspects.

Demir said the fleet replenishment vessel (DIMDEG) construction project is continuing, along with the construction of Istanbul Frigate, the first vessel of Turkey’s I-class frigates that are based on the national shipbuilding project MILGEM.

“The construction of various vessels in different classes and types of torpedo boats continues. When these are put into service, our power at sea will increase,” he added.

Demir stressed that those vessels should, of course, not be evaluated as just naval platforms but are rather significant with all other systems that will be equipped, from air defense to torpedoes, all kinds of weaponry elements and electronic warfare elements.

“Thus, it is important to have a complete operational environment and to support it with local production, to be on the field with national designs,” in order to have the operational capability “in line with the interests of our country,” he said.

Demir said work in all areas of the defense industry – along with work in rocket technology, space and aviation or electronics – is essential for the development of the country, as each area, like the power of the land forces or power of the naval forces, supports the others.

In today’s environment, Demir said all technological advances – such as cybersecurity and electronic warfare, and satellites that the country would send to space – “should be in front of us as a road map,” and the country is racing against time to accomplish these goals.


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TCG Anadolu amphigious assault ship will be ready in a few months It’s a light aircraft carrier and it will be the admiral ship of the Turkish navy https://youtu.be/GynX56cL-MQ




It has very enhanced defense systems and powerful armors The 2nd one is coming too They will be very useful in Libya, southern Cyprus and Aegean islands


Until the end of this century, Turkey in its current form will not exist. The Greeks are preparing for a total war with Turkey. The issue was to make a decision … now that we have decided we will do it ALL BURNED EARTH. Achilles is getting ready …


Greece is just a puppet of imperialists Turks have a great defense industry which is getting bigger day by day Turks have been working and preparing hard since decades unlike lazy greeeks I tell you what will happen If you continue being a western bitch, Greece will be shared between Russia and Turkey Thessaloniki goes to Turkey, Athens goes to Russia Easy xD


For a start we will take Imbros and Tenedos and then we will join the two coasts of the Aegean. And Russia will be on the side of Greece because we will give it a port in the Mediterranean. Nobody wants a strong Turkey … neither the West, nor Russia, nor, of course, China. Your days are over now …. the “dismantling” of the Ottoman Empire began by the Greeks …. and we WILL END IT once and for all.

Servet Köseoğlu

now we have to give it with rafael plus aesa radar+meteor missiles they will dominate the air..but ve have surprises as well..


If they buy those planes we will give responses, I’m sure Maybe Su-57 or Turkish TFX

Servet Köseoğlu

the new planes will not be ready before 2030’s..ı mentioned more dangerous ability..xD


If you could buy a Su-57 you would have already bought one. You can only buy Chinese cheap … and in return you will give land and water to the Chinese.

Ice Icegold

And you go to hell


Attack us and see what happends xD Don’t go crying for help to Nato and EU once we beat your a$$ and invade yous shitehole lands


Fool if we attack you, everyone else will find opportunities and they will attack you too. How many battle fronts can you face at the same time ?? From the moment we ATTACK, nothing will be left standing in Turkey….we can easily return you to the stone age right now.




it was burned down somemontha go didnt it?


Yes, there was a small accident/sabotage which delayed its delivery a few months It will be ready in 2021

Servet Köseoğlu

no-f-35 and harrier so it will be heli+drone mother-ship…


You’re right, everything will be made in Turkey Less dependency is much better

Servet Köseoğlu

sure..after 1974 experience we cant trust Usa..

Brother Ma

Why is that? The USA were your great enablers…


Not really… Turkish made hardware is unreliable


Τhe only thing you count on turkgay for is genocide and rugs !


Nikulai kavkazovich Anadolidi is back Triggered so much? xD Entertain us with your childish memes again old man


Sorry I was getting some entertainment my self ! From your sister and your mother !


Still the same low-life with mom jokes xD I never expected a better response from a >60 years old laz chechen gypsy

Brother Ma

Laz chechen gypsy? Why the hostility? Aren’t most turks of prominence today , Laz /pontic Greek renegades? All your leaders and elite as we speak? I wouldnt say too many bad things about them if I were you. They will have you jailed or murdered which is normal in Turkey I’m told. Not to metion the laz /pontics who didn’t turn into turks , and now in the diaspora -including Greece- won’t like your offensiveness either.


Unless they sabotage it again.


Respect to Turkey, we need to increase our navy force aswell.


I m glad to see you little child murderer still here with your friends the turkISIS mongoloid kebaps. I guess once shit sticks to shit it can’t be unstuck !


I want to thank you Smoking Man, I used to be pro-Greek till I met your kind on this forum. I have never heard one Turk here saying Israel or Jews need to die. But I have heard it alot from you and your fellow Greeks here. Don’t worry, soon Turkey will deal with you the proper way and sink your Greeko navy in the Agean. Just liek the Arabs that fought us and lost, you will get the same beating from Turkey. Just don’t come crying for help to other NATO members, you’re not that important anyway.


Of cource you should all f8cking die, and you will. If its not the Arabs or the Iranians then we ll do it with pleasure!

You are worse than your brothers the mongoloids in some ways!

We d love to kick your ass3s too, to Mongolia with the turks or maybe Ethiopia, we ll give you a choice in case the turks dont want you with them.


I wrote you a nice comment, seems SF is protecting you. If you want me dead you’re welcomed to try, the last time I was on duty I put some of your friends deep in the ground.


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Then come, you Greeko piece of shit. Don’t threaten me.


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I don’t think you understand Greeko, I am not a regular soldier. I’ve been doing trainings you can only dream of, but it paid of well. As much as I hate the Islamic terrorists (both Hamas and Hezbollah), I save a special place just for you. Pray you won’t have to meet me or my unit in combat, because you might just lose you head.


Save that BS for other stupid j3ws that care. You are a a terrorist jihadi c*nt your self! Thats why you love the turkISIS tw@ts. In fact if your bosses knew about your comments here they d be all over your jihadi ass and you know it!

But did you know this :

Information about Israel’s plan against Turkish activities in Jerusalem shows that there is a consensus among the various Israeli decision-making circles on the belief that the presence of Turkey threatens Israel’s national security.

It has become clear that the Israeli plan is to bring tourists from the UAE and to attract two million Muslim tourists to Jerusalem annually.

Israel did not hesitate to talk about taking all measures to eliminate Turkish activities in Jerusalem, claiming that the days of the Ottoman Empire were over and that Turkey had nothing to look for in Jerusalem, while referring to the Turkish statement President Erdogan that Jerusalem belongs to all Muslims, that it is excessive and unfounded.

However, the Turkish presence in Jerusalem worries Israel, as Turkish flags and restaurants can be seen in many parts of the city.

Information about Israel’s plan against Turkish activities in Jerusalem shows that there is a consensus among the various Israeli decision-making circles on the belief that the presence of Turkey threatens Israel’s national security


So you are friends with Israel’s enemy. What does that make you jewsnake?

A traitor to Israel !

Whats the punishment for traitors in Israel do you know ?


I don’t like Erdogan either, but I have nothing against the Turkish people. Unlike the Arabs, they have never fought us and there is no bad blood between us. You need Israel on your side more than you know Greeko, if we side with Turkey then you are finished as also the U.S will support them and not you. Right now you are not our enemy, don’t turn into one.


You are right about that one, the muricunts will support turkgay like they did in the past. Greece dont need nobody’s help. But since we are on the topic, Egypt the 6th world power in navy and up there in combined forces too, they are a very close ally. And with Egypt comes the UAE, Saudi Arabia and BAHRAIN with all the economic assets that you know they have. You are nothing, you are a turd in the ocean. All you can do is help your mates the turks build up their drones and sell weapons to the other turks the azerbananians. Worthless pieces of shites dirty j3ws!


What are you talking about? Israel has peace deals with Egypt, UAE and Bahrain. Soon maybe even KSA, I guess under Biden. Israel is part of the ME and we are not going anywhere, so you better calm down. I had nothing against Greece till you and your friends here came in and started calling us in names, not all of you but it made me realize howanti-semitic you still are. As I wrote, right now Israel and Turkey don’t have the best relations due to both political leaderships. If for some reason your government starts acting against us, it will change. Then it will give you a real reason to cry about, you don’t want Harop drones smashing on your Greeko navy.


Ηey, save it for the jew judge, dont tell me. I dont give a flying sh1t about you. You are the one that loves turkisis. That ”oh I used to like you but now I dont anymore because someone posted this and another posted that” thats just retarded BS that show you are either a teenager or just plain dumb. Whichever doesnt really matter, you are a traitor to your country either way.

But anyway, you dont even have a goverment now, again!

4th elections in 2 years isnt it !

Very unstable situation over there….and combine that with whats happening in the USA you are tottaly f*cked. From the 20th of January Biden is in the Wh1te house…is he gonna be like Trump and keep on licking jew-ass? I seriously doubt it. He ll more likely go for another Iran nuclear deal like it was before…So Iran is gona get that b0mb … Good luck with that !


Biden has already stated he won’t let Iran get nuclear weapons, so I’ll still take his word for it. Don’t worry about us, really, it’s not your problem what happens between us and iran. True, as long as Bibi is in power we will keep going from election to election, that is till our judicial system convicts him. A new PM will give a new blood to the IDF, we will go to operation against Hamas and also Hezbollah if they decide to join.

And what I wrote is not BS at all, I was never against you. For some reason you decided I’m a child killer, when all I said was that if a Pali teenager holds a gun or a molotov cocktail then he is a target for me and I will shoot him. I have never hurt unarmed kids, at the worst case we just arrest them and hand them over to their parents if they throw rocks at Israeli vehicles and endanger them.

To call me a traitor for stating that I have nothing against Turks is stupid even for you, we have never been in a war with each other. You could call me a traitor if I ever give information to the enemy or join their ranks, but I’d rather kill myself before doing something like that. So no buddy, I swore an oath to my country and I keep it.


This is exactly what you wrote :







Brother Ma

So mavi marine ship incident wasn’ta war incident? Turkey telling your ship to fkuck off away in Cyprus wasnt a war incident? I hope you study more than you train to bury people six feet under because you seem very impressionable and need to be swung around by your superiors to even see your enemy. Dont cry here about people not liking jews. You arent special and noone cares anymore .It was armenian heads i saw being chopped off by azeri and turks in artsakh. Off old men civilians and SURRENDERED boy soldiers. Why did you sell to azerbaijan when other nations didn’t. Also dont talk to me about anti jewish feeling or i may be forced to educate you on your own religion and history and you wont like what i say or show you about yourselves. Yapping here about greekos will not only upset neonazi greeks but progressives like me. Smarten up…

Simplekindof Man

Unfortunately that’s all it has come down to,big mouths who won’t get up the chair to contribute to anything useful in this god forsaken place called Greece.Dont worry though,most of us will be philosophizing BS drinking ouzo to be of any threat to anyone and I bet my life on this:Neogrecos will change e in a Heartbeat for a job in the public sector,so you won’t be needing a gun anyway ?. Ps.im not saying I nessesarily agree with you or your country’s politics.


Oh yes I love it when the child-killing Jew snake recognizes the Orthodox Greeks as their eternal enemy. Yes we are, proudly.

Ελληνας Ορθοδοξος


ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΟΜΑΧΟΣ 2016 ΠΥΡΡΙΧΙΟΣ-ΟΡΚΟΣ https://youtu.be/9MsqR-o9M9w

Brother Ma

Hmm.so you form your opinion on who has made antijewish comments? So you know nothing of the anti-jewish Turks then , like mr erdogan or his supporters?


I don’t know how or why but you are missinformed my friend , the turks are your enemy and your prime minister knows that very well .Israel’s need to increase it’s naval force is because of many reasons, but please allow me to remind you or to inform you , in case you didn’t know , that one year ago a turkish battle ship threatened to sink one of your scientific ships near Cyprus and forced it to leave the area . We have good and strong relations with Israel and soon enough you will find out that these relations will grow even stronger .The friendship between our people goes back many centuries , that is the reason why one of the biggest jewish comunities before the catastrofic WW2 was in Greece.I myself have a lot Jewish colegues friends which I love them dearly. Of course all I wrote is only my opinion and I am not trying to persuade or manipulate you in anyway , you are free to have your own opinion , but I really don’t understand how can anyone , especially you , respect a genocial race like them , have a nice day.

Ελληνας Ορθοδοξος

xaxaxaxxaxaxxaxax “turkish navy” ….she sortest jog in history .

Ice Icegold

Change your name to turkogyftos


Both Greece and Turkey keep their landing fleets as low as posible cause it will be considered as an act of aggression if one of them starts raising their fleets

Brother Ma

…and invading greek airspace is not a sign of aggression? Scaramanga should be rebuilt and singing with the clank of hammers and the whizz of welders. Greece should never have given up native ship- building ability. As long as the Turks are the sacred cows of the us ,russia ,greece cant start anything ,but once it starts I urge greece to finish it well by sinking the whole turk fleet and destroy every airfield dangerous to greece. Pay back the turks for not sticking to ceasefires in1974 and starting attila one. Never listen to the us ,un or even greek generals once it starts.every greek gain in cyprus was done because they disobeyed orders. One landing ship captain saved varosha…till now and one commando team saved nicosia airport …all against orders.


You are absolutely right bro.. I am just dating the reason why they keep their invading fleets low… Turkey ofc is an aggressor and Greece should kick their ass once and for all

Brother Ma

The Turk is born with bloodlust and hatred , whilst the Greek only comes to it when attacked. So Greeks better smarten up. The civility and Humanism Greece gave to europe will be an obstacle if the Greeks dont prepare for Total War just like in the Persian Wars.

Arman Melkonyan

Very true.

But I’m not hopeful about that at all. The Greeks have been cowed by the Goldman Sachs Jewish bankers and the Zionist Germans.

Maybe. I’d like to believe but I can’t anymore.

Turks are an abomination that must be wiped off the face of the earth along with their Jewish collaborators. There won’t be peace on earth otherwise.

Simplekindof Man

Smart (higher education) Greeks have disembarked this sinking ship long time ago,only the smart asses are are left behind,and those useless kunts who milk the cow.


TurkIsis is a joke. You a silly stupid army that can do f*ck all anywhere, your frigate captains and crew are useless, you cant find Malta and you got f*cked by the Greek older frigate LIMNOS that sent yout gaymal reis for repairs, you got no airforce thats why you cry to the pakis to lend you their own pilots for the F16s, and half your ground forces are in jail by Erdogay because he thinks they are out (*were out, not any more) to get him !

Greece could run you back to Mongolia if it was allowed to do so.

Rafale is coming mongols…New frigates are coming, new drones, you are so f*cked. Erdogay the Taliban is all talk talk talk, a barking dog. He knows well though not to try anything else against the might of the Hellenes!

Brother Ma

Could you pls explain the couldnt find Malta and the Pakis flying Turk planes.


XCLUSIVE: Turkey Has Borrowed Pakistani F-16 Fighter Jet Pilots As Erdogan Attempts To Fill The ‘Coup’ Void – Reports

Since the 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Recep

Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Air Force has been severely crippled. The

main perpetrators are believed to have been from the Turkish Air Force

after they unsuccessfully tried to launch a coup.

Nearly 300 Turkish pilots were purged

among the thousands of senior armed forces personnel, with some forced

to retire, some imprisoned, and others forced to seek asylum in other


The purge served a

devastating blow to Turkey’s Air Force and severely undermined the

country’s military capabilities. Erdogan is said to have ordered to make

up for the shortfall and train a new generation of Turkish pilots,

including forcing some to return from retirement or end their contracts

with private airlines.

The large-scale ouster of hundreds of pilots in the summer of 2016 had created a crisis for the air force and grounded many warplanes without pilots to fly them.

Turns out, the country’s air force was already facing serious problems even before the coup plot in 2016. The Erdoğan government had introduced a bill back in 2012, which ‘facilitated’ the departure of pilots, who ended up preferring high-paying jobs in the private aviation industry.

The armed forces had then persuaded Erdoğan to reverse the bill and eventually succeeded in getting the government to amend it in 2014 to slow down the bleeding of the force.

“But the damage had been done in the meantime, with 251 pilots asking for retirement or resigning under the 2012 law, which shortened the compulsory service to 13 years,” Nordic Monitor claimed in its January 2020 report.

The same report claims that according to the air force’s own internal report dated January 19, 2016, the military needed 554 new pilots including 190 combat pilots to reach its normal level. “The departures had already brought the ratio of pilots to aircraft to 0.65, which is dangerously low, in 2014.”

The country had a shortage of 1,154 military pilots by January 2017, and such a huge shortfall was hard to compensate for. The ratio of pilots to aircraft dropped to 0.37, according to Nordic Monitor.

The government’s efforts to recall some retired pilots or those in private industry were unsuccessful since it was financially unviable for them to come back, and not to forget, the climate of fear in the military over the purges reigned supreme. Realizing the crisis could put Ankara in a serious national security predicament the country then turned to its ally Pakistan to train new pilots in a fast-track program and asked the Pakistani government to send trainers to fly F-16s.

Turkey sought approval from the US to allow non-Turkish nationals to pilot the F-16s, which was promptly turned down by Washington. The US had, however, previously allowed Saudi and Qatari pilots to train on the Turkish F-16s.

The renewed aggression in the East Mediterranean Sea and Turkey’s growing involvement in Middle-East countries demanded full military preparedness. The country is currently militarily involved in many countries, facing major powers in Syria, Libya, and now in the Nagorno-Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The Greek media is reporting that Turkey is already employing fighter pilots from Pakistan to fly its F-16s since the two countries started holding joint war drills in the Mediterranean Sea.

This startling revelation has been making rounds in the Greek media since 2017 itself, with leading newspapers reporting the claim. “With the support of Pakistan, the Turkish military is trying to fill big gaps left behind by last year’s (2016) failed coup attempt.

According to sources from the pro-government press of Turkey, Ankara has asked for Pakistan’s help to address the gaps that have arisen in the Turkish Air Force, mainly in the group of pilots of F-16 fighter jets,” Professor Nikos Stelgias wrote in Greece’s leading newspaper Kathimerini in 2017.

Suggesting that Pakistan was providing strong military support to Turkey, one leading Greek journalist Paris Karvounopoulos claimed Erdogan had “borrowed” pilots from Pakistan after the mass purge in the Turkish air force in 2016. Karvounopoulos has worked for over 20 years as a Greek Foreign Ministry reporter and more than 25 years in Greece’s state-run television station. EurAsian Times could not independently verify the claims. “It is well known that the Turkish air force lacks experienced pilots and was recently forced to reinstate retired pilots from the reserve, and has also been seeking help from the Pakistan air force to help make ends meet,” claims another Greek news website Pentapostagma.

Speaking to EurAsian Times, Greece-based journalist Paul Antonopoulos from Greek City Times, which also made the same claim in an article, said the suspicion began to reinforce after November 2019 joint military exercises between Turkey and Pakistan.

“It was noted by military analysts and leading media groups in Greece that Pakistanis were piloting Turkish war jets, and even violated Greek airspace on numerous occasions.”

Paul went on to state this was one of the reasons Greece was seeking more military allies with countries such as India. “It is for this reason, among others too, that Greece is rapidly fostering its relations with India. Not so much that Greece has an expectation that India will involve itself in a potential war with Turkey, but to act as a counterbalance to Pakistan’s willingness to antagonize Greece despite being 5,000 km away.” In November last year, Greece lashed out at Pakistan for breaching its airspace, during the Dogu Akdeniz-19 (Eastern Mediterranean-2019) joint international naval exercise. The exercise was held to demonstrate the interoperability between the allied nations, Turkey, and Pakistan, according to a Pakistani navy captain quoted by a news agency.

The Turkish defense minister had said, “being the largest exercise ever regarding the number of participants, the 2019 Eastern Mediterranean Exercise is ongoing with participation from almost 4700 personnel and 48 ships from 15 nations.” Greece charged Pakistan with flying the P-3 Orion aircraft into Greek airspace, which the country said had been the first incident of its kind.

The Greek military analysts had realized the exercise had meant the beginning of a deepening new military alliance between Pakistan and Turkey. The claim was later made by the Turkish media saying that “Pakistani warships will patrol the Eastern Mediterranean,” further antagonizing Athens.

Following the exercise, Turkish media outlet Yeni Safak claimed that Pakistan was going to be “part of the shield” that Turkey had created in the south-eastern Mediterranean.” The reports claimed that Pakistan’s naval vessels – Alamgir frigate and the P-3 aircraft – would continue to patrol the south-eastern Mediterranean along with Turkish naval forces. Tensions between the neighbors have been on the rise ever since the November 2019 maritime exercise between Turkey and Pakistan.

Peck observed in his article, “So a nation that throws its fighter pilots in jail is not just wasting money, but also an extremely valuable resource. Yet in the name of politics, Turkey’s government has purged its air force so badly that it can barely fly its F-16 fighters.”

Brother Ma

Like all Greece’s allies, the Americans can’t be trusted. Turkey must love those Saudis they trained now officially being their enemies.


And about the Malta thing :

The Ottomans knew very well where Malta was, having tried to conquer it in 1566, when they besieged it but failed to bend the resistance of the Knights led by the Grand Master La Vallet, after whom Valletta was named. Around 1640, Sultan Ibrahim I, the ”madman” (Deli Ibrahim), ordered Kapudan Pasha to set sail for Malta. The admiral, knowing that the small island would be a hard nut to crack, as he had the large naval map of the Mediterranean lying on the table, he let a melted candle drip from the candlestick that illuminated them on the map, making sure it fell exactly where Malta was, and then he said “Malta yoke master”, (cant find Malta) because he could not find Malta on the map.

Its basicly the sour grapes story. What the fox cant get, the fox dont want.

Brother Ma

So that is where the yok story came from. Lol

cechas vodobenikov

seems like more practical than spending everything on worthless Amerika/brit carriers

Brother Ma

Greece/France need to have these Turk ships sabotaged the instant they are ready to be floated at sea.They shouldnt tell a soul; not US ,not Nato,not Eu not even top French /Greek defence force heads. I urge Greece and France to have a secret joint patriot’s organisation for matters of defence working with one another parallel to the official channels. Official channels are never to know what is going on so they dont blab to the Yanks /Israel nor Nato etc France should be kept committed with choice hydrocarbon contracts independently of the US/Anglo Petrochemical greats. France must learn that being unconditionally hitched to the Us cart is a “ sucker’s bet “just as it has been for Greece. If Turks then want to come to the islands or mainland , they can learn to swim… In my books they should be happy with all they have already ,as if it was up to me ,they wouldnt have that much in any case.

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